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Special event of the month: German H50hana meeting in Hannover on Oct. 13/14

OCTOBER 1, 2012

As usual, let's start with the very best smile on this planet for a good start into the new month :-)

Photo: Ernest Sanada

Photo: HNN

Something less positive... Article by Wayne Harada (Star Advertiser) about U.S. viewer ratings of episode 3.01
Five-0 Undercover's Terry has posted the article along with a personal comment and has titled her blog "Will Hawaii Five-0 rebound from Week 1?" - The headline and article refer to the disappointing ratings for last Monday's TV premiere of Season 3 of H50 in the U.S.. Obviously competition was tough on Monday against "Castle" and "Revolution", and our favorite show was only No. 3 in the ranking.
It makes me a bit sad because I don't think that H50 has actually done anything 'wrong', and even from the short clips that I got to watch on CBS's YouTube channel I'm convinced that the whole episode is absolutely fantastic. Personally, I love the whole concept of the show, and whatever Peter, the writers and actors have come up with and delivered so far, has absolutely suited my taste and I wouldn't change anything about it - or not much, anyway. But I'm just speaking for myself - and I haven't been following those other two shows (one of them is brandnew, anyway, and will hopefully lose some viewers who may only have watched it out of curiosity for something 'new').
I'll keep my fingers crossed for episode 3.02 of "Hawaii Five-0" which will air tonight in the U.S. - So, anyone reading this and being lucky enough to live in the U.S. - You better watch "Hawaii Five-0" tonight! You should be grateful to be able to enjoy H50 months before the viewers abroad - many fans here in Europe actually envy you guys over there. Have fun and enjoy the show tonight!
Here's the article about the premiere of H50 and its TV ratings

I love those sunrise & sunset photos from Hawaii!
Here's a terrific picture tweeted by Kyle Harimoto - Good morning from Hawaii

Five-0 Undercover has posted one of their "funny pictures":
ake a good look at the pic. from Ep. 2.22 and find out what you missed on TV

Matt Roush answers Hawaii Five-0 Inquiries (TV Guide article) - posted by Five-0 Undercover: Blog by Terry

More by Terry from Five-0 Undercover - 'Ed Asner talks Hawaii Five-0 and his return to Broadway':
Terrys Blog incl. the interview from

One of those welcome H50 pics tweeted by Peter: He added the remark "You won't believe where he sticks it" and the picture shows Steve holding something that looks like a syringe (the pic's a bit small or maybe I just need glasses ;-)).
See for yourself - Picture of Steve

BTS with the effects and make-up crew - Picture tweeted by Masi: Some guy is not looking good

OCTOBER 2, 2012

Enjoy the latest promo trailer for ep. 3.03 of H50:
I'm already sure that this is going to be one of my top-favorite episodes. It's not that I like seeing these poor boys in trouble - I just love their arguments - Steve and Danno in BIG trouble 

Some BTS pics tweeted by Masi: Monday's location  //  And the reverse view - Where did the sun go...???

Article from "The West Australian" about H50 paying respect to the original series which, in turn, pays for the contemporary show: Online article

Personal note: I could hug CBS for the latest video clips on its YouTube page!
I just watched the short clips from the latest episode "Kānalua" which CBS put online after ep. 3.02 aired on US-television. I particularly love the clip with Ed Asner as August March having a funny conversation with Steve and Danno - Great stuff!

H50 brings on Alex' former co-star Daniel Henney from "Three Rivers" (Keck's Exclusives on
That sounds like a perfect fit for this role - Daniel Henney will play Adam Noshimuri's brother. Since I liked the cast on the medical show "Three Rivers" quite a lot, too, it'll be good to see one of those "old" faces on H50 again.
Here's the short article

Blog recap by Five-0 Undercover's Mel about episode 3.02 "Kānalua" (Doubt) - according to the blog "No doubt"...
Mel doesn't sound too satisfied with this episode - a lot of it was just too predictable, in her opinion. Well, I don't have much of an opinion myself since I didn't get to see the full episode. I'll leave it up to those who watched the whole thing to give feedback to the blog. Here's Melapaloosa's Blog

The latest about the TV rating for H50's episode 3.02 (posted by Five-0 Undercover's Terry):
Hawaii Five-0 is inching back

The latest Five-0 Redux blog by Wendie Burbridge with a very well-written review of episode 3.02
Wendie's blog is once again brilliant, and I also like the fact that she always adds something about Hawaiian culture and tradition in her blogs. In this case, she shares with us what she learned from the kahu about the funeral ceremony and last season's wedding ceremony for Chin and Malia. Here's her blog: Holding all the cards

One of those much-loved pics of Alex as Steve tweeted by Peter: Gotcha!

Oh, yeah! - Another "Good morning from Hawaii" picture from Kyle Harimoto: Beautiful Hawaii

Some absolutely cool pics of Alex as Steve in episode 3.04

And a similar photo from a different angle
(posted by AOLR)

Nobody does it better!
(She's so right ;-))

Peter has tweeted a few little hints as to what will be revealed in the next few episodes:
"Yes, next wk we'll learn why Danny hates the ocean. Wk after: Where Mom has been all this time. Two wks later: Who Grace was named after."

OCTOBER 3, 2012

Five-0 Undercover Blog about TV ratings for H50's premiere in the U.S. - now incl. DVR numbers
The news are starting to get better so let's all hope that more and more U.S. viewers show some good taste and watch our favorite show. Here's the blog about the final ratings for H50

A little picture tweeted by Daniel showing him and some boys from his previous show "Lost":  Daniel and former co-stars

Site about Hawaii incl. articles about "Hawaii Five-0", video clips and Danno quotes (for that special fan in Berlin ;-))
This site is quite informative and includes not only articles about H50 and its locations on Hawaii. There are also many video clips - the ones from H50 don't work in Germany though - but the others do (There's a great surf video, for example).
3D Hawaii Blogs

Since today is a German holiday (Reunification Day), here are some H50 fan videos "made in Germany" :-)
- For fans of McDanno: Ships in the night
- For fans of McDanno, funny dog scenes and more: Trouble
- For fans of Steve: Fighter 
That gives us something to enjoy here while there's no H50 on television in Germany. What makes the "H50-TV-absence" even worse is the fact that my DVDs of Season 2 still haven't arrived from the U.S. - next year I will definitely pay for express delivery! I guess I was just spoiled by the short delivery times for "Oyster Farmer" and "Three Rivers"...

