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Below you find news about Alex and his current show "Hawaii Five-0" (Abbrev.: H50), as well as comments by me about these news and promo posts for the show with collages that I love to make. I also share fun stuff, video clips, pics and gifs from H50 cast members or from fans - usually by just setting links to the original posts.

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PS: Due to several fansite shutdowns etc., several links in the archive no longer work - Sorry!

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Let's take another look back at Alex's directorial debut (H50 ep. 8.18) with another collage and a repost of my friend Wendie's Five-0 Redux blog about the episode:
I loved this scene with Steve, Frank Bama and "the kids". As a matter of fact, I very much enjoyed all the scenes with ReyRei (Tani Rey and Junior Reigns) in this episode. These two are hilarious and so great together. And in this particular scene, Steve playing the guitar was, of course, the very delicious cherry on top :-)

CBS's latest posts clearly show that they share the fans' love of ReyRei, too!

APRIL 2, 2018:

Happy Easter Monday! It's a public holiday here in Germany which means I don't have to work but, sadly, it also means that there's no H50 on Sat.1 tonight because most TV series take a break on holidays.

Happy Danno Day with a collage of Danno and Brooke in H50 ep. 8.18 - Alex's directorial debut!
We got quite a few cute smiles from Danno in this episode - More coming up later in a collage with Rachel.

H50 Boss Peter celebrating Easter with the main cast of his upcoming reboot of "Magnum P.I.":
More photos from the current filming of the pilot in Hawaii can be found on his Instagram page - not with the main cast though.
I know that some fans of the old show insist that Magnum must have a moustache but, to be honest, I'm happy that Jay doesn't have one. He looks a lot better - moustaches may have been en vogue back in the 80s but they definitely aren't now - and that's a good thing! By the way, if you haven't seen my little page about this reboot, take a look:

I'll be back...

CBS has also decided that it's "Happy Danno Day" - Here's a clip with young Danno in H50 ep. 8.18

And here's my next collage with Danno in H50 ep. 8.18 when he meets Rachel, for the first time
I know some fans will hate me for this comment because Rachel has made several very wrong decisions regarding Danno - but I still love these two together and I'm convinced that Rachel never stopped loving Danno. But wasn't that one of the reasons why Stan wanted to get divorced?! So I'm not all alone with my opinion :-)

Info for German fans: H50 alumni Julie Benz and Tom Sizemore will be in Germany next weekend!
Both are guest-stars at the "Weekend of Hell" (Comic Con) at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund on April 7 and 8.
For further info, go to:
Here are some pictures of Tom and Julie - incl. one of Julie and me at last year's Munich Comic Con:

H50 dog Eddie enjoying a flight - Wow, I'd love to have this much leg-room on my next flight :-)

An old fan-favorite McDanno scene from ep. 2.08 - Clip posted by Peter, the boss, who's cleaning up his computer
If Peter keeps finding such goodies, I hope he'll keep cleaning up his computer :-)

And this H50 gem (also found by Peter on his computer) dates back to before the premiere of the reboot

My next, rather simple collage from H50 ep. 8.18 is also about music - well, indirectly, since Frank brought Steve a guitar...
For the unlikely case that you've missed the Five-0 Redux about this episode, so far, here's another chance to read it:


APRIL 3, 2018:

Monday was World Autism Day and here's a special H50 post about it:
This also reminds me of the great H50 episode 6.15 with a young autistic man. Here's a collage from it.

My answer to this is a clear YES - at least as long as Alex still appears in front of the camera on H50, too :-)
I guess I'm just a very spoiled fan after Alex perfectly juggled his roles as actor and director on ep. 8.18.

Let's continue with the collages celebrating Alex's awesome directorial debut - H50 ep. 8.18:
I thought it was amazing how Alex managed to switch between being an actor and being a director. This scene is one of the many examples in which it must have been really hard to focus on both tasks  and to literally "direct himself" (Especially, if you keep in mind that Alex has repeatedly stated that he hates watching himself!), but I think we all agree that he did a fantastic job - or, strictly speaking, two jobs.

Off to work...

Once again, CBS has chosen the perfect video clip from H50 ep. 8.18 to fit in with the last collage I posted :-)

And, my next H50 collage with Jessie fits in well with CBS's "video clip of the day", too...
In this scene McGrover try to find out if Jessie has turned on Five-0.

Fans in Hawaii can take improv comedy classes led by H50's Kimee Balmilero - sounds like a fun class to attend!

APRIL 4, 2018:

Happy Birthday to H50's Momma McGarrett - Christine Lahti!

