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Below you find news about Alex and his current show "Hawaii Five-0" (Abbrev.: H50), as well as comments by me about these news and promo posts for the show with collages that I love to make. I also share fun stuff, video clips, pics and gifs from H50 cast members or from fans - usually by just setting links to the original posts.

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PS: Due to several fansite shutdowns etc., several links in the archive no longer work - Sorry!

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FEBRUARY 1, 2018:

Help Alex support and promote organ donation!
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A good-looking couple: H50's Meaghan Rath and her furry friend Bug :-)

Off to work...

Good news for German fans - The H50 Season 7 DVDs and Blu-rays are coming out on March 8
It's already possible to preorder through Amazon in Germany:
Order link for the Season 7 DVDs of H50

Sneak peeks are now on this info page for tomorrow's new H50 ep. 8.15 - Meet Danno's uncle Vito :-)

This H50 clip with Steve is one of many reasons why we love the H50 'ohana, too :-) A big 'Thanks' to Peter!
To see Alex as Steve play the guitar on the show was requested by fans for several years - and now our wish is fulfilled!

Yeah! These great H50 crew shirts from Hawaii finally arrived - just in time before the Season 8 premiere in Germany
As I consider myself "promotion crew" for my favorite show, these are the perfect shirts for me :-)


FEBRUARY 2, 2018:

Happy H50 & MacGyver Friday to the CBS viewers with new episodes of both shows by H50 Boss Peter!
MacGyver returns tonight with ep. 2.15 "Murdoc + Handcuffs", followed by H50 ep. 8.15 which introduces us to Danno's uncle Vito from New Jersey. Judging by the trailers and promo pics, he will be fun to watch.
For info about MacGyver ep. 2.15, please view:
For general info about Season 2 of MacGyver, go to:
For info about H50 ep. 8.15, please view:
For general info about Season 8 of H50, go to:

Fans in Hawaii can view Laura Mellow's (Nalani Lukela on H50) beautiful works of art (Fri./Sat.). See her post!

Looks like H50 is filming an explosive episode in the jungle - Thanks to Peter for sharing this clip!

Please note that a fan-friend is coming to visit me after work and stays until Sunday, so I might not get to post regularly but I'll try - especially to post a reminder of the new H50 episode today and to promote Wendie's blog about it on Saturday. And off to work...

H50 dog Eddie and his new fashion accessory :-)

BTS-photo from H50 with Alex - Thanks to 'eric.peoples.co'!

BTS-photo from H50 with Beulah - Thanks to 'eric.peoples.co'!

Sat.1 announcement about the premiere of Season 8 of H50 on German TV this Monday, Feb. 5:

A little collage to remind you of tonight's H50 ep. 8.15 - Tune in and enjoy :-)


FEBRUARY 3, 2018: Happy Weekend :-)

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with repeats of ep. 5.24 and 1.03 on Kabel Eins from 8.15 p.m.!
For info and collages from the episodes and seasons 5 and 1, please view:
www.alex-the-best.de/aolhaw5.htm and

For info in German, go to the Kabel Eins page:

The promo trailer for H50 ep. 8.16 which airs March 2 looks exciting! A long wait but definitely worth it!

Don't miss the new Five-0 Redux blog about last night's H50 ep. 8.15!
You'll find it here (Direct link will follow):


FEBRUARY 4, 2018: Have a Sunny Sunday!

Don't miss the new Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.15 and collage no. 4 with pics from the episode:

I'll be back online in the evening (German time) after the Alex fan who's visiting me this weekend has left.

Congrats to H50 on its No. 1 spot in the TV ratings for this Friday night!
It seems like H50 ep. 8.15 was not exactly a fan-favorite (judging by online feedback) but a lot of fans obviously watched, anyway - which was a smart thing to do since we now have to wait until March 2 for the next new episode. I haven't had the chance to watch the latest episode yet due to having a fan visiting me for the weekend, but I will enjoy it soon.

Great photo of H50's Meaghan Rath with her dog Bug at Kualoa Ranch

Thank you to the H50 fans who follow the Five-0 Redux pages and my fansite!
Since fan Wanda thanked Wendie and me for the posts on our Five-0 Redux pages, I would like to respond with a 'Thank you' to the fans and readers of our pages! You are welcome ;-)

Hawaii News Now Sunrise's Billy V will be on the H50 episode that airs April 6!
I look forward to seeing him on the show. Here's his info post (shared on the Five-0 Redux page).

