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Other shows by H50 Boss Peter - Info about "MacGyver", "Magnum P.I. and "Salvation"!

There were no updates until Oct. 7 since I was on vacation in Hawaii where I also attended the big 50th anniversary celebration of H50 incl. the screening of the Season 9 premiere and the series premiere of "Magnum P.I."
My summary with videos and photos of the event (posted on Oct. 14) can be found here:


October 7, 2018:
I'm back and currently wondering what to do about about the fansites I've run and helped to run over the last years. I'm a bit demotivated for a number of reasons, as you will know if you've read my not-so-positive update on Facebook a couple of days ago that I shared on the Five-0 Redux page. On top of the things that did not go well in Hawaii regarding H50, I'm also sad about fans who've recently written negatively about me on Twitter (partly behind my back), and spread the lie that I cursed  other fans last year in Hawaii (because they got to talk to Alex and got photos with him), which is simply not true. Those of you who do know me and have followed my fansite for years, know very well that I have always been happy for fellow fans who get photos with Alex because I know how much it means to many of them. This does not apply to greedy, commercial autograph and photo "hunters" who in rare cases even use their kids to get photos and autographs of as many stars as possible (I don't even share the photos by this kind of people since I don't want to promote their pages) - but, if the persons getting photos are actual fans of H50 and its cast, I have always been genuinely happy for them.
As a long-time fansite admin, I've been getting quite a few very personal messages and emails from fans who've told me details about their private lives and personal problems - reaching from depressions to attempted suicides to cancer and much more - Trust me, I know how much they enjoy the show, as it gives them relief and distraction, and I know how much getting a photo with the beloved cast means to them. Therefore, I love seeing happy fans in photos with Alex and his colleagues. Admittedly, I did curse about bad, frustrating circumstances after standing in the heat for 10 hours last year trying to get good photos of Alex and his colleagues but I did not curse at fans, especially not since the respective fans tried to help me get to talk to Alex at that time last year. Anyway - one fan who spread the lie about me is one of a few who commented negatively about my frustrated post this week which you can read here if you missed it.

Well, frankly I don't think any fan has the right to make a judgement about other fans based on a single frustrated, negative social media post - especially not if the one who judges other fans has been fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii repeatedly and, most of all, got photos with Alex and even talked to him, and has been lucky enough to catch filming repeatedly and get good cast photos. The one a.m. fan does not know me personally (although she did take a photo of me with my friends, probably to share on Twitter behind our backs since she wasn't even participating in the charity event my friends and I participated in on that day) - neither does this woman know the fans I spent time with in Hawaii who were hoping to get photos of the cast or with Alex, too. The German fan whom I was with the day on which I posted the frustrated update has been struggling with quite a few problems in life, too, and I would have loved for her to get a photo with our favorite actor Alex the day before she had to go back, although she was quite happy about the photo I took of her with the always kind Dennis Chun.

It's just not o.k. and fair to criticize fans of the show who primarily travel to Hawaii in hope of seeing their favorite cast - often after saving money for the trip for many years. Also, my own hopes were quite justified - I had good reasons to even hope for a couple of chances to actually speak to Alex (whom I primarily wanted to ask about organ donation and fundraiser stuff and if he got the huge anniversary book from me and liked it) and for getting good cast photos - thanks to people working for the show and friends who know and trust me. The fact that these hopes were not fulfilled was even more frustrating, as I had originally considered cancelling the expensive, long trip due to back pains but decided against cancelling it due to the great opportunities offered that I wanted to seize (of which none worked out very well or not at all) in order to get good material to share with fans on my fansites and with press friends who could not make it to Hawaii this fall.
You just do not know which sacrifices some of us make to travel to Hawaii from the other end of the world and how much passion, time, efforts and money some of us fans and fansite admins invest in the show and its cast. It's easy to criticize us for frustrated posts but if you don't know us and our personal backgrounds, you should not judge us and just keep your mouths shut and enjoy the fact that you were lucky to get good photos and talk to Alex yourself. Enough said.
And, yes, we definitely love, appreciate and enjoy Hawaii, but there are other attractive travel destinations closer to our homes that are easier and more affordable to go to.