Great review of episode 3.02 "Kānalua" by Five-0 Undercover's 'officer808'
I totally agree that I want to see more of that character stuff, such as the funeral ceremony and, in particular, the scene with Danno and Chin (mentionned in the review) - Both of those scenes are included in the video clips that CBS put on their YouTube page after the episode aired in the U.S., so luckily I know what 'officer808' is writing about. As with Wendie Burbridge's blogs, I also appreciate the background information about Hawaiian traditions - and that lantern floating picture is beautiful.
See for yourself: Things we learned about Hawaii from H50's episode 3.02

Just love these pictures! Kyle Harimoto sure knows how to make a German fan happy by sharing the beauty of Hawaii
Good morning from Hawaii with another beautiful sunrise photo

Peter Lenkov among top 50 showrunners of 2012 (The Hollywood Reporter / Article posted by AOLR)
There's also a Q & A section in this article - My No. 1 in the top 50 showrunners of 2012

OCTOBER 4, 2012

A great way to start the day in Germany! - Terry's pic of the day of Alex (by Five-0 Undercover)

Good blog about the role of Michelle Borth as Catherine in H50 (written by Catherine Ross):
What we women do for... wait - just what is it that we're doing?!

Five-0 Undercover announces the winner of its SOTB3 fan question contest
Five-0 Undercover had invited fans to propose questions to be asked to the H50-cast/producers at the SOTB3 premiere and the one submitting the best question could win one of those coveted H50 badges.
I bet it was very hard to pick the best question between the many really good ones that were submitted but I think Five-0 Undercover has made a very good choice and the win is well-deserved. Congratulations to "Kels" from a "fellow-contestant"!
And, by the way, I can happily say that my rather unspectacular question was actually asked at the SOTB3 and earned "officer808" a great answer by Daniel :-) - Here's the winner's announcement incl. the winning question

Intermediate message by 'AOL Fans for Donate Life'
If you have participated in the birthday campaign in honor of Alex, please have a little more patience because AOL Fans for Donate Life still have not received the final figures from Donate Life and do not know how much money was raised by our donations and purchases. Here's their site with the latest message -

Nice slideshow by a fan - Hawaii Five-0 Motivational Posters
This was done by a fan of H50 and was retweeted by Peter. I like it, too - Don't miss the text under the pics

Our boys in BIG trouble again (or still...) - A great clip from the upcoming episode "Lana i ka moana"
Enjoy this video (also posted on AOLR) - Steve and Danno

An editing picture tweeted by Peter - Some creepy-looking guys

Soap star Vanessa Marcil as guest actor on H50 (Blog by Five-0 Undercover's Terry):
I have never heard of this woman but that doesn't mean much cause I'm not watching soaps, and the ones with her might not be on German television, anyway... - Info by Five-0 Undercover

OCTOBER 5, 2012

Let's start the day in Germany with one terrific picture of Alex which will surely make the day for his female fans!
I bet some of those fan girls would love to be the girl in the picture with him :-))) - Hot pic of Alex

Some pics of Alex posted on Five-0 Undercover:
Alex with a smiling nurse  //  Alex after SOTB3 (photo by Egan Inoue)

Some H50 pics tweeted by Peter: Steve and Danno (Knock, Knock - Who's there?!)  //  Playback  //
Our favorite executive producer himself with Larry Manetti

H50 Casting news (Keck's Exclusives on  Tom Arnold to guest star on Hawaii Five-0

CBS has compiled the editing pics tweeted by Peter:
I just noticed that CBS has posted all of those cool pictures that Peter keeps tweeting while he's editing.
Check this out -

Another pic by Five-0 Undercover with a funny caption - I really like these: Steve & Catherine

!!! Great news from the "AOL Fans for Donate Life" birthday campaign in honor of Alex
This was just posted on their site: The final report on our campaign in honour of Alex's birthday has been received, and sent to Rachael Wesolowski along with the copy/pasted reports from Donate Life, and the photos that were sent to us by participating fans. Give yourselves a round of applause, the finally tally raised, through shop purchases and donations, came to $1060.72. Well done everyone! ♥

Up next on H50 "Lana i ka moana" (posted by Five-0 Undercover's Terry)
And I wouldn't call myself "shallow" if I was her... ;-) - Blog about the upcoming episode 3.03 which sounds like a lot of fun!

The H50 writers are sharing a view of their writers' room:
I'm sure all the fans remember the great episode "Lēkio" (Radio) with Scott's Dad James Caan in a guest role. There was a pirate flag in that episode that is now hanging on the wall of the writers' room. To be honest, I think my pirate poster of Johnny Depp as Capt. Jack Sparrow actually looks much better ;-))) - Here's the pirate flag in the writers' room

Additional note by Claire Eyles from "AOL Fans for Donate Life" regarding the a.m. birthday campaign for Alex
More good news, just heard back from Rachael (Alex's publicist/rep) - She's passed the final report of the campaign, along with our best birthday wishes for this past month of August, to Alex himself. :) ♥

Alex and Scott are just too cute in this short clip!
And the video is a little comfort for poor Angie who's STILL waiting for the Season 2 DVDs from the U.S. (Sniff...)
Thanks so much to for posting the clip and to H50GermanForum for providing the link - I love you guys!!!
I love Alex and Scott in this


!!! Even better news from the "AOL Fans for Donate Life" birthday campaign in honor of Alex...
There was another little message posted on their site while I was sound asleep... and it tells us that we did even better than we thought yesterday. That's their Facebook-entry: "Just got some last minute news from Donate Life. We can add on another $112.20 for Donate Life Store purchases made in the month of September, bringing the total raised up to $1172.90."
That sounds just great - especially in view of the fact that there were several charities (related to H50) going on in the past two months.