FEBRUARY 5, 2018:

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with the grand season 8 premiere on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany should not miss ep. 8.01 tonight which is quite spectacular and "hot" ;-) Its German title "Inferno" is quite appropriate. It's also the episode in which new Five-0 member Tani Rey is introduced. So tune in and enjoy!
For info about Season 8 of H50, please view:
For info in German, please visit the Sat.1 page:

German info about today's premiere of Season 8 on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m. - by the serienjunkies.de:

Two H50 pics posted by Boss Peter:

A blog about an H50 set visit and meeting "humble" Alex - Not that we (his fans) didn't know yet... ;-)

Please participate in the new fan-survey for the next Five-0 Redux blog about favorite love scenes on H50:


FEBRUARY 6, 2018:

H50 BTS-photos & clip: A big Thanks to "Hawaii Isla 808"! Check his Twitter & Facebook page for more!

The promo pics for H50 ep. 8.16 (with a super-long title) are out - This (next) episode airs March 2:

Off to work... I don't have a new collage ready to post since I was too tired after (re)watching last night's Season 8 premiere on German television.

Photo and message by Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela) - H50's aloha ambassador who's always kind to the fans:

A big "Thank you" to H50 guest-actor and entertainer Tommy D. for sending me his photos from the SOTB8!
He just sent them on the weekend and I finally had some time to make collages. I particularly love the photo with Meaghan. There were two more pics (with Dog, the bounty hunter, and with Peter, the boss) but they didn't fit in.
These photos make me hope for another season and the chance to finally attend an SOTB myself.

Cute BTS-video from H50 with Alex and Meaghan - Thanks to "Hawaii Isla 808"!
Meaghan and Alex on set

What a pleasant view in the latest CBS WATCH! magazine: H50's Alex and Meaghan!
I just received my copy in the mail today and was happy to see the promo page with Alex and a great interview with Meaghan incl. the photo in the collage. If you want to subscribe to the magazine, go to: www.cbswatchmagazine.com


FEBRUARY 7, 2018:

Happy H50 Late-Night with five episodes from Season 3 on TNT, starting at midnight (Thursday morning)
This week, sleepless fans can rewatch H50 ep. 3.11 to 3.15 from 12:00 a.m. on Thursday.
For more info and collages from the a.m. episodes, please view my page about Season 3:

Repost of the promo pics for H50 ep. 8.16 - now on SEAT42F:

Off to work...

Some H50 news that aren't really "news": Season 8 has 25 episodes & Season 9 is extremely likely:
It seems like some fans keep missing updates and news, judging by numerous posts on Twitter today. I wrote on my Season 8 page quite a while ago that there will be 25 episodes this season again. A crew member had mentionned it in a video clip that was shared on Twitter.
I've also mentionned repeatedly that there are several good reasons to renew H50 for a season 9. First of all, the show has been doing great this season but I'm also pretty sure that CBS wants to seize the opportunity to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Five-O in September, along with the 200th episode of the reboot. It sounds like the perfect occasion for a big SOTB party. Since Alex himself, whom many fans (incl. myself) consider essential for continuing this show, gave a few hints about a season 9 in his interviews at the SOTB8 in November, I'm nearly 100% confident that we'll get to enjoy a Season 9 - even though CBS has not officially confirmed another season.

Alex in a great BTS-video from H50 ep. 3.15 "Hookman" - the last of 5 episodes in TNT's "Happy H50 Late-Night"
In the video, Alex is goofing around with William Sadler (John McGarrett) and talking about the shows they've worked on together, such as "Three Rivers". I love this video and Alex in it and just had to make screencaps with him.
If you missed the info earlier - TNT will show ep. 3.11 to 3.15, starting at midnight.
For more info and collages for the episodes, please view:


FEBRUARY 8, 2018:

Please participate in the Five-0 Redux fan-survey about favorite love scenes on H50:
Here's where you find further details posted by Wendie:
The collage is not new since I had no time to make one but it definitely fits in well - lots of love scenes ;-)

The cast & crew of H50 enjoying their glamorous showbiz life - Just a bad joke, as you'll see in this BTS video!

