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Other shows by H50 Boss Peter - Info about "MacGyver", "Magnum P.I. and "Salvation"!

DECEMBER 1, 2018:

Info for new fans: Find out why Alex is an ambassador for organ donation and why our "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group helps him raise awareness of organ donation.

Please participate in the Christmas fundraising campaign by our "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group!

This year, we are supporting "Legacy of Life Hawaii" - a Hawaiian non-profit organisation that strives to save and improve lives through organ donation and to honor organ donors and their legacy - the gift of life they've given.
The organization is also actively raising awareness of organ donation at events to increase donor registration through educating and informing the public about organ donation.

By participating in our campaign, you not only support the Hawaiian transplant community and the great work of "Legacy of Life Hawaii" but, at the end of the campaign, you also have the chance to win some nice prizes which we are giving away in a raffle, as an incentive for fans to make a donation. As you may remember, we've done such raffles in some of our past campaigns, too.
Since our group was co-founded by Silke, the head of the German Alex O'Loughin Fan Club which celebrates its 10th birthday on Dec. 6, we would be very happy if you celebrate with us by participating in the campaign. It would mean a lot to Silke who's been a loyal supporter of Alex since his show "Moonlight" and not only runs the Fan Club but is also main admin of our group's German-language Facebook page (I'm admin of the international page in English).

The campaign will start soon when the info page and fundraising page have been set up. We are using a different fundraising platform than for previous fundraisers since the new one offers more flexibility and options - but using a new platform also means that I might need just a little longer to set up the fundraising page properly. At least, the new platform allows us to set up and run the fundraisers ourselves again and, thus, we can keep track of incoming donations and the total sum donated. Unfortunately, this was no longer the case in the last couple of fundraisers.
Of course, the new platform (GoFundMe) is easy-to-use and secure, and your donations go directly to "Legacy of Life Hawaii" which is just getting enrolled in the PayPal Giving Fund - a step necessary to ensure that the donations go directly to this specific non-profit. Such aspects are always very important to us, as we are only a fan group and need to ensure that the charity itself is the direct recipient of your donations.
Thank you for your patience in waiting for the necessary preparations to be finished!

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with a repeat of H50 ep. 3.18 on Kabel Eins at 9:15 p.m.!
For info about Season 3 and ep. 3.18, please view:
For info about the episode in German, go to:

The promo trailer for next week's new H50 ep. 9.10 looks exciting!

Some gif images with H50's Superman Steve & Co. in ep. 9.09 :-)

If you missed this week's new H50 ep. 9.09 - Catch up now on CBS All Access (if you live in the U.S., anyway)!

CBS's favorite BTS-photos from H50 ep. 9.09 - I absolutely love them, too!
On the other hand, the photos painfully remind me of the wasted afternoon spent in the heat outside the "Other Realms" store while these photos were taken. I was with another German fan and from where we had to stand, we had zero view of the inside of the building where everyone seems to have had a lot of fun.

Don't miss the new Five-0 Redux blog about the latest H50 ep. 9.09 which aired this Friday on CBS!
Here's the new blog:

Looks like Santa Steve visited Shawn Mokuahi-Garnett's home :-)

DECEMBER 2, 2018: Have a Sunny Sunday!

Take a look back at H50 ep. 9.09 with another collage and the Five-0 Redux blog about the episode!

The H50 crew working even at night to bring us our favorite show - Thanks to Shane for the post!

A great compilation of IG Story clips from gripper Brian - Thanks to 'ernsand2' for compiling this video!
Find out how the crew makes a storm look very real, even when the sun's shining brightly while they're filming :-)

A recommendation by Alex: YOU can go diving with veteran Navy SEALs, like Alex did. He says they are the BEST.
Check out their new website where you also find a recommendation by Beulah:


DECEMBER 3, 2018:

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with the "new" H50 ep. 8.21 on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m.!
For information about Season 8 and this episode with Chris Vance as Harry Langford, please view:
For info in German, please go to:

An absolutely adorable duo: Meaghan with her doggie Bug!

Take another look back at H50 ep. 9.09 with another collage (More coming up throughout the week...):
By the way - Did I mention that I love all those "Steve in Blue" scenes. He looked awesome in that blue shirt! A big Thanks to the wardrobe dept. for the great shirt choices in this episode :-)

Off to work...

Great pic of H50 dog Eddie, one of the "Magnum P.I." lads (dobermans) and a furry friend - Thanks to Sue for the post!

Happy Holidays from H50!

Great photo of Alex and Beulah with their Navy SEAL buddies of Trident Adventures, the diving school!

DECEMBER 4, 2018:

Happy Tuesday with Steve in Blue in H50 ep. 9.09 - Just because Alex & Blue are two of my top-favorites :-)
And, no - the two pics in the bottom row are not exactly the same.