I'm not sure if and when I'll get around to updating any of the pages again but the chances are good for updates to come soon when I've recovered from the long trip home and being awake for several days in a row. After all, I do love the show and its cast - and I did get some material to share. In particular, I want to thank Meaghan, Dennis, Jorge and Kimee who were so sweet and fun to talk to.

October 8, 2018:

I'll be back with updates soon but I've been busy downloading and sorting vacation videos and photos incl. material from the SOTB9 and from the bit of H50 filming I got to see. I'm also suffering from the worst jet-lag ever (only 4-5 hours of sleep within four days) and have to go back to my full-time job this morning. There's also a lot to update not just about the SOTB but also on the pages about the current seasons of H50, Magnum etc. - So please be patient...

October 9, 2018:

Still quite busy with preparing updates and my regular full-time job, of course, but I have managed to update a few things on the H50 Season 9 page and the Magnum P.I. page last night.
I also have news regarding my Hawaiian friend Wendie's Magnum Reloaded Facebook page dedicated to her new blog about Magnum P.I. - She just made me an admin on the FB page, so I can occasionally post and share stuff on it, too. It won't be as frequently as on her Five-0 Redux FB page because H50 and its cast (most of all Alex) will always be my top priority and top-favorites but I do love Magnum P.I. and its cast, too, and often come across news about the show that I can now share on Wendie's Magnum Reloaded FB page. And, of course, I want to promote my friend's new blog with occasional collages. I also have a few pictures related to Magnum P.I. from my trip to Hawaii that I want to share with Wendie and her readers. It just makes sense to do a little promotion for Magnum P.I., too, as some of my favorite recurring actors from H50 are making appearances on the new show, too. In the first two episodes, we saw Kimee Balmilero (Dr. Noelani Cunha), Taylor Wily (Kamekona) and Kala Alexander. I might stop updating the MacGyver pages on my fansite though because the two Hawaii-based shows have priority to me - and I do have limited time and energy, after all. More coming up over the next few days... - You still need to be patient.

October 10, 2018:

Enjoy my 22-minute video of the stage program at the SOTB9 & 50th anniversary of H50 & Magnum P.I. premiere!
Since it took forever to upload this to Facebook last night, I couldn't post it here, anymore, so I'm sharing it now before work. I will sooner or later compile a page about the SOTB event but, for now, you can enjoy this footage:
- 50th anniversary retrospective video (Mix of original H50 and the reboot)
- Boss Peter's speech who is so grateful and happy
- H50 cast coming up on stage
- Meaghan's awesome speech (I love it!)
- Beulah's great speech
- Introduction of the Magnum cast
- Good speech by Jay Hernandez (The new Magnum)
I have just a short separate clip of Cyndi Lauper singing on stage which I'll share later - and, of course, I could never record and share the actual premiere episodes, as they have not aired in various countries. The lucky CBS viewers have, of course, seen those episodes in the meantime.
My own video of the stage program (Speeches etc.)

An update by my friend Dennis Chun (Duke Lukela) related to the filming for the 200th ep. 9.07:
Probably due to delays caused by the hurricanes before the SOTB9 premiere (The 200th episode was mainly filmed in the SOTB week), the team was still catching up and filming for ep. 9.07 last week - sometimes on the same day as they were filming for ep. 9.09 that they were primarily working on last week. The 200th episode is set in the year 1941 and looks like it will be a very special one.

Don't miss Wendie's latest Magnum Reloaded blog about ep. 1.03 of Magnum P.I.:

If you are on Facebook, follow the Magnum Reloaded FB page of which I'm an admin now, too, to help out my friend Wendie:

No time for more posts before work but I'll be back...

Posts about the "CarnEVILofScreams" haunted house by H50's Jorge Garcia - the man who loves Halloween :-)
My friend Cheryl looks forward to visit there this weekend...