Casting info posted by Five-0 Undercover: Carlos Bernard (from "24") back in Hawaii to film another episode of H50

Fantastic interview with writer/producer Roberto Orci - by Amy Bakari (TeamH50) for
Roberto Orci - the man with the golden pen

More from another great H50 writer - Kyle Harimoto - I somehow missed this yesterday...
Greetings from Oahu with this beautiful picture

Five-0 Undercover has posted some BTS pictures of Scott and Daniel on set (Pics 85-96 of the slideshow)
BTS photos of Daniel, Scott and one with Alex's stunt double Justin

One more set photo - actually 4 photos in one... (this time including Alex) - "Four in one" Photo from set

Hottest hour of Asian Americans on TV - About Ian Anthony Dale and Daniel Henney playing brothers on H50
The following article/blog by "Angry Asian Man" is about the perfect casting (I agree with that) of Daniel Henney as Ian Anthony Dale's brother on the show. The author clearly looks forward to their episode together - calling it the "hottest hour of Asian Americans on TV" - and would like to see more of Daniel Henney. I think the odds for that to happen aren't too bad...
Here's the article 

Daniel having fun riding his motorbike... - Speedy Daniel

And there won't be any beautiful sunrise pictures from Hawaii for a while because Kyle just flew back to L.A.
Here's a picture from Honolulu airport with some Hawaiian Airlines planes (Just thought I'd mention that airline since they are sponsors of my favorite show ;-)) - Aloha or Goodbye to Oahu


OCTOBER 7, 2012 - Hau'oli Lāpule or Happy Sunday ;-)

More nice stuff to view from the SOTB3 premiere...
Aloha Travel's Bruce Fisher and Five-0 Undercover have posted some more stuff about the premiere incl. a good video with a lot of Alex in it thanking the people of Hawaii (much longer video than the one previously posted!!).
This is the right stuff to enjoy on a rainy Sunday in Germany (especially since my Season 2 DVDs still haven't arrived...) to share a bit of that aloha spirit and Hawaiian sun :-)

Here are the articles (incl. videos) by Bruce Fisher (Hawaii blog publisher and owner of Aloha Travel agency) - these were actually posted a little earlier already. A permanent link to the travel agency's website is also on my page about Hawaii, by the way:
- Third time's a charm at Five-0's sunset premiere
- Happy fans greet season 3 of Hawaii Five-0

Here's Five-0 Undercover's blog incl. the video with the extended version of Alex's Mahalo speech and much more (the cast at the red carpet etc.):
- Alex thanks the people of Hawaii

Some fun fan stuff that made me smile (animated pics by
- Random Alex goofiness from the Season 2 gag reel
- Random Scotty goofiness from the Season 2 gag reel
- Poor Steve - his dates with Danno never work out

Grace smiling with a fan girl - Grace & fan

Extended promo for tomorrow's new episode 3.03 "Lana i ka moana" - Extended promo trailer for ep. 3.03

! AOL Fans for Donate Life about the birthday campaign for Alex:

OCTOBER 8, 2012

WATCH and have fun tonight (Monday 10/9c) with H50's great new episode 3.03 "Lana i ka moana"
This is a reminder for fans in the U.S. and Canada (and wherever else fans are lucky enough to watch the latest Season 3 episode today) to tune in to CBS to enjoy the latest and greatest episode. Those trailers and the sneak peek promise a lot of fun with "our boys". Here's the latest tweet by Peter (PS: He only writes about "tomorrow" because Germany is ahead in time...)
Steve and Danno in trouble

The Superstar memory of Masi Oka (Great video interview on "Young Hollywood"):
This interview was recorded in July before shooting for Season 3 started. You'll be impressed by Masi's extraordinary memorizing skills! He's Mr. Superbrain. Here's the interview with Masi

Alex with some pretty fan girls (or ladies): Alex with fans

AOLR has posted the press release for episode 3.07 "Mōhai" (Offering) which is now episode 3.05!
The episodes 3.05 and 3.07 will be switched on TV in the U.S., so "Mōhai" will air as episode 3.05 (TV schedule info) It makes sense to show this episode at the end of October because it's the Halloween episode - Press release for ep. 3.05 'Mohai'

OCTOBER 9, 2012

Awright! That was a lot of fun to watch and made me feel so much better after having felt really sick most of the day... I'm sure you can guess what made me feel better - I watched the super-duper-fantastic short videoclips of last night's episode posted by CBS on its YouTube page - I love CBS! I particularly like the clips "Tell me which way land is" with the two boys in the dinghy and "First fish" with our o'hana at Kamekona's - but actually all the clips are great and I can't wait to see the whole episode "some day".
Well, there's also some stuff to post today since some excellent recaps of ep. 3.03  have been posted already by Wendie Burbridge and Five-0 Undercover's Mel who both obviously enjoyed this episode a lot which doesn't surprise me at all...

Here's Wendie Burbridge's Five-0 Redux blog about episode 3.03 "Lana i ka moana": Wendie's blog about ep. 3.03

Recap of episode 3.03 by Melapaloosa of Five-0 Undercover: Two men in a dinghy

New promo trailer for next week's episode 3.04 "Pōpilikia" (Misfortune): Promo trailer ep. 3.04

Synopsis and several photos for ep. 3.05 "Mōhai" (Offering) - The Halloween episode which airs Oct. 29
This was posted by

More "Hawaii Five-0 motivational posters" posted on YouTube (retweet by Peter):
By now, there are five slide-shows of these posters and I think all of them are worth looking at:
Part 1 (repost)  // Part 2  //  Part 3  //  Part 4  //  Part 5

Since episode 3.03 is so much fun, here are some nice screencaps (Great job by

(PS: I intentionally picked some that were not yet included in the official CBS promo pics published already)

OCTOBER 10, 2012

The latest review of H50's ep. 3.03 (by tweeted by Peter with the remark "Love this review":

Proud and happy owner of a brandnew Season 3 T-shirt of "Hawaii Five-0"
While I'm still waiting for the Season 2 DVDs, I got very nice mail from Hawaii today - it's one of the new Season 3 crew shirts with the "handcuff 3" motive on it - it's very good quality and size L fits perfectly. It's pretty long but since I'm very tall that's fine.
However, I do feel a bit bad about the fact that poor "T-shirt Johnny" (who had a special offer for Five-0 Undercover's blog subscribers) paid a small fortune for the postage to Germany, sending the shirt by registered mail. Anyway, if any of you fans were hesitating to order a shirt from John, you can and should go ahead and do so (He's obviously reliable and the shirts are absolutely fine) - I just I think this guy needs to charge more money for sending stuff abroad...

