Facts about organ donation

What you should know before you become an organ donor:

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about organ donation that might keep you from taking the important decision to register as an organ donor aka life-saver. Below, we have compiled some facts and figures that, hopefully, will help you with your decision. And, of course, we didn't come up with these facts on our own - we are only a fan-group, after all, and not medical experts. The sources are listed below.

1) One single donor can save up to 8 lives and improve many more.

2) Medical teams will do anything to save your life. And the team fighting to save your life is actually not the same as the recovery and transplant teams that are notified after brain death has occurred.

3) It is 5 times more likely that you will need an organ transplant than you will become a donor.

4) Wealth, race and social status do not influence a patient's position on the waiting list. It only depends on the severity of the disease.

5) Most religions support organ donation and consider it an act of love and generosity.

6) You are never too old to be a donor. What matters is the health of your organs.

7) You are never too young to be a donor. However, if you are a minor, your parents will have to make the final decision - but you can certainly help them by letting them know that you would like to save lives as a donor if you get fatally injured in an accident.

8) Persons with medical conditions may still become donors. Doctors will determine if you can be a donor when the time comes.

9) Donors and their families never have to pay for any donation-related expenses. All of these costs are covered by the recipient's health insurance. Of course, "donation-related" does not refer to such costs as funeral expenses which have to be paid by the donor families - unless they get financial support by Taylor's Gift Foundation through their "Legacy Gift" program.

10) An open-casket funeral is possible for organ donors.

If you would like to register now as a donor, go to: www.registerme.org


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