Sunset on the Beach Premiere of Season 5 (SOTB5) of "Hawaii Five-0"
(Sept. 13, 2014)

The official schedule...

Official start of the event (Offizieller Beginn der Veranstaltung)
6 p.m. Hawaiian time on Sept. 13 (6 Uhr morgens in Deutschland am Sonntag, den 14.9.)

Photos, videos & more during the SOTB5:

Around 5 a.m. at my end of the planet... (woke up before the alarm went off)...

Here's the live blog to follow during the event!!! Newest post always at the top.
LIVESTREAMING window added at the top of page, so this is the page to stay on.

The direct link to the livestreaming channel:

I'll be following the Star Advertiser page myself and will post/share photos from other sources etc. AFTER the event because you can all watch yourself if you are online during the SOTB5 :-) Have fun!

7:25 now - Red-carpet livestream is over (Yes, there were massive problems at first but they were solved after a while - in time before the main cast members showed up). Time for breakfast and then I'll post/share photos and video clips or whatever comes up. There was also a livestream by the "Long Legs O'Loughlin" fan group - I tuned in to that just in time for a greeting from Alex to his fans :-)

View the Five-0 Redux page where Wendie has shared great photos & video clips from her Star Advertiser colleagues: and/or view the updates on the Star Advertiser blog page

P.S.: Please keep in mind that I update the Five-0 Redux FB page, too - for example, when Wendie is sound asleep on the U.S. mainland where she moved several months ago. It's good to have several admins who take turns with the updates :-)

If you missed the livestream, the interview with Alex by the Honolulu Advertiser (Thanks to the AOLww fansite!)
Interview video: Alex - looking and feeling hot on the red carpet :-)

Photos and video clips from Five-0 or CBS (cast members etc.)
Looks like fun! Jeff, Jaz and Chi McBride with fans (Photo: Jeff)
Live performance on the SOTB stage (Photo: Mark Dacascos)
The HUGE screen (Photo: Jorge Garcia)
Egan Inoue & family enjoying the SOTB premiere (Photo: Egan)
Short video clip of Bush performing on stage (Video: Peter)
Fun picture of Jorge Garcia as Jerry in ep. 5.01 on the big screen (Pic: Jorge)
CBS: Photo collage of the main cast with fans 
CBS blog page about the SOTB5 (is likely to get updated!) 
CBS: Photo collage with cast and Bush on the stage
Mahalo message & photos from Daniel
CBS: Photo album 
Two serious-looking guys: Peter & Alex Kurtzman (Photo: Peter)
CBS: Photos of the cast taking selfies on the red carpet
CBS: Facebook photo album
Peter: Video clip of the hula dancers' performance

CBS: Video summary of the SOTB & 100th episode celebration

Press photos and video clips:
The cast on stage (Photo: Lauri Metrose, shared by CBS)
Video clip from Hawaii News Now from before the SOTB5
Video: Bush performing live on SOTB stage (by TV host Malika Dudley)
Video interview with Taylor Wily (by Power 104.3 Radio)
VIDEO interview with ALEX (by Power 104.3 Radio) 
Several photos and short clips (Photolulutv) 
HNN: Article with video (Interviews by Ben Gutierrez)
Great photo of Alex with Erin Cebula of ET Canada
Mike Gordon (Star Advertiser): Long article with photos and video (SOTB summary)
Video: Alex and Malia posing for photos (by photolulutv) 
Huge photo album by the Star Advertiser's Honolulu Pulse (incl. links to two more albums)
Video: Interview with Chi McBride (by Power 104.3 Radio)
Video: Interview with Scotty (Power 104.3 Radio) 
Star Advertiser: Video of Alex's speech on stage 
Super-cute photo of Alex with a little girl (by Frolic Hawaii)
Article with pics from SOTB5 (by Frolic Hawaii) 
Photo of Alex with Brooke Anderson (Photo: Brooke)
Short video clip: Interview with Teilor Grubbs (Power 104.3 Radio)
HNN: Huge slide-show with photos
Video interview with Alex talking about kids (by Hawaii Mom Blog) 
Honolulu Magazine: Photo album of the cast
Blog by Erin Smith (Honolulu Pulse) about the SOTB fashion 
ET Canada: Erin Cebula's interviews with the cast on the SOTB5 red carpet
Photo of Malika Dudley (AXN Japan) interviewing Alex (posted by Malika)
Photo album by Mark Ramelb Photography incl. great photos of the actors
Photo of Alex with Erin Cebula (ET Canada)  & Info about her show on Sept. 15
Young Hawaii: Interviews with the cast
Malika Dudley (for AXN Asia): Long blog incl. photos
Video: Interviews with the cast & producers (Laura Grace D'Angeli, Star Advertiser)

Fan photos and fansite photo albums:
Photo album on the AOL's Place fansite
Several pages with fan photos on the AOLww fansite (click on single pics for more!)
Video clip of Alex with fans (by Dr. Rennie)
Video clip of Alex incl. message by Alex to his fans (by the Long Legs O'Loughlin fan group)
Huge photo album by the Hawaii Five-0 Australia fansite
Long video of the red-carpet arrivals (by 'IreKim')
Summary with gif images and pics on the "AOL - An Intense Study" fansite
Some great photos of Alex and Malia - on the AOLww fansite (There's much more!)
Great photos of Alex, Scotty, Ian Anthony Dale and Teilor Grubbs - by the Five-0 undercover fansite
Great photo album by the Five-0 Undercover fansite 

Always worth waiting for... The Five-0 Undercover fansite's blog about the SOTB5 premiere (by 'officer808')
Don't miss Alex's message to the fans who donated for the ALS Association through the "H50 ALS Warriors" fundraising page :-)

Please check above for additions/updates in the next hours and days - Sometimes stuff isn't posted until 3-4 days later!

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