Extended promo trailer for episode 3.04 "Pōpilikia" (Misfortune): Extended promo Ep. 3.04

Cute picture of Scott and Teilor: Daddy Danno & daughter Grace

OCTOBER 11, 2012

Congratulations on 50 aired episodes of "Hawaii Five-0" by fan Tiffany Beautiful H50 collage

Wouldn't mind taking a seat here :-) - Tweet from the H50 writers room

Repost of a long video from SOTB3 by Five-0 Undercover: In case that you missed Terry's blog a few days ago...

Something not quite related to H50 - except that the link's been tweeted by Kyle Harimoto
Since I love surf pictures, I just have to share this link. If you are also a fan of surf pics, make sure to have a look at my facebook page where I posted some river surfer pics from Munich's Eisbach and I love to share Hawaii News Now's fantastic surf pics and sunrise pics which they post basically every day on their FB page.
Here's the link tweeted by Kyle Harimoto:
Here's the link to my FB page:

OCTOBER 12, 2012

Some of those nice editing pics tweeted by Peter
I missed these last night (German time) cause I was watching "Criminal Minds" on TV - Sat.1 has all those excellent crime shows from CBS (H50 is my top-favorite though!!!). Anyway, here are Peter's pics:
Steve, you do know the water is polluted  //  Danno, you like? (Cute Grace)

Sneak peek of next episode 3.04 "Pōpilikia" (Misfortune): Sneak peek Ep. 3.04

Just tweeted editing picture from Peter: McRoll having fun  // Danno & more (with guest-star Terrence Howard)

A picture from the H50 writers room: This must be the best-looking surfboard in the World


Here's another "smiling Alex for a happy weekend" photo for his fans :-)

A super-happy weekend especially to those H50 fans in Germany who are enjoying their fan meeting in Hannover this weekend. I'm sure they are having fun sharing their love of this great show and cast.

Hawaii Five-0 Motivational Posters - now parts 1 to 7 combined in one slide-show
And after enjoying the whole set of posters, make sure to read the note about "Stand up to Cancer" below the video -  Have fun!

OCTOBER 14, 2012

Just a quick "Hello" to my fellow-fans - No, I have not forgotten about you fans today and I'm also not busy watching the Season 2 DVDs of H50 because I still haven't received them but there haven't been any news to post today.
I've been trying to view some of my bookmarked video clips to check if there are any worth posting on my fansite for your entertainment but the internet is so super-slow that I can't even watch any video clips at the moment. Maybe half the population on this planet is "over-stressing" the web by watching the livestream broadcast of that crazy Austrian's attempt to break through the sonic barrier with a balloon or parachute or something stupid like that...
I guess I'll just change seats and watch the Sat.1 crime night on TV - Even though H50 is not airing, they're at least showing some other good CBS stuff like "Navy CIS" etc.
I'll be back later... I'm also sure there'll be new stuff to post in the next few days - maybe even some good news from Alex's growing family, who knows...

Speaking about family - The H50GermanForum has tweeted this pic of the German H50hana enjoying their fan meeting in Hannover... German H50hana

OCTOBER 15, 2012

Some nice pics of Alex as Steve - posted by 'Terrysagirl': Steve pic no. 1  //  Steve pic. no. 2

Enjoy tonight's ep. 3.04 "Pōpilikia" (Misfortune) if you're in the U.S. or Canada:
To get into the right mood for the episode airing tonight on CBS, have a look at the promo pics on CBS again - some of the best ones (of Alex resp. Steve) are actually a little further up on this news page already: CBS promo pics for ep. 3.04

Interview with Daniel Dae Kim "Say Aloha to perfect role" (The West Australian) - Interview with Daniel about H50

AOLR has made my day by posting a few video clips from the Season 2 Blu-rays
Not only is Mizzoh (AOLR-admin.) writing those fantastic weekly wrap-ups regularly but in her latest wrap-up #159 she has included a link to some featurettes from the Season 2 Blu-rays of H50. Since I'm still desperately waiting for the Season 2 DVDs from the U.S., I particularly appreciated and enjoyed these video clips. These clips are for all those in Europe who are still waiting for the DVD "snail mail" - This is the longest I've ever had to wait for DVDs from the States :-(
Well, here's something to comfort those still waiting like me: Selection of Season 2 featurettes

OCTOBER 16, 2012

New promo trailer for the next H50 episode "Mōhai" (Offering) airing Oct. 29 on CBS
Yes, the poor CBS viewers have to wait two weeks for the next episode since there is some presidential debate or so airing next Monday. But this upcoming Halloween episode looks quite exciting and is surely worth waiting for... -  Promo trailer Ep. 3.05

3D Hawaii Blog with recap of last night's ep. 3.04 "Pōpilikia" (Misfortune):
This blog not only offers a short summary of the episode but also refers to the actual locations shown in the episode - and for the Danno fans, it includes a bunch of Danno quotes - Blog: A headless horseman

Latest Five-0 Redux blog by Wendie Burbridge: "More than just misfortune"
This is another one of those very well-written blogs by Wendie. The title refers, of course, to the title of last night's episode 3.04 which the blog is about - Wendie's blog about ep. 3.04

Some cute and funny animated pics of Steve and Danno posted by 'erienne1983': Steve and Danno

Sweet dreams for McGarrett (nice picture posted by AOLR): Steve sound asleep

Actors who aren't American (although America would love to adopt them and claim them their own, I guess): has posted photos of foreign actors whom many Americans assume to be Americans although they are, for example, from Australia - like our favorite Alex who is, of course, included in this photo gallery

Finally got around to enjoying the video clips from ep. 3.04 posted by CBS on YouTube
Well, I didn't like the short scenes with the headless body and the cut-off head, and the fortune-teller was a bit scary (or rather her message to the young couple) but nevertheless I absolutely liked the clips and primarily the dialogues in them between Danno and Kono, Steve and his Mom etc. Even though I haven't seen the whole thing yet, it sure looks like another very good episode to me. I really appreciate that CBS posts those clips every week to give the fans abroad something to enjoy, too, while we're waiting for the current season to air (or even still for last season's DVDs...)

