Alex, Peter and Daniel chatting via Twitter with fans during Season 4 TV premiere of H50

Alex had his first twitter chat with fans during the TV premiere of H50's season 4 on Sept. 27 and said he loves his H50 fans. Find out what else he had to say - like if this Twitter session has miraculously turned him into a social media lover... (Well, his true fans know the answer). There were also a bunch of funny pics posted of him goofing around during the Twitter session and in the commercial breaks.
I've picked out the answers addressed to Alex himself - and, among those, the ones not referring directly to what was shown on screen in ep. 4.01 because without watching it, those tweets made no sense.

Oh, and I added those very funny and cool pics of Alex, too - you can enjoy them below :-)
He was obviously in "goofball mode" :-)

Q: Was it hard to go back to work on H50 after you had your son?
A: Yeah, I just want to stay with him all day. It's hard to work every day with a new baby.

Q: What are you looking forward to most for Steve McGarrett this season?
A: The developing character arc is deeper for McG in terms of relationships

Q: Alex, you're using social media. Do you think you'll still dislike it after tonight?
A: I won't feel any differently. It's too overwhelming.

Q: If you could write an episode of H50, what would it be about?
A: I would dress Danno up as a woman and send him undercover in a prostitution ring.

Q: Alex how do you feel to see that the series has been so successful and with the love of the fans?
A: I'm forever grateful and very happy. We love our jobs and it's good for Hawaii.

Q: Alex, is it easy for you to do the American accent? You're really good at it!
A: Yes, Thank you.

Q: What is your Hawaiian name?
A: Yes, it's Kekau.

Q: Alex, how much fun do you have on the set? Do y'all play more than work?
A: Always. We have loads of fun. We get in lots of trouble, too.

Q: What's it like working with such a great cast?
A: They're the best. Look at the work they do.

Alex: My thumbs are getting sore. My thumbs aren't used to this

Peter: Al twerking during the commercial break


Q: Why does Steve love Danno so much?
A: They're partners. They're the brothers that neither of them ever had.

Q: I love your bromance between Danno and Steve! Is it the same off camera as well?
A: Yeah. We don't argue as much off camera.

Q: Are we going to see a season 1 McGarrett this season? meaning the crazy McGarrett that makes Danny go nuts?
A: It depends on how much coffee I drink.

Q: Does AOL do all his own stunts?
A: No. Not anymore - I have a kid.

Q: Any other dance tonight except the "twerk" Alex?!! We can't wait to see it!
A: No dancing. Only nudity.

Q: Are you thinking of doing another movie?
A: As soon as I get time. I can't wait to do another movie

Q: Have you or anyone else been seriously hurt on the set?
A: Yes. Many times over

And everyone says Goodbye... with these words:

Peter: Thank you all for watching. Love our H50 fans!

Alex: To all the Five-0 fans out there: Without you there is no us. We love you!

Daniel: Whew! Thanks for watching everyone. Hope you liked it. And sorry for clogging up your feeds. Hope it was worth it! Until next time.

Oh, and I missed this photo when I first posted this page :-( Sorry!


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