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As you know, Peter Lenkov is Executive Producer for several rebooted shows: "Hawaii Five-0" and  "MacGyver" - and the new "Magnum P.I." which premiered in fall 2018. The newest reboot is based on the original show with Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum. I remember that I enjoyed the 1980's show as a teenager and thought it was fun - but I wasn't a diehard fan and don't remember too many details, which makes it easy for me to "accept" and enjoy this contemporary version of the show with new actors.

Since the "Magnum P.I." reboot films in Hawaii and airs on CBS, too, I've decided to dedicate a page to the new show. After all, it is more than likely that we'll get a crossover with "Hawaii Five-0" (Update: There WILL be a crossover!), so it may be useful for fans to know a little bit about the new show, too. Besides, I love Hawaii and think that filming another show on the islands will benefit the Hawaiian economy and create more jobs, so "Magnum P.I." has my full support - unless it turns out to be really bad, which I highly doubt since Peter's previous reboots have been quite good and successful (Update after Season 1: I do love Magnum P.I., too). You all know how much I love my favorite show "Hawaii Five-0" - and I do like "MacGyver" a lot, too.

Link collection for the show:
Official Twitter page:
Official Instagram page:
Official Facebook page:
Actor Jay Hernandez' Instagram account:
Actor Zachary Knighton's Twitter account:
Actor Zachary Knighton's Instagram account:
Actress Perdita Weeks' Instagram account:
Actor Stephen Hill's Instagram account:
Instagram account for the dobermans Zeus & Apollo:
"The Boss" Peter also keeps posting great pics and clips:
SpoilerTV page about the show:

For fans in Germany:
German info about the show:
German info about the show by VOX:
Germany air dates for the show:

Articles and news about the show:
Justin Lin will direct the Magnum P.I. pilot
Casting news: Jay Hernandez will play the lead role of Thomas Magnum (Deadline)
Casting news: Jay Hernandez will play the lead role of Thomas Magnum (Variety)
Casting news: Perdita Weeks will play the new female Julie Higgins (Deadline) 
Casting news: Zachary Knighton will play Rick Wright (Deadline) 
Article by Matt Carter about the reboot, the cast and the producers 
Casting news: Stephen Hill will play chopper pilot TC (Deadline) 
About the start of filming the pilot of Magnum P.I. - H50 is also mentionned (Star Advertiser)
Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I. will have a crossover (TV Line)

Filming for the pilot started in Hawaii on March 19, 2018 with a traditional blessing which brought good luck because...

Yes! The reboot got picked up by CBS for a full season - Congrats to Peter!
Well, I never had a doubt that this would happen but it's always good to see my guesses and assumptions confirmed :-)

Season 1 aired on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on CBS before "Bull" (TV premiere on Sept. 24, 2018).

Season 2 will air on Friday nights at 9 p.m. after "Hawaii Five-0" (TV premiere on Sept. 27, 2019).

The main cast:

Top: Jay Hernandez (Magnum), Zachary Knighton (Rick)
Bottom: Stephen Hill (TC), Perdita Weeks (Higgins)

More news about the show - during Season 1

The cast and producers at the CBS Upfronts (May 2018):

Peter and the Magnum P.I. cast at the San Diego Comic Con on (July 19, 2018):
Peter and the cast of his new reboot "Magnum P.I." promoted the show at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Peter was asked about his plans for a crossover episode of the new show with H50 - and also if Steve and Magnum know each other since they are both Navy SEALS. Well, in the videos you get some very satisfying answers :-)
The Comic Con panel with the cast and producers:
An interview with Jay and Perdita by ET at the Comic Con:

Interview with the cast at the start of filming (Access):

Official promo photoshoot with the cast - CBS video:


A Five-0 Redux blog by my friend Wendie about the new show that "lives in the same universe" as "Hawaii Five-0": (July 28, 2018)

As of September 2018, Wendie has a new blog dedicated to the "Magnum P.I." reboot. It's called "Magnum Reloaded". Scroll down for more info and the blog link.

The first trailers for the show:

A short trailer for Magnum P.I. with a glimpse of H50's Kimee Balmilero making a guest-appearance!


Great photos and an interview with Jay Hernandez - by the CBS WATCH magazine:

Congratulations: The show got picked up for a full season (Oct. 19, 2018) - Here's the cast's reaction :-)

Congratulations (January 2019): Magnum P.I. got renewed for Season TWO - so well-deserved!

Info for German fans: The show premieres in Germany on April 17, 2019:
There'll be two episodes each week on VOX, starting at 8:15 p.m.! Here's an article by the Serienjunkies website:

Coverage from the Paley Fest panel (March 23, 2019) with main cast members of Magnum P.I., Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver:

Long, good interview with Jay (June 2019) by the Hawaii Luxury magazine:


Info and page links for my friend Wendie's "Magnum Reloaded" blogs about the show:

Please note that my friend Wendie whose Five-0 Redux blogs about "Hawaii Five-0" have been loved by fans since Season 1, is writing a second blog about "Magnum P.I." for the Honolulu Star Advertiser. I'm happy to say that the blog title "Magnum Reloaded" was my suggestion. Here's the link to the blog page: (Enjoy a new blog every Tuesday)

Here's the link to the related Facebook page where more collages and news get posted: (P.S.: I'm also an admin for that page)

I love Executive Producer Peter's reply to my question at the SOTB premiere (Sept. 16 in Waikiki) where I had the honor of doing a few interviews at the press row - actually on behalf of the website but I couldn't resist to ask a few questions about/for Wendie's blogs, too.
Check out this video clip with the mini-interview and please ignore my strange voice ;-)
Oh, and when I congratulated him on the second show, I should, of course, have added "filmed in Hawaii" since he's produced more shows, as you know.


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