A cool black-and-white photo of Meaghan ("from the archives"):

Check out the Facebook page of "Trident Adventures" for photos with Alex and Beulah:

Don't miss my friend Wendie's new "Magnum Reloaded" blog about "Magnum P.I." and its first season, so far!
Here's where you'll find it later on Tuesday:

Off to work...

Update by Dennis Chun about his partner Laura's art exhibition at the Hawaii State Art Museum:

Crew member Shane with returning H50 director Jerry Levine who directs ep. 9.16:

A short article about the return of Michelle Borth to H50 in the first episode airing after the Christmas break:

DECEMBER 5, 2018:

Happy Hump Day with Steve, Duke & Co. in H50 ep. 9.09 from last Friday!

Here's the new "Magnum Reloaded" blog by my friend Wendie - It's about the first half of Season 1 of "Magnum P.I.":

Enjoy this little collection of great BTS-photos and clips posted by H50's Beulah Koale :-)
I don't think this awesome Samoan Kiwi needs to worry about getting hired. He's got a great job with H50, and they are way too smart to let him go!

Also enjoy these two BTS-photos of Meaghan who has a great message: Hard work pays off!

Back from work...

Wow! I love these blue H50 holiday mugs - I wished they were sold somewhere but they're probably gifts for the crew:

Are you ready for this Friday's new H50 ep. 9.10? If not (which I doubt), this should help :-)

Thanks so much to fan Lisa and to "the Boss" Peter for this great clip with McDanno & Gracie (Ep. 9.13):

I still have collages with pics from H50 ep. 9.09 - Hopefully, you're not getting tired of them :-)
This one reminds me of a hot day on Kuhio Avenue during my vacation when I watched the filming of this scene:..

Cute H50 BTS-photo of Scotty & Co. - Thanks to Meaghan for the post!

DECEMBER 6, 2018:

Happy 10th Birthday to the German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club and to Silke who is head of the fan club!
Silke co-founded the fan club 10 years ago with Sabine (whom you see in the collage with Alex at a "Donate Life" event) and Silke has been head of the club and admin for the club's websites for 10 years! I'd like to make clear that I am only helping out occasionally on the Facebook page and share posts on the page from our "AOL Fans for Organ Donation" group (of which I am the head) but I'm not running the fan club and its pages - It's all Silke's work!!! Congratulations to Silke who's supported Alex since "Moonlight"!
Make sure to visit these pages to congratulate Silke and to view her collages and video clips. You'll notice that our "style" and taste regarding the fansite posts is quite different but we both love Alex :-)

Some new promo pics were added on this info page for H50 ep. 9.10 which airs this Friday on CBS - Take a look!
Don't miss this episode on CBS - It's the last new episode in 2018.

The collages with pics from last week's H50 ep. 9.09 still aren't all posted - so here's another one :-)
There was too much Steve in Blue in there, so I couldn't stop making collages...

Off to work...

Some BTS-photos from H50 - Thanks to crew member Shane for sharing!
Well, this "Cockroach Cove" looks so much better than the name suggests :-)

Great photo of Meaghan and Scotty - Thanks to Meaghan for posting!

The final collage with pics from H50 ep. 9.09 - right in time before we focus on this Friday's new H50 ep. 9.10 :-)

The sneak peeks for H50 ep. 9.10 are out - Take a look and then enjoy the full episode on CBS at 9/8c this Friday!

DECEMBER 7, 2018:

Happy H50 & MacGyver Friday to the CBS viewers with new episodes of both shows by "the Boss" Peter!
Make sure to tune in this Friday night for the last new episodes in 2018. The sneak peeks for the H50 episode look very promising. Tune in first for MacGyver ep. 3.10 at 8/7c - followed by H50 ep. 9.10 at 9/8c.
For more info about Season 9 of H50 and ep. 9.10, please view:
www.alex-the-best.de/aolhaw9.htm (Season 9)
For more info about Season 3 of MacGyver and ep. 3.10, please view:

Don't miss this exciting sneak peek for this Friday's H50 ep. 9.10:

Off to work...