News about Laura Mellows' work as an artist - and, of course, H50 fans know her as Nalani Lukela

H50 fans in L.A. - Seize your chance to see the awesome Meaghan Rath live on Oct. 20! Check out this post:
Here's where you can get the tickets and more info:

The cast of Magnum P.I. (incl. H50's Kimee Balmilero!) explains why H50 and Magnum P.I. live in the same universe:

The H50 cast having fun in the makeup trailer with hair-stylist Tena Parker:

Nice photo with Alex on the set of H50 - Thanks to Apryl Stephenson:

Missed this sweet photo with Alex earlier this week but this smile must be shared - Thanks to Norman Nakanishi!

A collage with pics from last Friday's H50 ep. 9.02 - Don't miss the latest Five-0 Redux blog about the episode:

The sneak peeks for H50 ep. 9.03 which airs on CBS this Friday were added on this info page:

OCTOBER 11, 2018:

Another collage with pics from the very enjoyable H50 ep. 9.02 :-)
By the way - the hotel you can see between Steve and Diamond Head might be the one I stayed in during my Hawaii vacation - at least, I enjoyed the direct, perfect view of Diamond Head and of Queen's Beach from my room and the balcony on the 14th floor of the Queen Kapi'olani Hotel on Kapahulu Avenue. I will share videos and photos of the view soon. It was the best!

And just because I love the "new kids on the block" aka ReyRei a lot, too, here's another collage from H50 ep. 9.02

I love this post by H50 Boss Peter:
Sure enough all the fans (incl. myself) would love to see an H50 movie. After watching the season premiere on the big screen at the SOTB9 event in Waikiki in September, I can assure you that the show has everything it takes to air in movie theaters - but let's not forget that the cast & crew are working hard to bring us up to 25 episodes every season. I'm afraid that doing a movie would be a bit too stressful for them. Well, maybe they'll do it when the show ends some day...

Off to work...

Hot promo trailer for H50 ep. 9.03 which airs this Friday on CBS:

Tomorrow night's hotness in H50 ep. 9.03 - posted in pictures by H50 Boss Peter:

OCTOBER 12, 2018:

Happy H50 Friday with the new ep. 9.03 on CBS at 9/8c!
Here's a collage to get you ready and a repost of the info page about the episode:
Also don't forget to tune in an hour earlier if you want to enjoy H50 Boss Peter's other show MacGyver.

Off to work...

Another collage for today's new H50 ep. 9.03 with pics of ReyRei - Tune in and enjoy on CBS!

Do NOT miss my favorite H50 cast photos from Hawaii: Meaghan with her dog Bug!
Meaghan is the best. She took time for these photos during her short lunch break and she totally made my day. I had been frustrated because our little interview from the SOTB9 premiere had not recorded.

OCTOBER 13, 2018: Happy Weekend :-)

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with the old but good H50 ep. 3.11 on Kabel Eins at 9:15 p.m.!
For more info, please view my Season 3 page:
Info in German can be found on the Kabel Eins website:

Great article about H50 Jorge Garcia's "CarnEVILofscreams" haunted house project and his passion for Halloween:
Star Advertiser article about Jorge's haunted house project

Promo trailer for next Friday's H50 ep. 9.04:

Don't miss the new Five-0 Redux blog about H50 ep. 9.03 which aired last night on CBS:
Here's where you'll find it soon:


OCTOBER 14, 2018:

Fun BTS-photo from H50 ep. 9.03 with Chi and guest-actor Andrew Fuente who played Lou's caddie at the golf-course

Some BTS-posts from H50 by stunt-coordinator and Alex's stunt-double Paul Lacovara:

The promo trailer has been added to this info page about H50 ep. 9.04 which airs next Friday on CBS:

My page about the 50th anniversary and SOTB9 premiere of H50, as well as the "Magnum P.I." premiere (celebrated together on Sept. 16), is finally complete and online.
The page also includes a small section about the celebration of the 200th episode of the reboot.
Have fun taking a look back at two very special events!