News about H50 Boss Peter's upcoming "Magnum P.I." reboot:
P.S.: Since this new reboot is also set in Hawaii, and it makes a lot of sense to have a crossover episode between H50 and Magnum, I'll share occasional news about the upcoming reboot, too.

Off to work...

Not all the fans might like McRoll but you must admit that this H50 couple gave us the best, most intimate love scenes on the show!
Here's a new collage to remind you of the current Five-0 Redux fan-survey. This scene from ep. 1.05 was actually the first one ever that Alex and Michelle filmed together for the show, and I think they did an excellent job at making viewers believe that Steve and Cath are actually in love.
Click on the link to participate in the Five-0 Redux fan-survey:


FEBRUARY 9, 2018:

Even when there's no H50 on CBS, you can count on another Five-0 Redux blog - but Wendie needs your help in the fan-survey!
Here's another collage with love scenes from the show for your inspiration. While McRoll is certainly the hottest couple we've seen on H50, so far, there have been beautiful love scenes with other couples, as well - I've compiled some more in the newest collage. And, of course, I'll make more collages for the next few days because the Five-0 Redux blog will be about the fans' favorite love scenes on the show. Since there's no Valentine's Day episode this season, our Five-0 Redux team will take a look back at the best love scenes in the upcoming Five-0 Redux blog and in the collages. We hope you enjoy the view and tomorrow's new blog.
Here's also the link to Wendie's fan-survey again:

Photo of Daniel happily looking forward to enjoying the Olympic Winter Games in South Korea

One of my favorite H50 guest-stars, Ed Asner, will be on "MacGyver". Here's a great photo of Ed with George Eads!
Since Ed's character sadly died on H50 a few seasons ago, it's good to know that we'll see him on another one of Peter's shows.

Another promo trailer for H50 ep. 8.16 that airs on March 2 on CBS - shared by Meaghan on IG:

An adorable couple: H50's Meaghan and her buddy Bug :-)

Several H50 BTS-videos and photos of Alex & Co. filming at Ala Wai Yacht Harbor - Thanks to 'David Greaves':

Off to work...

Photo of Meaghan on the set of H50 - with a Thank You to the great grip crew of the show:

Happy Aloha Friday with H50 and more great love scenes from the show!


FEBRUARY 10, 2018: Happy Weekend!

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with two repeats on Kabel Eins, starting at 8:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany can rewatch the awesome Season 5 finale of H50, followed by ep. 1.04 from Season 1. Actually, there won't be any H50 next Saturday in Germany, and in two weeks, only one episode from Season 1 will air at 9:15 p.m. - The earlier time slot is taken over by another show that is not worth mentionning.
For more info and collages for tonight's ep. 5.25 and 1.04, please view my pages about Season 5 and 1:
For info in German, go to:

Tonight, the fans in France can enjoy the Season 8 premiere of H50 on M6 - Bon divertissement!
For updates about H50 on French television, please follow the pages of the Official French H50 Fan Club led by my friend Virginie. The club's most prominent member is H50 Boss Peter:

Happy H50 & MacGyver Saturday to the CBS viewers - YES, you get to enjoy repeats tonight from 8 p.m. ET!
CBS will show MacGyver ep. 1.17 "Ruler", followed by H50 ep. 7.07 with Doris McGarrett, Catherine and Lynn - and poor Steve having to cope with all three women :-)
For info about Season 1 of MacGyver, please view:
For more info and collages for H50 ep. 7.07, view my page about Season 7:

A look forward to H50 ep. 8.16 and the return of Danno's uncle Vito:

Don't miss the brandnew Five-0 Redux blog about the fans' favorite love scenes on the show:
Here's the blog - Enjoy a look back at memorable moments that were full of aloha:

Great photo with Melanie Griffith (Danno's Mom on H50) who was a special guest at the Opera Ball in Vienna
She was invited by the organizer, Mr. Lugner, who called her one of the most wonderful people who ever accompanied him to the ball and a dream guest. He praised her for being so punctual, uncomplicated and always in a good mood.
Link to the photo album in the Abendzeitung Munich

FEBRUARY 11, 2018: Have a Sunny Sunday!

