My Munich - Impressions of a beautiful city (4)

And here are some typical tourist spots - some of them are not my personal favorites but still worth seeing I guess ...

 The famous "Hofbräuhaus" - the beer-lovers' favorite destination (not mine though)


(Isar Gate)


Muellersches Volksbad
(Art Deco style indoor pool)


Maypole at the Viktualien-Market
- a great place to stroll around on a sunny day


The City Hall at Marienplatz
(downtown square)


The Dome (Frauenkirche)


Bavarian National Museum

If you think the sky can't possibly be as deeply blue as on some of my photos, you are wrong. The photos were not edited to make them look better - Actually, I love those beautiful days in Munich when the sky is this blue - unfortunately, there are never enough of these days.

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