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Maybe one or the other reader of my website wonders why the site contains pages about Tibet. Your first conclusion is probably that I'm a mountaineer who loves to climb around in the Himalayas or who is fond of Asia, in general. However, both is not true at all! I am also neither an esoterist nor a buddhist.

Instead, I was inspired - just a few years ago - by my then favorite* movie "Seven years in Tibet" (*I know tastes differ, and this is just my personal, subjective opinion) to get more information about Tibet and its people. Thus, I also learned much about the terrible and painful, historical events after the Chinese invasion in Tibet 50 years ago and their fatal impact on the Tibetan people, nature in Tibet and the nation as a whole.

It is a fact that the Chinese have since then - and still are today (!) - largely ignored the human rights and freedom of the Tibetans. TORTURE, murder and arbitrary arrests by the Chinese officials are still executed regularly today. Without the support and help from abroad, the Tibetans are too weak to defend themselves against the Chinese occupators.
As I am myself a member of two support organisations, I would like to make some publicity for their work and good objectives. Let me point out, however, that I'm NOT doing this at the request of either of these organisations.

I would be particularly happy to gain support for the German Aid for Tibetans which supports various relief projects and sponsorships for Tibetan refugees and Tibetans in exile in India. As I am sponsoring a very nice, Tibetan student myself, I would be happy, if I could convince you of the usefulness of such sponsorships and if you'd be willing to sponsor a Tibetan, too, or even just to make a single donation or become a member of the organisation.

In contrast, the work of the Tibet Support Group Munich, focuses on the support of the Tibetans in their own country. The Support Group carries out PR work, initiates petitions to governments and politicians and organises events and info stands. The main objective is to regain freedom and human rights for the Tibetans in their home-country.

If I have managed to arouse your interest in Tibet and its really nice people, or if you want to help, you will find more detailed information on the following pages:

German Aid for Tibetans

Tibet Support Group Munich (contains plenty of information about Tibet!)

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