OCTOBER 17, 2012

TV ratings for the latest H50 episode 3.04 "Pōpilikia" (Misfortune) which aired Monday on CBS:

Another recap of ep. 3.04 - by Carla Day on Review 'A mother's lies' (about ep. 3.04)

A small selection of nice screencaps of ep. 3.04 (thanks to

About the titles of the next H50 episodes
AOLR has posted a list and schedule for the next H50 episodes but there's a gap for Ep. 3.09. I read somewhere that its title is going to be "Huaka`i kula" which probably means "school trip" because the first word translates into "trip" or "excursion", and "kula" means "school". Although both words of the title have other possible translations, "school trip" (or maybe "field trip") would make sense since I read earlier that there'll be an episode in which Danno asks Steve to join him on a field trip with Grace and her schoolmates to give the kids some "Navy Seal survival tips" while they're out in the woods.
I have no idea, however, for a proper translation of the title of ep. 3.10 "Hana I Wā `Ia" because every single word in the title has different meanings so I could only make a wild guess :-)
To view the episode list posted by AOLR go here:

OCTOBER 18, 2012

CBS Casting news for H50 - George Takei to guest-star as Chin's uncle: Nice picture of George Takei

Picture of Grace posted by Daniel: How Grace Rolls

Picture of a lucky fan girl smiling with Alex: Alex with a fan

One of those nice pics of the day of Alex (posted by 'Terrysagirl'): For the fans of Alex

Poll on - Which CBS show should get the post-Super Bowl slot in 2013? - Vote for Hawaii Five-0!

OCTOBER 19, 2012

Short article (with pic of Steve/Danno) about George Takei as guest-actor on H50 (by
H50 sets "Heroes" reunion for Season 3

Nice Hawaii picture by writer Noah Nelson who's headed home: Will be hard to leave this view...

Editing pics by Peter: Look who's got a new job  //  Return of Toast. Undercover !!!  

Set pics: Looks like those camera men should jump aside  //  Very cute picture of Scott

Very nice picture posted by Teilor: Teilor with her H50-daddy Scott
She added the comment "So glad to have worked with him this past 2 weeks."

H50 writer Kyle Harimoto has tweeted this nice message for us: "Happy to all the great Fans!"
Mahalo from one of those fans :-)

Promo pics for the upcoming ep. 3.05 (posted by The Five0s): Promo pics Ep. 3.05

Daniel has tweeted a picture of himself shaking hands with an H50 fan:
This guy actually became a cop because he liked the old version of H50 so much - Daniel with a long-time H50 fan


Hopefully this weekend will be as sunny for everyone as it has been in Munich so far - I even sun-tanned for a little while today... only got red cheeks from it though :-)

Some nice stuff from Season 2 for all the fans still waiting for the DVDs and Blu-rays
Since I still haven't received my DVDs of Season 2 and have heard that other fans in Germany (and maybe elsewhere) are still waiting, too, here's some stuff from Season 2 to enjoy while we're all waiting.

Let's start with my favorite screencaps from last season's bloopers


Up next are some fan-made videos from season 2 that I had not posted yet because I don't really like the songs too much or think the music doesn't "fit to" the content of the videos. However, the selected scenes are great - For example, there's a lot of Alex/Steve in ep. 2.22 which all of us Alex fans probably enjoyed most in the last season because it was the first episode filmed after his return from rehab, and he looked so great and healthy again in it.

Video: McGarrett is back (By Fan 'bonyclik7' / A lot of great stuff from ep. 2.22 and the finale)

Video: Caught (By 'H50GermanForum' / Great and exciting scenes from ep. 2.22)

Video: Arms (By 'Kristy11489' / Beautiful scenes of a very caring and loving Steve in seasons 1 and 2)
PS: The video's title does not refer to weapons but to Alex's arms which he wraps around a lot of his co-stars in this clip, so you get to see many great hugs and more :-))

Some screencaps from ep. 3.04 with Steve and Catherine:
Steve & Catherine  //  Catherine & Steve  //  Catherine

OCTOBER 21, 2012

Not much to post today which is o.k. cause I had a friend staying with me last night (after she got off work at 2 a.m.) and we ended up talking until tonight...

Just a few pics of Mark Dacascos (Wo Fat) today who'll be back in Hawaii soon for some H50-shooting
Check out Mark's Facebook page for pics from a fashion shoot he did in Tashkent:
This picture was tweeted by Peter Lenkov: Wo Fat sighting

Off to watch another excellent CBS show - "NCIS"... already missed part of it...

OCTOBER 22, 2012

Some new promo pics for ep. 3.06 "I ka wā mamua" posted by H50GermanForum:
Promo pics for ep. 3.06 (Facebook) or alternately for non-Facebook users on

OCTOBER 23, 2012

Press release for ep. 3.06 "I ka wā mamua" (In a time past) posted by AOLR:
While ep. 3.05 "Mōhai" has not aired yet (airs Oct. 29 in U.S.), there's already a press release for the following episode which promises quite a bit of exciting stuff for Danno fans, as well as some cute scenes with him and Grace dancing.
Here's the press release for ep. 3.06

Editing pic tweeted by Peter: Jungle shoot (literally)

The H50 writers' inspiration :-) - Picture from the writers' room

! People's Choice Awards:
You can vote for H50 and Alex but don't get frustrated while you're trying to vote... The site keeps getting hung up or telling you that it doesn't even exist at all... Trust me - it does exist. Just keep trying, please!