Collage with pics from the fight scene with Steve in H50 ep. 9.10 which the CBS viewers should not miss tonight!
And don't forget to tune in an hour earlier at 8/7c to enjoy H50 Boss Peter's show MacGyver, too.
Here are info pages for both shows with promo pics and trailers:

This year's Christmas Toy Drive by H50 & Magnum P.I. will be for homeless children through "Project Hawai'i Inc.":
If you want to help keiki in need, too, here's the charity project's website where you can make a donation:

Cast your vote for Alex as top actor - A fan poll by Matt Carter:

A post about tonight's H50 ep. 9.10 by cinematographer Kurt Jones:

DECEMBER 8, 2018: Have a Wonderful Weekend :-)

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with a repeat of H50 ep. 3.19 on Kabel Eins at 9:15 p.m.!
The episode (former stunt-coordinator Jeff Cadiente's directorial debut) has quite a few great moments - pics from these scenes are included in the collage :-)
For info about Season 3 and this episode, please view:
For info in German about this episode, please go to:

When Magnum P.I. parks his car at the home of H50, you know the cast & crew of these two shows are one big 'ohana!
And, of course, Daddy Peter "gave life" to these wonderful babies :-) Being the older sibling, H50 is much more grown up though but both are great kids. Here's a photo of Magnum's Ferrari with H50 crew members - Thanks to Shane for the post!

Thanks to CBS for these great BTS-photos from this Friday's H50 ep. 9.10:

Sooo adorable! Don't miss this video clip with Alex and a little boy! A huge Thanks to 'ernsand2' and to Yasmin Dar!
I can't find the original source but just had to share this, anyway. It's much too cute not to share! Definitely my favorite post of the week. Make sure to turn on the sound, too :-)
Here's a corrected, updated link:
https://twitter.com/ernsand2/status/1071337046067691521 (Original source: YasminDar037 on Instagram)

Don't miss the new Five-0 Redux blog coming up later on Saturday - It's about the super-emotional H50 ep. 9.10:
I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but have seen fan comments about it on social media and most fans seem to be in a puddle of tears after this episode and its heart-wrenching end. Here's the blog:

Some pictures of Steve and Joe in H50 ep. 9.10 - Thanks to cinematographer Kurt Jones!

A scene with Steve in H50 ep. 9.10 - Thanks to CBS for the video clip!

BTS-photos from H50 ep. 9.10 incl. Alex and guest actress Rochelle Aytes - Thanks to her for the photos!

DECEMBER 9, 2018: Have a Sunny Sunday!

Wow! What an amazing ending in H50 ep. 9.10 - so sad and yet absolutely beautiful, as you can see in these collages!
I'm posting all three at once because I can't just choose one. I loved this scene although it made me cry. Great  cinematography which perfectly captured the beauty of the scenery. I don't how and where they filmed this to make it look so perfect but they certainly did an excellent job!
Once you are done enjoying the collages, make sure to read the Five-0 Redux blog about the episode, too:

Do not miss this video of H50's "Santa Claus" Beulah paying a visit to the family of crew member Brian's brother Philip who died earlier this year in a car accident.
Make sure to view the whole video story and let Beulah inspire you to give back, too (See also the fundraiser link below!):
I donated for the family 6 months ago because Brian has been my favorite crew member for quite a while because of something he wrote about Alex. He was also really nice when I talked to him in Hawaii this year. If you want to join Beulah in making this little family a bit happier on their first Christmas without daddy, here's your chance:
P.S.: Brian and his wife are expecting their first baby soon, so they need their money for their own little family and probably cannot help his brother's family much.

Update about the upcoming Christmas campaign by our "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group:
Sorry for the long wait for the campaign to start but there has been a delay in getting "Legacy of Life Hawai'i" registered in the PayPal Giving Fund. There's nothing we can do about it. The organization has apologized for the delay and is trying to get the registration completed soon. We can't really set up the fundraising page before this step has been taken. We want the donations to get to Hawaii as quickly as possible - and the fastest and most direct way is through the a.m. Giving Fund. Please keep your fingers crossed for the campaign to be up by next weekend! I'll be a bit busy this week, too, so there might be an additional delay once I need to do our part in setting up the fundraiser (The campaign info pages for the fansites are ready though). Thanks for waiting - and remember that you can get gifts, too, if you make a donation in the campaign so it's worth waiting for ;-)
While you are waiting, make sure to register as an organ donor on https://www.registerme.org/


DECEMBER 10, 2018:

Happy Magnum P.I. Monday to the CBS viewers with the new ep. 1.10 of H50 Boss Peter's second show from beautiful Hawaii!
For more info, please view my page about Magnum P.I.:
And follow the "Magnum Reloaded" Facebook page for updates and my friend Wendie's blogs about the show:

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with the "new" H50 ep. 8.22 on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m.!
It's an episode you should not miss. For info about Season 8 and the great "Duke episode" 8.22 (incl. an entire album with collages!), please view:
For info in German about ep. 8.22, please go to:

Photo of H50's Kimee Balmilero enjoying a very chocolaty drink :-)

Off to work...

Take a look back at the great H50 ep. 9.10 with this collage and the Five-0 Redux blog:


DECEMBER 11, 2018:

Just another collage with Steve, Joe & Co. in H50 ep. 9.10:
This is one of the collages I made out of promo pics before the episode even aired.