OCTOBER 15, 2018:

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with the "new" ep. 8.14 on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m.!
Not only can fans in Germany watch this episode but also a repeat of ep. 7.19 after midnight (0:05 a.m.).
For more info about Season 8, please view this page:
For info about ep. 8.14 in German, please view:

So adorable! H50 dog Eddie and his best friend - Thanks to Momma Sue for the  post!

H50 Boss Peter is doing a countdown to the 200th episode with old pictures related to H50 - I love this one!

Happy Magnum P.I. Monday to the CBS viewers with the new ep. 1.04 of H50 Boss Peter's third reboot!
Don't forget to look for actors from H50 who do make occasional appearances on "Magnum P.I.", too :-)
For more info about "Magnum P.I.", please view my page about it:
If you like the new show, please make sure to follow this page, too, for which I'm also an admin:

Off to work...

Congrats to H50 Boss Peter on his newest project as an Executive Producer:

OCTOBER 16, 2018:

Alex looked great at the SOTB9 premiere and 50th anniversary of H50 on Sept. 16, as you can see in my photos from the event!
If you haven't seen these photos of Alex yet, you must have missed my page about the anniversary celebration.
Enjoy browsing through the photo albums, watching the videos & more. Here's the link to the page again:

H50's Kimee Balmilero promoting the "Hawaii Sketch Comedy Festival" which she has brought to life!
If you are in Honolulu, make sure to get your tickets and enjoy the festival this week.
More info can be found here:

I love these BTS-photos from the beginning of H50 - posted by Peter in his countdown to the 200th episode!
The 200th episode is ep. 9.07 and it will in November. Just saying because fans asked.

Some of my top-favorite people working on H50 - Thanks to birthday boy Justin for sharing this great pic!

Thanks to "Hawaii Isla 808" for these great H50 BTS-photos of Alex filming on Monday:
https://twitter.com/hawaii_isla808/status/1052076217107509248 (video)

Off to work...

Cool photo with Alex at the Honolulu airport - Thanks to 'infin8realm'!

Don't miss this great post with and about Alex by H50 hair-stylist Tena:

View these H50 BTS-photos by hair-stylist Tena to find out how she made Alex/Steve look older in ep. 8.07:

A collage with pics from H50 ep. 9.03, as a reminder of the Five-0 Redux blog about it
- If you missed the blog on the weekend, enjoy the read now:


OCTOBER 17, 2018:

FINALLY!!! - Peter got his 50th anniversary of H50 book from me and loves it!
I guess there's hope that the other boys got theirs, too (I got books printed for Dennis, Alex and Scotty, too). A big sigh of relief cause I spent a lot of time and money on making these books and getting them printed. Here are two photos of the book - posted by Peter on Instagram!

Here's the view on the inside of the H50 anniversary book:

I need to rush out for an early work meeting but Peter's posts made my day!

So glad to see that the mystery of the missing H50 anniversary books was solved, as Dennis put it when he emailed this photo to me as proof that he got his book from me, too :-)

Great memories from H50 back in 2010 - Pictures posted by "the Boss" Peter:

Great BTS-photos from H50 Season 6 posted by hair-stylist Tena Parker who joined the team back then:

The original photo of H50's Scotty that I saw in the Trim book in my hotel room - now posted by the photographer!
If you looked at the photo album with my H50-related photos from my trip to Hawaii, you saw this photo of Scotty. It was in a book that was in my hotel room, and I took a photo of the photo in the book. Well, it's better to see the original photo, so here it is from photographer Joni Sternbach:

OCTOBER 18, 2018:

Happy Throwback Thursday with McDanno in an old collage!
I had no time for new collages last night since I met with a friend for dinner but old collages are always a good choice for "Throwback Thursday", especially if they are with this fan-favorite duo :-)

Enjoy the great photos in this update by Dennis about Duke Lukela and his family in Season 9 of H50:

A little reminder that H50 fans (in the U.S.) can stream the latest episode of our favorite show on CBS All Access:

Off to work...

Back to Alex intro

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