!! Choose your favorite picture of Alex on the FB-page of AOL Fans for Donate Life:
You can choose between 5 gorgeous photos of Alex on the Facebook page of 'AOL Fans for Donate Life'. The photo which gets the most votes ("Likes" on FB) will be signed by Alex and can be won by a fan who participates in an upcoming campaign for Donate Life. By the way, the choice is really hard but I love Alex in that blue shirt leaning against the palm-tree. If you don't mind, please vote for it, too. Luckily, it's got the most votes already, anyway :-) - Which, of course, doesn't mean that someone who's voted for it will actually win it - I sure would love to though...
Read the related posts and vote for your favorite pic on

OCTOBER 24, 2012

A few little messages by Daniel Dae Kim who is obviously drowning in twitter messages by fans :-)
Since it is simply impossible for Daniel to reply to his tens of thousands of fans on Twitter and Facebook, he has suggested to fans to become creative and send him something like a collage etc. which makes it more likely that he will reply to those particularly creative fans - I guess he's assuming that not all his 85,000 followers on Twitter are creative ;-)))

This is what he has tweeted recently:
Message 1: "If u create something-a meme, video, collage, drawing-something out of the ordinary, that's the best way 2get me to reply 2u. :)"
Message 2: "Wow. Lot of responses. No it's not homework. It doesn't even have to be good. It's just that some fans get sad when I can reply to them." (I suppose he meant to say fans get sad when he can NOT reply to all of them :-))
Message 3: "It's hard to tweet hi to 85,000 people, but I really do appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for supporting me and my work. : )"
Please take note of that very last message and don't get sad if he doesn't reply to you personally!

Great article about H50's new season incl. feedback by Peter Lenkov (by Cheryl Hollar on My Take on TV):

H50 Quiz on Have fun finding out how much you really know about H50

BTS-pics from H50 shooting with Alex and Scott on Oct. 23 posted by H50Ohana: BTS-photos of Alex and Scott

A couple of pics tweeted by Peter: Feel like McG driving my Camaro in HI //  Fun? Take a look!

! Happy Halloween or "Hau`oli Ka Lā Ho`o`a!" from Hawai Five-0 with this GREAT video clip!
Have fun with this cute clip from the upcoming ep. 3.05 "Mōhai" (thanks to AOLR for posting it) - Happy Halloween clip

OCTOBER 25, 2012

Reminder for fans to vote in the "People's Choice Awards"
You can vote for H50 and Alex in several categories (Favorite TV network drama, Favorite TV crime drama, Favorite dramatic TV actor, Favorite TV fan following) and you better do so!

Here's a great slide-show which also tells you to vote - You better vote for H50 and Alex!

Pics of Alex and Scott: Alex, Scott and fans  // Staring contest with Scotty  // Alex pic of the day (by Terrysagirl)

Animated picture of the Halloween scene with Steve and Danno: These two boys are so cute together!

OCTOBER 26, 2012

Extended promo for ep. 3.05 "Mōhai": Extended promo for ep. 3.05

Daniel has shared this terrible view of Hawaii :-))) View of Hawaii (wished I had this view)

Peter has tweeted these pics of H50: View from the battlefield (BTS of H50)  //  Michelle in action

Masi hanging out in Tokyo: Masi and Barry

Super-silly and funny dance video of the H50 cast by a fan - Have fun with the H50 cast going "Chippendales" and more

BTS pic of Alex and Scott: BTS pic shared by a fan

The McDanno fans' favorite hug ;-) - McDanno hug

Oops, better rush to work... (hope all the links work, have no time for checking :))  ... and back in the evening

Another great Hawaii pic from Peter Gorgeous view!
Oh, and Peter also tweeted that there'll be cool casting news soon...

Mark Dacascos has posted a nice message about his current filming for H50 on his Facebook page:
"Aloha and greetings from Honolulu! I'm here filming another episode of Hawaii Five-0. Talked shop with our producer, Peter Lenkov, on the flight over last week. Had a really nice conversation with Alex "McG" O'Loughlin in the make-up/hair trailer a couple of days ago. I must say that the cast and crew of H50 are great to work with; super talented and they have the "aloha" spirit. I am grateful to be a part of this show. And Hawaii is soooooo beautiful! Aloha, MD"

H50BAMF speak: Great pics of Alex/Steve with explanations for abbreviations and phrases used by H50 fans
Since H50 fans (especially on the H50BAMF site) tend to use a lot of abbreviations etc. when they write about Alex and H50, this collection of pics with explanations will bring some enlightenment to those fans who are not yet familiar with the H50BAMF speak. Have fun viewing and reading this:

CONGRATULATIONS !!! Alex's little baby boy has finally been born on Oct. 25th!
I'm sure Daddy Alex is super-happy and proud :-)


More congratulations on various fansites and from a co-star of Alex...

The first fansite congratulations were posted on

My favorite Alex fansite was very fast, too:

Great to hear from Five-0 Undercover's 'officer808':

Daniel has posted this little message for his co-star's growing family:
"It's official: Congrats to Alex and Malia on their new blessing in a blankie!"

The Hawaiian News Channel 'Hawaii News Now" has also posted an article on their Facebook page:
HNN-article: Alex and Malia welcome baby boy

If you have missed last month's posts on this fansite, you should view them now because HNN not only had great coverage of the Season 3 premiere of H50 on Waikiki beach (SOTB3) but also posted a fantastic long video interview which their news anchor Tannya Joaquin in which Alex talks happily about becoming a daddy again - The interview and SOTB-coverage can be found on my H50 Season 3 page



Happy Birthday to cutie Teilor Grubbs!

