My Oscar tips for 2012

Wish me luck cause below are the Oscar tips I sent to the Abendzeitung (Munich newspaper).
If I manage to be the participant with the highest number of correct tips, I can win a year's supply of free movie tickets which would be just the right thing for a movie buff like me :-)

Actually I have participated in this "bet" for a couple of years and the most I got right was 10 out of 24 categories last year - which is not too bad considering that you have a choice of up to 8 nominees in some categories - yet it wasn't enough to win those free tickets :-(

Here we go, these are my tips for 2012...

(Feb. 27: Shoot! I just got 9 out of 24 right this time - I didn't expect "The Artist" to win in so many categories... - I marked the ones I got right in blue letters)

I've put this list online in time before the Oscars, so you can send me your personal tips if you want to bet on different films...

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