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"Hawaii Five-0" has made me a fan not only of the show itself but also of Hawaii with its gorgeous beaches, surfers, sunsets, the lush green landscapes, the beautiful hibiscus flowers and much more. Since I assume that I'm not alone with my love of the islands (which I did not get to visit until March 2016), I'd like to share with you some links related to Hawaii to give you some inspiration for a visit to these beautiful islands or just something nice to dream of if you cannot afford to travel to Hawaii for now.

Also, the flight to Hawaii is very long if you live at my end of the planet (Germany), so you might only want to go if you can stay a couple of weeks to get some rest and not just suffer from a major jet-lag :-)

My personal travel account of my first trip to O'ahu in March 2016 - incl. links to huge photo albums!

My travel blog about my second trip to O'ahu in September 2017 - incl. links to photo albums!

My travel blog about my third trip to O'ahu in September 2018 - incl. links to photo albums and videos!

All photos are my own, taken in March 2016

Tourist, travel and cultural information

Beautiful pictures of Hawaii from "Hawaii Five-0" (Screencaps album) - Official Hawaiian Tourism Authority pages - Travel guide to the islands  - Multilingual information site about Hawaii - Huge collection of wonderful photos (Please respect the owners' copyright!) - (DEUTSCH) Site of a German travel agency with beautiful pictures and good travel tips - Beautiful sunset and surf culture photos etc. put online by the "Hawaii Five-0" crew & cast - THE airline of Hawaii which will take you there from the U.S. mainland - View this, too
I thought I'd include their website because they have sponsored many episodes of my favorite show, which I really appreciate The Hilton hotels on Hawaii (Another sponsor of my favorite show) Kyo-Ya hotels & resorts (Another sponsor of the show)

I stayed at the Stay Hotel Waikiki in March 2016:
For further information about the hotel, please read my first travel account above.

During my vacations in 2017 and 2018, I stayed at the Queen Kapi'olani Hotel which was great and was just renovated (in 2018). Take a look - and book:

Special tours: Hawaii-based travel agency offering "Hawaii Five-0" fan specials - i.e. for the SOTB premieres
Here's a video from Bruce Fisher (Owner of that travel agency):
Video from the SOTB3 Premiere of H50 (More videos in that YouTube account)
Bruce also has a Facebook page you can follow:
Also check out their Hawaii Five-0 Fan tours through Bruce's Hawaii Jeep Tours (now in vans)!!!

How about a helicopter flight across the islands with "Makani Kai Helicopters"?
Their helicopters can be seen regularly on "Hawaii Five-0". Their website includes a page with BTS-photos of H50 filming.
The company was just renamed into "Magnum helicopters" - Take a look at their Facebook page:

I took one of the Circle Island Tours with and liked it very much.

You can find more travel tips and photos in my travel account about the trip to Oahu in March 2016 at the top of this page!

10 things you should know & remember when you visit Hawaii

Planning to visit Hawaii? - Make more of your visit by helping to protect the islands' natural beauty!
In a German article, I read about the "Preserve Hawaii" project which involves volunteers and tourists in such useful projects as cleaning up beaches and offshore strips of the ocean to prevent destruction of the fragile natural environment by plastic rubbish and other junk.
If you agree that this is a wonderful opportunity for tourists to make more of their visit by joining the project and helping to protect the islands, have a look at the following pages:
-  or on Facebook:

Also check out the site This volunteer organisation carries out beach clean-ups or fundraising events, such as the "I heart the ocean" fundraising event on Feb. 9, 2013 - hosted by the one and only Alex O'Loughlin!
They also have a Facebook page to like/follow:

Online shops for Hawaiian products

Please note that I've added lists of Big Island companies to support the community affected by the Kilauea eruption in 2018.

Clothing/Accessories etc. (Big Island companies):

Food (Big Island companies): (Candy) (Macadamia nuts) (Kona coffee) (Coffee) (Various products!) (Kona coffee and tea) (Baked goods) (Honey) (Wine) (Various products!)