My favorite girl in Hawaii is celebrating her birthday today and I wish her a very happy birthday weekend
and lots of fun filming for "Hawaii Five-0" with her "Daddy" Danno :-)

AOLR has posted a "German-viewer-friendly" version of the latest preview for H50 ep. 3.05 "Mōhai"
This episode seems to be very appropriate for Halloween - spooky, gory, scary...
Here's the latest preview for the upcoming episode 3.05 - Video clip for ep. 3.05 Mohai

AOLR has also updated the table of episodes with Hawaiian and official English titles by CBS:
H50 episode titles and US air dates

By the way - while the U.S. viewers have another new episode to look forward to, the German viewers are still (!!!) waiting for the DVDs of Season 2 ordered from - I can't believe it's taking THIS long. I would love to have the DVDs this weekend because we're having the first snow of the year in Germany today, and watching "Hawaii Five-0" with the beautiful views of Hawaii in the sun would be the perfect distraction from the grey, dull, wet, cold weather out there. Sniff :(

Article in the Australian "Daily Mercury": Five-0's sexy love interest (by Seanna Cronin):
About Michelle Borth's role as Catherine Rollins on H50

Weekend greetings from the H50 Writers' room - Aloha and happy weekend?

Great hug from Steve for Catherine - Hug photo
Sure enough, there must be quite a few female fans who wished they were Catherine/Michelle :-)

! I really like this- H50BAMF has posted congratulations for Malia and Alex on the baby - and more...
H50BAMF not only congratulates but also gives very good reasons why it is great that there's another male with O'Loughlin genes in the World now :-) and there's also a fantastic slide-show of Alex photos - Enjoy this!

Calendar page for November with photos of Alex (posted by
This reminds me of my own calendar that I got from a friend last Christmas. I think the October picture in it is absolutely perfect for this month because it shows Alex as Stan in "The Back-up Plan". In that movie he became a daddy - just like in real life now :-)
Well, here's the calendar page for November

Great H50 promo clip by CBS: Action Scenes Vol. 1 (Thanks to for posting on FB):
H50 Action Scenes video

OCTOBER 28, 2012

I'm a little late at posting the following stuff today but I was busy watching the livestream coverage about the tsunami warning in Hawaii due to an earthquake off the North American west coast (My sister lives there!). Luckily, the warning has been cancelled for Washington State and has been downgraded to an advisory for Hawaii since the tsunami waves are decreasing and haven't been as high as was feared earlier...

So sad that Teilor's birthday dinner was ruined by the tsunami!
Teilor posted a picture of an empty dinner table where she was going to enjoy her birthday dinner with the family. I'm sorry that it had to be called off because of the tsunami. At least she seems to have enjoyed the day earlier on, visiting a pumpkin patch with her sister. Here's a picture of Teilor on her birthday. Hopefully she'll get to enjoy the dinner a day later or so.
Those pretty collages she got from fans probably helped cheer her up a bit, too:
Beautiful collage of Teilor photos // Another great collage by a fan

Article in a magazine about Alex welcoming his baby and about local fans "stalking" the family
I am not including the article because it indicates where Malia and the baby are at the moment, which could lead more crazy fans to go there to get a picture, but this is a word to those fans who (according to the article) are literally stalking Alex's family by waiting outside the building. Please respect his privacy! I think we all agree that the baby's birth is great news and reason to be happy and that the little boy is most-likely a very cute baby but you really shouldn't stalk the family to get a picture. If Malia and Alex decide to share a photo (which I doubt), that's fine, but fans should never take over the role of unnerving paparazzi.
Alex has always been willing to take pictures with fans and has voiced nothing but positive statements about his fans and has only recently said that they are "the best" - So if those fans stalking him and his family for baby photos make him change his opinion about his fans, this would be very sad, indeed! I hope that's not going to happen, so please leave him and especially the baby alone!

This is some fun stuff by a McDanno fan: Animated pics of McDanno :-)

Algo en español! An article for the few Spanish-speaking readers of my fansite
It's an article in the Mexican "Vanguardia" (not to be confused with "La Vanguardia" from Barcelona - one of my favorite cities) about "Hawaii Five-0". Episode 3.01 of the show airs tonight on the Mexican "Canal ID".
There were short interviews with H50's Mexican producer Roberto Orci, executive producer Peter Lenkov and some cast members. All of them stressed that the show has a lot of action, great stories and, above all, a gorgeous location which plays a leading role in the show and according to the article's title is the actual "star" of the show. After all, Hawaii is popular all around the world, and the great views of the islands shown in H50 obviously appeal to the TV audience. Alex said in the interview that it was an incredible feeling for him to see the show being so successful. Before he came to Hawaii to work on the show he never expected such a great response from people and was surprised because he never thought it would succeed. He said it was wonderful to see that the show worked so well and that people all around the world liked it. The audience could enjoy a combination of the islands, bikinis, action and more from Hawaii without having to leave their homes. Alex thinks the show has all the right ingredients for it to be successful. He added something about the producers and other people which I didn't quite understand (my Spanish is very limited).
Well, if you happen to understand Spanish, you can read the article in the "Vanguardia" (posted by AOLR)

Article about actor from Oklahoma playing a role in the upcoming ep. 3.05
Actor Jordan Matlock from Tulsa is playing the role of a man kidnapped at a Halloween party. I don't usually post long articles about 'not-so-important' guest actors on the show but this guy talks so nicely about the whole cast and crew of H50 that the article is worth posting :-) - Here is the article in the Tulsa World

OCTOBER 29, 2012

Blog about Alex (incl. a slideshow) with a reminder for his fans to vote for him in the People's Choice Awards
This fan (on H50BAMF) writes about Alex's acting skills and gives good reasons why you should vote for our favorite actor in the People's Choice Awards. The blog includes a slideshow with great pics of Alex as Steve.
Read this, enjoy the slideshow and then vote for Alex

Some fun stuff compiled by about tonight's great H50 Halloween episode 3.05
This is an appetizer for fans in the U.S. which will surely make them want to watch this episode on CBS. And it's a little comfort for fans abroad who don't get to watch CBS. Have fun with this: Great animated pics and more from ep. 3.05

Article about H50 in "The Oklahoman": "Hawaii Five-0 going native" (posted by AOLR): Article

AOLR has posted the press release for H50 episode 3.07 "Ōhuna" (The Secret): Press release 

Please note that CBS will NOT show the new episode 3.05 but will instead repeat ep. 3.02. This is because of storm "Sandy" hitting the East coast tonight. Since it is likely that many viewers will be without electric power, they wouldn't be able to enjoy the new episode. It just wouldn't be fair if the H50 fans on the East coast would be hit by the storm and, in additition, would miss the great new episode. I think CBS has made a wise decision.