Our "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group is celebrating its birthday this week!
Thank you for your continued support - especially after the major changes in February 2017 when we had to rename our group. Back then, the former head of our group, Claire, also handed over the leadership and responsibility for our group and page to me. We hope that you'll continue to support us in 2018 in our efforts to raise organ donor awareness, as well as funds for charities - mostly "Taylor's Gift Foundation", of which Alex is a spokesperson. As in the past 8 years, we will run fundraisers on special occasions (usually for Easter resp. Donate Life Month, Alex's birthday in August and for Christmas). We think that an average of three fundraisers each year is a good number because we don't want to put fans under too much pressure by constantly asking you to donate money. And, of course, you can always donate to the charities of your choice any time of the year, anyway.
If you do not yet know who is behind our group, please view:
You'll find more links to info pages about Alex's commitment to this cause, as well as about organ donation, in general.

I'm looking forward to H50 ep. 8.22 after reading about the exciting storyline for Sgt. Duke Lukela in it!
The following snippet is from Spoiler TV: "Duke is on the run from the HPD after being accused of a crime. H50 takes over the case when they realize it involves Duke's family".
All the followers of my page know that Dennis Chun is one of my top-favorites on the show - not only as his on-screen character Duke but also because the actor himself is such a kind, modest and grateful gentleman and the perfect aloha ambassador for the show and Hawaii. So, I'm happy to see that his character Duke will be in the focus of H50 ep. 8.22 and that his Five-0 friends, whom he has loyally supported and helped quite often over the years, will certainly do their very best to prove Duke's innocence. We all know that Duke would never commit any serious crime! If this storyline ends with Duke in prison, the writers seriously need to be fired :-)
Since I love seeing Duke with Five-0, here's a collage with him and McDanno.

H50's Beulah Koale enjoying the beauty of nature at Kualoa Ranch

Another collage with moments of aloha on H50 to remind you of the latest Five-0 Redux blog:
Although these moments were not "sexy", they showed the close bond between these couples and their deep, sincere love for each other. Don't miss the Five-0 Redux blog about fan-favorite love scenes - here's the link again:


FEBRUARY 12, 2018:

Happy H50 Monday to the German fans with the new McEddie ep. 8.02 on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m.!
Tonight, fans in Germany will meet Steve's new buddy Eddie, the dog - but also the new, future Five-0 member Junior Reigns (played by Beulah Koale). Just like Tani Rey (Meaghan Rath), Eddie and Junior/Beulah fit perfectly into the H50 'ohana - on and off screen.
For more info and collages for Season 8 of H50, please view:

Here's Steve's new furry friend Eddie:

And the future Five-0 member Junior Reigns (Beulah Koale):

Off to work...

H50 ep. 8.02 (on German TV tonight) introduced my furry friend Eddie - Here's a photo from Sept. 2017 :-)
The episode airs on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m. Here's some info about H50 ep. 8.02 in German:

Some McDanno collages showing how much Steve & Danno love and care about each other
These fit right in with the Five-0 Redux blog about the fans' favorite love scenes. The collages include pictures from scenes mentionned in the fan-survey for the latest blog which you find here:

A first BTS-photo of Alex and Scotty filming H50 at Kahala today - A big Thank You to 'Hawaii Isla 808'!
Keep an eye on that Twitter account while I'll be sound asleep at my end of the planet. I think there are more pics coming up!

FEBRUARY 13, 2018:

Video of H50's famous dog Eddie cruising through the Hollywood Hills some time ago :-)

H50 BTS-photos with Alex and Scotty at the Prince Waikiki - Thanks to 'lamee5'!

H50 BTS videos with Alex & Co. - Thanks to "Hawaii Isla 808":

H50 BTS photos with Alex and Scotty. I also spot Dot (Scotty's cute dog). A huge "Thank you" to “Hawaii Isla 808':
It's nice to see real-life ohana visiting, too - Malia came by with her doggie :-)

Yeah! Photo of long-time Alex fan Lynn Crammond who finally got to visit Alex on set with her husband!
Lynn made the highest bid in the Charity Buzz auction benefitting Taylor's Gift Foundation last year, so she more than deserved this meeting with Alex ;-) Thank you to her for sharing her photo on Facebook!