An important video message by H50's Meaghan Rath for the Ho'ōla NŃ Pua charity that helps sex-trafficked children
Fans certainly remember the episodes in last season about child abuse and exploitation. This storyline also led to Kono's departure to the mainland. Some of the cast members already recorded video messages last season to support the charity that cooperated with H50 in the filming of ep. 7.19 and the grand season finale - Meaghan has now joined them with this video message:

Happy Hump Day with McGrover in a wild car chase in H50 ep. 8.18 - I love Lou's facial expressions :-)

Off to work...

A little look forward to H50 ep. 8.19 that airs this Friday on CBS

A good article about Alex and why he excels as H50's driving force:
I suppose I don't need to mention that I agree 100% with every word of praise for Alex :-)

Help Alex and our Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation group support "Taylor's Gift" in our campaign for Donate Life Month - Here's all the info you need:
http://www.alex-the-best.de/archiv18/donamonth18.htm (English)
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APRIL 5, 2018:

An entire week of celebrating Alex's directorial debut on H50 with collages from ep. 8.18 is coming to an end...
and the best way to end it, is with Steve! I have one more simple collage I haven't posted yet but I'll just compile a Facebook album with all the collages after work. Just in case that you miraculously missed the great Five-0 Redux blog about the episode, here's one last repost:

It's a wrap! The pilot for H50 Boss Peter's upcoming reboot of "Magnum P.I." just finished filming in Hawaii.
I have no idea when it will air but I'm sure it will get picked up for a full season. Here's a photo that Peter has posted - and there are more photos in there from filming the pilot:

BTS-photo from H50 ep. 8.19 with Alex, Meaghan and Hawaii News Now's Billy V who makes a guest-appearance!
I agree with "Reel News Hawaii" - Billy is definitely a favorite. I love his interviews with Alex.

Off to work...

Promo trailer for tomorrow night's H50 ep. 8.19 with Steve and a criminal:

Yeah! The press release and first promo pics for the Duke-centric H50 ep. 8.22 are out - Take a look!
It's another episode that I look forward to very much. I'm so happy for Dennis Chun to get his "own" episode.

Important info from our "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group:
The dedicated fundraising page for our Donate Life Month campaign supporting Alex's favorite charity "Taylor's Gift Foundation" is now online - Thank you for your support, and thank you to Taylor's Gift for their help in setting up the fundraiser!
For further information (if you missed it yesterday), please view:
English info:
German info:

One of the rare posts on Alex's own Facebook page! He's asking for his fans' support for Taylor's Gift Foundation!
Please note that no matter if you donate to Taylor's Gift through their Donate Life Month page or through our new fundraising page set up today - All the money raised goes to Taylor's Gift. If you want to show that you are a fan of Alex, please choose/write "In honor of Alex O'Loughlin" in the donation form. At the end of the campaign, Alex will be informed about any donations made by his fans:

APRIL 6, 2018:

Happy H50 & MacGyver Friday with new episodes of both shows on CBS!
The best TV night of the week starts with MacGyver ep. 2.19, followed by H50 ep. 8.19.
Further info about MacGyver Season 2 and ep. 2.19 can be found here:
Further info about H50 Season 8 and ep. 8.19 can be found here:

Off to work...

The German "TV Serienhighlights" magazine has dedicated its cover to H50 and includes 10 pages about the show
While I definitely do not like the critical, negative undertone of the writer with regard to Daniel's and Grace's exit and the current cast, I am happy to see my H50 favorites on the cover of the magazine and a full-page picture of Dennis and Meaghan inside. There are 10 pages with photos, short portraits of the new and promoted cast members, as well as the episode guide for the first eleven episodes of Season 8. The magazine also finally published part 2 of the Season 6 episode guide which it had skipped when the season aired in Germany. Overall, the magazine is worth the money - if you ignore certain negative, unfair comments on page 22. The current April/May issue also includes mini-articles about Christine Ko, Daniel and Grace, as well as several pages about other good CBS shows, such as "NCIS: L. A.".

BTS-photo of H50 dog Eddie:

H50 Boss Peter will be a speaker at the "Drama Summit West" in May:

Hmmm, I want to see much more of Duke than of Jerry in H50 ep. 8.22!
Hopefully, Matt is wrong about ep. 8.22 being a big Jorge Garcia episode. I thought it was going to be a Duke-centric episode.

A funny little reminder of tonight's new H50 episode - posted by Kimee Balmilero (Dr. Noelani Cunha)

Don't forget that it's Happy H50 & MacGyver Friday on CBS with new episodes of both shows!


