German Aid for Tibetans


(Deutsche Tibethilfe e.V.)


Address: Deutsche Tibethilfe e.V.
Ms. Wäger
Mauthäuslstr. 9
81379 Muenchen
Tel.: 089 / 78 83 06
Fax: 089 / 78 28 93
President: Ms. Irmtraut Wäger
Account for donations: Münchner Bank e.G.
BLZ 701 900 00
Kto.-Nr. 77 100
(Indicate: "Freie Spende" = Donation)

 The Tibet Aid supports and finances relief projects in the following sectors:

Sponsorships are possible for::

A membership in the German Aid for Tibetans organisation costs only 16 Euro/Year. These membership fees, however, are very important to cover running costs (e.g. for mail), as the sponsorship fees and donations are fully transferred to India.

If you want to become a member or sponsor, please send a short declaration of your intent to the German Aid for Tibetans (address above). Free donations can be made at any time by money transfer to the a.m. account.

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