I'll be back later. I'm off work today but will have family (niece and sister-in-law) visiting and staying for the night, so not sure when I'll get to update again...

Another collage with a love scene from H50: McLynn having a little fun - well, and an accident...

Photo of another happy fan with Alex in a break from filming H50 - Merci ą Angelique pour partager son photo!


FEBRUARY 14, 2018:

A few clips and pics from H50 filming with Alex and Scotty - Thanks to everyone who posted these!
Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfJgg5aneuK/
Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfJe0N8gMvV/
Video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfJdZlPAC5k/
Photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfKD8Prlpr_/
Photos: https://www.instagram.com/p/BfJ5gwKAHGw/

WOW!!! I love this! A fan can WIN a trip to the set of H50 and have lunch and chat with the cast. And it's for a GREAT purpose!
All you need to do is buy a ticket for the raffle (The proceeds benefit a children's hospital) AND you must have a valid passport (and probably need to complete an ESTA application) if you are not a resident of the U.S.! Since residents of approx. 10 countries are excluded, read the details!!! The set visit will already be around March 26, 2018. This is a fan-dream come true - well, for the lucky fan who wins the trip ;-)
Facebook video with Alex and Meaghan 

P.S.: I didn't see this earlier since I was offline due to family visiting me. And now I gotta rush to work...

H50 dog Eddie says "Aloha" to his new fans in Germany who just watched his debut episode on Monday :-)
Guess who told him about "his" premiere on German television?

CBS asks whom you would prefer as your Valentine - Alex or Scotty?

Pics and a video clip from H50 filming with Alex & Scotty - Thanks to 'Hawaii Isla 808':

WIN a trip to Hawaii and a meeting with Alex & Co. by making a donation for the Childrens' Hospital of L.A.!
The hospital provides comprehensive medical care for little patients and is a pioneer in pediatric transplant medicine. Find out more about their transplant programs for children:
View Alex's and Meaghan's invitation to Hawaii in this video:
Enter the sweepstakes to win the best prize ever and make your fan-dream come true:
Read the rules carefully, especially if you are not a resident of the U.S. because the time between the drawing of the winner and the trip to Hawaii is quite short (in March 2018), so you need a valid passport and maybe further documents (such as a visa or a current ESTA approval) to travel to the U.S. from abroad.
Good luck - but please know that you are "competing" with the biggest fan of Alex and the show because I would love to win this prize. Sorry, fellow fans :-)


FEBRUARY 15, 2018:

Happy Valentine's Day with Alex - perfectly dressed for a date :-)
Speaking about Valentine's and love - If you haven't read the latest Five-0 Redux blog about aloha scenes on H50, do so now:
P.S.: The Valentine's Day collage is a little late but I was not only quite busy but also "distracted" by the awesome chance to win a trip to the set of H50 in the current sweepstakes by CBS. Don't miss the great opportunity to make a fan-dream come true while supporting a great cause (a children's hospital)!

Article about the charity sweepstakes by CBS in which you can win a trip to the set of H50

Fan photos with Alex and guest-actor Chris Vance - Thanks to Dani for sharing!

More BTS-pics from H50 filming this week - Thanks again to 'Hawaii Isla 808', the fans' favorite photographer!
https://twitter.com/hawaii_isla808/status/963887183672221697 (Video)

And off to work...

"Hawaii Isla 808" is spoiling fans with more new H50 BTS photos of Alex and Scotty - A big Thanks!

Save 25% on H50 fan merchandise! Shop now at the CBS Store - The sale ends on Tuesday!

FEBRUARY 16, 2018:

Happy H50 Friday to the US fans with a repeat of H50 ep. 7.18 on CBS at 10/9c (An hour later than usual!)
The CBS viewers can enjoy a fan-favorite McDanno episode again. For further information and more collages from this Season 7 episode, please view:

H50's Kimee Balmilero (Dr. Noelani Cunha) is just too funny - View these pics of her :-)

Back from work...

