My Oscar tips for 2013

As in the past couple of years, I'm again participating in a bet (game) by the Munich newspaper "Abendzeitung". The paper has printed a list of the nominees in all the 24 categories. You have to select the nominees that you think will win the Oscars.
The participant with the highest number of correct tips will win 20 movie tickets for one of my favorite movie-theaters in Munich (Gloria-Palast) which was just renovated and turned into some sort of "luxury" cinema with food being served etc. - It's gotten a bit too expensive for me...

In 2011, I got 10 out of 24 categories right, and last year it was only 9 out of 24 but I don't give up hope... To be honest, there are quite a few nominees (up to 9) in some categories, so it's not very easy to get even 10 of them right and sometimes I stubbornly choose my own personal favorites (i.e. best actress) even though I don't really believe that they get the Oscar :-)
I suppose some participants in this "game" actually just make a wild guess whereas I either watch the movies or at least view synopses and trailers of them to form an opinion about them. In some of the main categories, I found it hard to make a decision because some nominees were equally good, in my opinion. Well, here are the ones I chose:

Text added in BLUE on Feb. 25 after the Oscars: I got 11 out of 24 categories (126 nominees) right! I'm pretty sure that I still won't win those tickets but I think I didn't do too bad :-)

I've put this list online long before the Oscars, so you can send me your personal tips if you want to bet on different films :-)
I don't bet for money though!

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