Art (Big Island): (Nature photography) (DEUTSCH/GERMAN)
By the way, the shop's website also contains general information about Hawaii and links to web cams on Hawaii. - Hawaiian products & apparel - Shop with all kinds of products including books, maps, videos and much more

Where you can buy Five-0 merchandise while you are in Honolulu
First of all, you may want to go to the regular shirt and souvenir shops on Kalakaua Avenue - At least two of them at the lower end (towards Honolulu Zoo) do sell Five-0 shirts. They didn't have my size for the shirt I liked best which had the core four of the Five-0 team on it (cif. collage). I bought that shirt at the Aloha Stadium marketplace for $20. The market at the stadium is held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays (8 a.m. to 3 p.m.), and there were two sellers who had Five-0 shirts (Info:
At the King's Village shopping center ( (near my hotel on Koa Ave.), there was also one shop which sold H50 shirts (none that I really liked or didn't have in my collection yet), and the "Rock Island Cafe" at the entrance to the King's Village also sells Five-0 merchandise - which I found a bit expensive though. They wanted $25 for copies (!) of autographed cast photos. I might be spoiled because I have an original, personalized autograph from Alex but even if I didn't have it, I wouldn't spend money on copies! They also sell the Five-0 badges, and as far as I remember they wanted over $130 for those - definitely not my price range, although a badge would be the perfect addition to my growing Five-0 fan collection.
One of the best places to get Five-0 shirts ($27) and mugs ($17) is the little Five-0 souvenir shop (part of "Winnie's Jewelry" shop) in the Diamond Head tower of the Hilton Hawaiian village. That's where I bought the white shirt and the mug.
I found the surfboard in a souvenir shop named "Ohana Gift Outlet" off Kalakaua Ave but I think it was the last one they had.
The H50 license plates are sold at a stand at Duke's marketplace off Kalakaua Ave.
The script and autographed photos you see in the collage are gifts from the very kind Dennis Chun who wanted to thank me for my support of the show. Scripts are not for sale and, of course, the one I got was not from the current season.

Crazy Shirts which has an online shop, as well as stores in Hawaii, sells special 50th Anniversary H50 shirts in 2018:

The Hawaiian language

Being a translator, of course I also became interested in the native Polynesian language of Hawaii but must say that, although the pronunciation is probably easier for Germans than for Americans, the language seems quite difficult to me, and there are a couple of really loooong words in that language - like the state fish humuhumunukunukuapua'a !
This video shows that even Alex has problems with that fish name :-)

Although most words are, actually, short, they all seem to consist of so many vowels that you easily get them confused because they are so similar.

For the brave ones among you, who not only want to find out more about this language, but who also want to try to learn some Hawaiian for a trip to Hawaii or just "for fun", I have collected some links that may help you learn more than the easy "Aloha" and "Mahalo" which are almost all I can remember...

About the Hawaiian language (Wikipedia)

Hawaiian alphabet etc. ( (Pronunciation of common phrases)

Audio: Hawaiian words pronounced - Letters A - K

Audio: Hawaiian words pronounced - Letters L - Z

Audio: Pronunciation of hundreds of Hawaiian words Unfortunately the translation of the words is not given

Audio: Hawaiian lessons by an actual teacher named Ahonui
For those who really and seriously want to learn the language; Ahonui has put several videos with Hawaiian lessons online and has a website, too. This is Ahonui's website:

Hawaiian-English dictionary to buy ( There are actually various dictionaries and grammar books available!

Book + 2 CDs "Learn Hawaiian at home" to buy (

Popular Hawaiian words & phrases (

Distance learning of Hawaiian (Online classes by

Für die deutschsprachigen "Lernwütigen" habe ich folgende Links zum Hawaiianisch-Lernen gefunden.

Audio: Aussprache von unzähligen hawaiianischen Wörtern Leider ohne deutsche Übersetzung der Wörter

Lernsoftware auf CD-ROM (über 



Of course, it is perfectly o.k. if you can only speak English when you go to Hawaii - which is definitely and admittedly a big relief.  But I've always found it "nice" to learn a few words of the native language when I visit a foreign country. It's a little sign of respect for the natives and their culture, I think.


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