Mahalo nui loa to Dennis Chun and my friend Mariano (Editor-in-chief of serienjunkies.de) for this video message!
They met in Hawaii yesterday to do an interview for the a.m. website, and Mariano sent me this message from Dennis afterwards. Mariano had told me a while ago that he would love to do an interview with Dennis, so I asked Dennis about it - and now they finally had their "interview & lunch date". It might take a little while before the interview with Dennis will get posted on the a.m. website but, of course, I will share the link.
Here's the video message from Dennis for me:
Here's the Serienjunkies' page about Hawaii Five-0:

A collage to remind fans of "Happy H50 Friday" on CBS with a repeat of ep. 7.18:
The pictures are from a fun scene with Duke and McDanno at the beginning of the episode.
For more info and collages from ep. 7.18, please view my page about Season 7:


FEBRUARY 17, 2018: Happy Weekend :-)

Quick info for H50 fans in Germany: There is no H50 on Kabel Eins tonight - but the show returns next week!
There are two episodes of another show tonight but next Saturday, one H50 episode from Season 1 will air at 9:15 p.m., so instead of two H50 episodes from two different seasons as in previous weeks, there will only be one from the first season, as of next week. But, at least, we have a couple more Season 8 episodes to look forward to on Sat.1 on Monday nights, before Season 8 takes a break on German television.

So cute - Meaghan Rath and her doggie Bug :-)

Photo of Chi McBride and his wife Julissa attending a BMW event

The new Five-0 Redux blog is about the charity raffle for an H50 set visit and about "filming etiquette" for fans:
As you know, CBS has partnered up with the charity sweepstakes website "Omaze" to give H50 fans around the world a chance to win a trip to Hawaii incl. a set visit and lunch with the cast. Fans just need to make a small donation for a Children's Hospital to get entries (tickets) for the raffle to win this absolutely amazing prize!
Wendie not only writes about the raffle but also about proper fan behaviour on set and on what it takes to see filming of the show. It's not easy - Trust me! You need tons of luck, much time and patience - and may still not get a photo of the cast, let alone together with cast members. When I was on vacation in Hawaii, I spent several days looking for filming locations, but even when I made it there after getting some useful hints from friends and fans, I repeatedly was either too late or ended up spending many hours at a set without even catching as much as a glimpse of the main cast or just saw them from a distance while the street or view was blocked. Last time I got a photo with Alex after waiting patiently next to the set for over 10 hours - luckily, it was at Magic Island which is quite nice to hang around at. During my previous vacation, I waited for 8 hours at the end of Merchant Street which was blocked for filming a shootout. Although a set PA confirmed to me that the main cast was there, I only saw Chi walk past me to the portable potty during a short break - not the "right" moment to ask him for a photo. The other cast members were so far away that I couldn't even tell if it was them or their stunt-doubles who were there, too. I could mention several more occasions on which I looked and waited for the cast in vain but you probably get the point by now. As a matter of fact, a bunch of friends have called me crazy since they would never have the patience to wait at sets for entire days - often in vain! As a fansite admin and one of the biggest fans of the show and Alex, my main reason for travelling to Hawaii, however, is to watch filming and to get photos for my fansite, so I'm always trying my best to get "material" to share on my fansite - which is hard because you are not allowed to take photos while the H50 cameras are rolling because CBS doesn't want spoilers to get out and fan photographing does distract the cast at work - This was confirmed to me by a cast member. So please make sure to obey orders given by the production assistants and the security guys.
I also have a friend who moved to Honolulu a couple of years ago, has been to SOTB premieres and filming locations repeatedly and still has no photo together with our favorite actor Alex.
So the H50 set visit that a lucky fan and his/her friend can win in the charity raffle is really something very special because fans rarely get the chance to talk to the cast. The actors are busy on set and need to focus on their work. H50 is an expensive show with a very tight filming schedule - as an actor and as a fan you don't want to ruin the show by interrupting or disturbing the filming. Even during breaks, the actors not only need to relax and eat but often learn their text or rehearse for the next scenes - at best, they have a little bit of time for quick photos with fans.
As for the SOTB premieres - those events are attended by thousands of fans, so being there does not guarantee that you get a photo or autograph, although the cast does their very best to make as many fans as possible happy at these events. I've heard from various fans though who got pushed aside when Alex came near - so even after waiting for many hours, they ended up without a good photo.
If you are a huge fan of this show, I highly recommend to participate in the charity raffle because it's a rare chance to make a fan-dream come true with just a small donation - and even if you don't win, you'll support a great cause. The Children's Hospital of Los Angeles does an excellent job at providing medical care and hope for little patients.
Here's where you find the new Five-0 Redux blog - There's one tiny mistake in it. I did not watch filming of H50 ep. 8.02 but it was ep. 8.06 (which was initially filmed as ep. 8.08):