Article by Kate O'hare on zap2it: Alex and Scott can take advantage of location shooting

GREAT new sneak peek of Halloween ep. 3.05 (Thanks to for posting!): This is so much fun!!!

OCTOBER 30, 2012

Starting the day (in Germany) with a little video of Scott hitching a ride on a crew member's back :-)
Thanks to for posting this funny, little clip - video clip added to Kate Ohares recent article (

Picture of H50 ep. 3.07 (Ōhuna - The Secret) posted by Steve and his Mom

Picture of Alex by Larry Teng (posted by Alex and Larry

Update of H50 episode table with air dates on AOLR:
Since H50 Halloween ep. 3.05
 "Mōhai" was postponed to next Monday due to hurricane "Sandy" (CBS made this wise decision because many East coast fans wouldn't have been able to watch H50 due to a power outage in thousands of households), the air date for episode "Hana I Wā `Ia" was postponed until some time after Xmas in order to show Christmas episode "Kahu" on Dec. 17 - in time for the holidays. Here is AOLR's updated table of episodes

Latest Five-0 Redux blog by Wendie Burbridge: "A small sacrifice"
The blog's title refers to the postponement of the Halloween episode. Although all H50 fans in the U.S. were looking forward to enjoying this episode last night, I'm sure that most of them understand CBS's decision and don't mind the small sacrifice of waiting another week for this new episode. Judging by the various video clips released from that episode, I dare to say that it is going to be simply great and well worth waiting for. I've already fallen in love with those two clips at Steve's home (the "couch scenes"). I'm sure all the fans know what I'm talking about :-)
Well, here's Wendie's blog about the fans' small sacrifice

Title of H50 episode 3.13 will be "Kapu" according to
"Kapu" means 'sacred', 'forbidden' or 'taboo' - and a few other things which wouldn't make good H50 episode titles :-). I guess we'll have to wait and see what the official CBS title in English is going to be...

H50 pic of Steve and Max - with a funny caption by "fan of the week" Diane (on
Steve and Dr. Max Bergman

OCTOBER 31, 2012

Happy Halloween to those H50 fans who are not affected by "Sandy". To those who are: "Good luck" and take care! The news from the U.S. don't sound good at all...

Daniel has tweeted this: Get your desktops ready - new H50 wallpaper

Picture of Alex and C. Thomas Howell who will play a guest role in H50's episode 3.11:
This is what C. T. Howell tweeted: Alex and yours truly. Great actor and very cool dude

H50 pic tweeted by Peter Lenkov: Look who's back!
PS: Anyone interested in pics from New Jersey may want to have a closer look look at Peter's Twitter account - he's retweeted some pics he got from friends in N.J. showing his fav spots in NJ after storm Sandy - some still look good but at least one (Shamrock Pub) doesn't... has posted some Q & A on future episodes of various TV shows - Here's the part about H50:
"I'm looking forward to Danny's flashback episode on H50. Are any other characters getting flashbacks? — Terri
Adam Bryant:
As a matter of fact, yes! Executive producer Peter Lenkov tells us that there will be a McGarrett flashback late in the season that is actually a direct prequel to the pilot. "The flashbacks take place hours before the pilot began in Korea," Lenkov says. "You'll get to see McGarrett in training as a Navy SEAL. The idea is that McGarrett had actually gone into North Korea with another Navy SEAL, a man who saved his life and was killed there." So will we see familiar faces as well? "We're hoping to bring back one of the Hesse brothers," Lenkov says. "We'll see what actually happened with Hesse in Korea."

White Hot Wednesday picture of Alex on H50BAMF: Nice picture of Alex for his fans

Larry Teng tweeted this picture: "Look who decided to fly back to L.A.": So cute!! // Cutie with Scott // More dog pics

Oh yeah - Huge Happy Hump Day picture of Alex posted by AOLR: Simply looking good
and more of gorgeous-looking Alex: Those eyes are great!  // Another picture to enjoy

Reminder to vote for H50 and Alex in the People's Choice Awards - and do so quickly! - VOTE guys !!!

Vote in the U.S. and send Daniel a photo of proof - You can win a stay in Hawaii !!!
Wow - that sure is a good reason to go and vote. What a great idea by Daniel - I wished I could vote in the U.S. (and I think I'd even vote for the same President as Daniel) but I'm living in the wrong country. All the U.S. fans of H50 should love Daniel for this though and go vote. Here's what Daniel wrote:
Daniel's info on what you should do

Peter has tweeted this: The Noshimuri brothers and Scott as Danno

Teilor has tweeted this picture of her and it's great to see her happy smile: Attempt 2 at birthday dinner with family

"Foot talk" by Steve and Danno: Nice scene from H50

Happy Halloween picture from the H50 Writers' Room: I don't like the hairy thing up front but the background looks great :-)

H50BAMF wishing a Haunting Halloween with this picture of Alex

Joe Halpin (H50 writer / @joehalpin1) has tweeted this: "Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween! If anyone is dressing up as their favorite character please post a photo!!!"
Well, I actually think that all the H50 characters are so special and unique that they can't actually be "copied" or imitated by anyone who's just dressing the same way. But you can give it a try, anyway!

Peter's latest tweet: Terrence Howard starring as sadistic drug dealer who's beating up Danno back in Jersey
Short text (incl. pic) about the H50 episode that will air on Nov. 12: I ka wa mamua (In a time past)

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