Update by Dennis Chun about the opening of the art exhibition with Laura's artwork:
It's great to see the support from the H50 'ohana - fellow cast members and fans. If you are in Hawaii before January 26, make sure to pay a visit to this exhibition at the Hawai'i State Art Museum. I would definitely go if I was there!

The press release and first promo pic for H50 ep. 9.11 are out - It airs on January 4, 2019:

H50 BTS-photo of Meaghan pretending to be asleep with a gun - You better not wake her up :-)

Thanks to fan Belle and to Meaghan for this IG Story from the H50 set with Scotty, Beulah and Chi:
If I was poor PA Ian, I would probably close the umbrella... - Just saying :-) Oh, and I'm obviously not the only one wondering what the boys are looking at on the phone:

Off to work...

BTS-photos and video clips of H50 filming with Meaghan and Beulah - Thanks to 'hideshawaii'!
Here's one photo but there's more in this Twitter account - Take a look:

Congrats to the one and only Carol Burnett who will receive the first "Carol Burnett TV Award" at the Golden Globes!
If you've followed my page for a while, you must have noticed that Carol was one of my top-favorite guest-stars on H50, so you can imagine that these are great news to me! I loved her as Steve's aunt Deb.

Great news for German H50 fans: Season 9 will start on Sat.1 on Tuesday, January 29!
The last two episodes of Season 8 will air on Monday, January 7 and 14. After a very short break, H50 will return with Season 9 and will air on Tuesdays. Here's what Sat.1 posted about the start of Season 9:

The same news about the start of Season 9 on German television - now in German language by the Serienjunkies!
This is the page for which I was at the SOTB9 premiere:

Mermaid Meaghan having a little fun on the set of H50 at the Hilton Lagoon :-)

Photos of happy kids - Thanks to the Santa Clauses from H50 and Magnum P.I. who brought gifts to these homeless keiki!

DECEMBER 12, 2018:

Happy Hump Day - Enjoy another collage with pics from H50 ep. 9.10!
The pictures are not exactly from "happy" scenes but these scenes were important to explain what happened.

Make sure to visit and follow the "Magnum Reloaded" page where the new blog about Magnum P.I. ep. 1.10 can be enjoyed - and a lot more!

I bet this H50 cinematographer has had worse jobs than filming pretty mermaid Meaghan at the beautiful HIlton lagoon :-) Thanks to crew member Shane for the post!

Enjoy the promo pics for H50 ep. 9.11 which will air on CBS on January 4, 2019:

Off to work for a long day - well, mainly because we'll have a Christmas party there in the early evening. I guess you can't really call that "work" :-)

BTS-photos from H50 ep. 9.10 - Thanks to hair expert Tena!

Vote for Magnum P.I. and H50 boss Peter as "Favorite showrunner" - He got my vote since his shows are my favorite ones!

DECEMBER 13, 2018:

Just another collage with pics from H50 ep. 9.10 because we never get tired of seeing Steve and his Five-0 buddies
This one is similar to the first one I posted last week but these pictures wouldn't all fit in the first collage from this scene :-)

H50's Beulah after enjoying some yummy food from "Aloha Edibles":

Off to work...

Happy Birthday to Kimee Balmilero who is known as Dr. Noelani Cunha by the fans of H50 and Magnum P.I.!
I hope she's as happy as she looks in the picture from my short interview with her at the SOTB premiere in Sept. :-)
It was fun to talk to her - and Jorge joined us, too, for a little talk about the pros and cons of doing live shows on stage vs. acting for television.

Kimee enjoying a birthday meal :-)

Are you missing Mark Dacascos as Wo Fat on H50? Well, then check out his new movie "Ultimate Justice"!
Fan Silke (Head of the German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club) attended the movie premiere in Germany last night and enjoyed talking to Mark in German (Yes, he spent part of his childhood in Germany and speaks excellent German). Silke says the movie was great and with a lot of action. She highly recommends to get the DVD or Blu-ray!
Here's a short report about the premiere (in German) and some photos with Mark:

DECEMBER 14, 2018:

Happy Aloha Friday with H50 - I hope this collage will be a little comfort since there's no H50 on CBS this Friday!
Yes, there's no H50 and no MacGyver tonight. Next week, there'll be a repeat of a great Season 8 episode of H50.

Photo with Alex & Co. - Thanks to Kailani Gracie for sharing her photo!

Off to work...

Photo of Alex with H50 cinematographer Kurt Jones after a great diving experience with "Trident Adventures":

Alex with his favorite diving companions - The Navy SEALs from "Trident Adventures":

Back to Alex intro

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