FEBRUARY 18, 2018: Have a sunny Sunday - although it's more like a snowy Sunday at my end of the planet...

About Childhood Cancer Day - A post by the "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation":
This post was planned for Feb. 15 (Childhood Cancer Day) but then I postponed it to share the information about CBS's charity raffle first. Since the proceeds of the raffle (in which fans can win a trip to Hawaii and visit the set of "Hawaii Five-0") benefits the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, a post about childhood cancer fits in better now. The hospital has the best pediatric oncology program in the western United States and provides the most innovative cancer therapies for children. It also has a program for blood and bone marrow transplantation for little patients with blood cancer.
For more information, please view the hospital's relevant pages:
About the oncology program: https://www.chla.org/oncology
About the blood and marrow transplantation program:

If you want to support the a.m. hospital and take your chance to win the visit to the set of "Hawaii Five-0", please visit the Omaze website to make a donation. Even the smallest donation of only 10 dollars will get you entries in the raffle:
And even if you don't win the visit to Hawaii and to the film set, the little patients at the Children's Hospital L.A. will "win" - thanks to the fans' donations in the charity raffle.
If you don't want to participate in the raffle, you may want to consider donating blood and bone marrow to help blood cancer patients. For info about bone marrow transplantation, please view my post from Nov. 5, 2017.

Find out more about Childhood Cancer Day - The following page includes links to charities and organisations that focus on childhood cancer - Their pages are in various languages. Scroll down to the bottom of this page:

I would also like to introduce you to a great charity project for children with cancer. This project is run by Sam Lenkov, the 12-year-old son of "Hawaii Five-0" boss Peter. With every donation or purchase of a hat, you help little cancer patients who get hats that make them look cool after they lose hair due to chemotherapy. And with the donated money, Sam also buys laptops or tablet computers for children in hospitals. He's repeatedly brought and sent these gifts to oncology units. I've bought donation hats before, too, and think it's a great way to put a smile on a little patient's face. Of course, Sam gets help by his  parents but if you follow his pages, you'll see that he does a lot of the work himself. He's an amazing boy!

The latest Five-0 Redux blog gives H50 fans advice on what it takes to meet the cast. Enjoy the read & the collage!


FEBRUARY 19, 2018:

Happy H50 Monday to the German fans with the new H50 ep. 8.03 on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany can enjoy the return of Harry Langford (cif. collage) who plays a round of "Good cop, bad cop" with McDanno. There are some fun scenes in this episode. More info and collages can be found on my page about Season 8:

German info about tonight's H50 ep. 8.03 on Sat.1:


FEBRUARY 20, 2018:

Happy Birthday to Willie Garson - one of my favorite H50 guest-stars who plays Gerard Hirsch!
Hopefully, he'll return soon for some entertaining scenes with Tani - or Kono's hubby Adam. Both could be a lot of fun :-)

Great photo of Meaghan with her furry buddy Bug

Off to work...

A collage about H50's charity raffle in which you can win a set visit & Repost of the related Five-0 Redux blog:
The link to the charity raffle is included in Wendie's latest blog:


FEBRUARY 21, 2018:

Happy H50 Late-Night to fans in the US with four episodes from Season 3 on TNT from 1 a.m. (Thursday)!
This week, sleepless H50 fans can rewatch ep. 3.19 to 3.22. Two of these four episodes are excellent - especially 3.20 (about McFreddie) and 3.22 (about two kidnapped girls). But I also loved Jeff Cadiente's directorial debut, ep. 3.19 with Kamekona as a helicopter pilot. The ending of that episode fits in well with the recent news about the "Magnum P.I." reboot by H50 boss Peter :-)
For info and more collages from Season 3, please view:

Update and photo of Dennis Chun with a real-life HPD officer who also works on H50
It's always good to see actual HPD staff work on the show. They are perfect in the "role" of HPD officers and make the show so much more authentic. Mahalo to all of them for their work in real-life and in front of the H50 cameras!
Photo & Update by Dennis Chun

Mahalo to my Five-0 Redux friend Wendie who made sure that H50 guest-star Willie Garson got to see my birthday collage for him!
He shared the collage on Twitter :-)

The press release and promo pics for H50 ep. 8.17 are out - The episode airs on March 9 on CBS:
I'm happy to see that Michael Imperioli will be back as Odell :-)

FEBRUARY 22, 2018:

FINALLY back with an update after struggling with major computer problems until after midnight last night and then again today for several hours. Oooph!
But everything's o.k. now - I think...

Let's start with a photo of H50 dog Eddie posing for the "Island Dog Magazine"
Photo of Eddie posing like a pro

This year, the old and new H50 can celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original show's premiere:
Even though I prefer the reboot, I'm very grateful for the original show by Leonard Freeman because the reboot certainly wouldn't exist without it. Here's a post by H50 boss Peter about the anniversary:

The perfect view to enjoy when it's cold outside: Alex as Steve emerging from the ocean on H50 :-)

Photo with Alex on the set of H50 - Thanks to Jade Imamoto!

Photos of a lucky boy meeting Alex on the set of H50 - Thanks to Paul Haigle!

The promo trailer for next week's new H50 ep. 8.16

And more...

Several photos of Alex, Scotty and Dennis filming H50 today - Thanks to Nalu Storage!

Photos from today's H50 set with Scotty, Alex and Dennis - Thanks to 'Hawaii Isla 808'!

FEBRUARY 23, 2018:

More photos of Alex and Scotty filming in Waikiki on Thursday - Thanks to 'Hawaii Isla 808'!
And, yes, some of us fans are a little worried about Alex because he doesn't look well and a bit too slim, at the moment. Let's all hope that he's o.k. because there are a few more episodes to film for this season. They are currently filming ep. 8.22 but there will be 25 episodes again in Season 8.

Photo of Dennis who took time to chat with photographer Victor and his family - Thanks to 'Hawaii Isla 808'!

Thanks to H50 fan Lisa for capturing these two funny clips of Meaghan and Beulah goofing around on set

Great photo of Meaghan and Scotty from the H50 set at the film studio:

Sorry, no new collages but due to the computer problems - plus a full-time job - I simply had no time, at all.

Before H50 returns next week, the Five-0 Redux blog will take a look back at where we left off in ep. 8.15

More photos of Alex and Scotty filming H50 yesterday - Thanks to David Hines!

Check out the CBS WATCH! Magazine's interview with H50's awesome Meaghan Rath - It's online now:

Also view the cover of the "Modern Luxury Hawaii" magazine with H50's Meaghan - The issue will be available soon!

FEBRUARY 24, 2018: Happy Weekend :-)

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with an old episode from Season 1 on Kabel Eins at 9:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany can rewatch ep. 1.05 tonight.
For further info, please view my page about Season 1:
www.alex-the-best.de/aolhaw1.htm or

Happy Birthday to one of Scotty's biggest fans in Berlin - who has to share her collage with other fans of him :-)

Tons of pics of H50 filming with Alex, Jorge & Co. on Friday - A Big Thanks to 'Hawaii Isla 808'
I'll start with the last picture since it's funny :-) There are more good ones. Make sure to view them all!

The new Five-0 Redux blog takes a look back at where we left off before H50 took a little break - Enjoy the read!
Before H50 returns with a new episode on CBS next Friday, the blog serves as a very useful refresher reminding fans of the major storylines and character arcs:

Great photo of H50's Alex with a woman named Alex :-) Thanks to her for sharing!

On the set of H50 ep. 8.22 with guest-actor Kamakani De Dely - incl. photos with Alex, Dennis and Meaghan!
Kamakani worked on H50 before as a guest-actor and Wendie wrote a blog about him. She'll be happy to see he's back.

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