APRIL 7, 2018: Happy Weekend :-)

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with H50 ep. 1.10 on Kabel Eins at 9:15 p.m.!
After taking a break for Easter last weekend, H50 is back with repeats on Kabel Eins (and new episodes on Monday on Sat.1). Tonight, fans can rewatch one of the goodies from Season 1.
For more info and collages from Season 1, please view:
For info in German about H50 ep. 1.10, go to:

P.S. - They decided to show this episode an hour earlier (which I noticed too late to correct this post), followed by ep. 1.11. They probably noticed that H50 is so much more popular than Rush Hour, so from now on, there will be 2 episodes of H50 each Saturday again, starting at 8:15 p.m.

The promo trailer for H50 ep. 8.20 with Cath & Steve is out - And again McGarrett "didn't do it" :-)

H50 fans in the U.S. can stream this week's new H50 ep. 8.19 on CBS All Access - Catch up or rewatch!

The fans of Alex are the best! View this message from Taylor's Gift about our Donate Life Month fundraiser!
We got this great feedback only one day after the start of the campaign - You guys are awesome!
Please keep up the support. It is much appreciated by Taylor's Gift Foundation and their spokesperson Alex.
Here's the info about the fundraising campaign again if you want to participate and make Alex proud of his great fans.

A collage from H50 ep. 8.19 and the new great Five-0 Redux blog about the episode:

And that's why H50 should get renewed for Season 9 soon! It's the best:

APRIL 8, 2018: Have a Sunny Sunday!

So gorgeous and huggable: The H50 fans' favorite dog Eddie relaxing after a walk in the rain:

Great photo of H50's Meaghan with her dog Bug:

Collage from H50 ep. 8.19 with Hawaii News Now's popular Billy V playing a fire inspector:
While Billy V is usually a super-nice guy, he played this "pain in the a$$" very convincingly :-) Fans of H50 (incl. myself) love Billy V for his interviews with Alex and the other cast members.
If you haven't read the Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.19 yet, catch up now - it's a very good one:
P.S. I must have suffered from a sun-stroke yesterday (melting my brains) because I posted the wrong link which did not lead to the blog... Sorry.

Short clip from ep. 8.19 with Steve - Thanks to CBS!

Great car chase video clip from H50 ep. 8.18 - Thanks to stunt expert Paul Lacovara!

A little reminder from the "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" about the campaign for Donate Life Month:
As you know from recent posts, Alex very much appreciates his fans' support for organ donation and Taylor's Gift Foundation. Since fans might have a bit more time to read and participate on weekends, here's a repost of all the information you need - and a new collage for your inspiration:
Info in English:
Info in German:
Direct link to the fundraising page:

Great BTS-photos of Billy V with the H50 cast from his guest-appearance on ep. 8.19 which aired this Friday:

APRIL 9; 2018:

Happy H50 Monday to the German fans with the "new" ep. 8.09 - Another very good one you should not miss!
In this episode, which airs on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m., Five-0 ends up "trapped" on a ship after being exposed to a deadly virus. Since tonight's not the last episode, it's comforting to know that our favorite team will not die, of course - but they almost do! This episode was filmed almost exclusively out on the ocean for an entire week (and some of it at an indoor pool) during the second half of my Hawaii vacation last September. Any fans who vacationed there while this episode was filmed had zero chance to watch any filming. I was so glad that I had stayed there long enough to see them filming the previous episode 8.06 (which was initially filmed as 8.08).
For more info and collages from season 8, please view:
For info in German, please go to:

As mentionned earlier, H50's Julie Benz was at the "Weekend of Hell" convention in Germany, this weekend.
Here she is showing her love of soccer in front of the stadium of the "Borussia Dortmund" soccer club.

Off to work...

Short clip from H50 ep. 8.19 with Adam meeting a new family member...

Slideshow with BTS-photos from H50 ep. 8.20 which airs this Friday - Thanks to "Hawaii Isla 808"!

For the Scotty fans - A reminder of tonight's H50 ep. 8.09 on German television (Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m.)

A collage from H50 ep. 8.19 with Tani and Adam & Repost of the Five-0 Redux blog about the episode


APRIL 10, 2018:

For all you H50 fans who are anxiously waiting for Season 9 renewal news - Read this to calm down!
Unless the Omaze charity sweepstakes website is looking for big trouble with CBS (which I highly doubt), there HAS to be a season 9 because otherwise they could not write this kind of email to participants in the recent charity sweepstakes in which fans can win a visit to the set of H50 and lunch with the main cast. I just got this email today because I donated 50 dollars in the sweepstakes to support the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

BTS-video of Ian Anthony Dale from H50 filming ep. 8.20 - Thanks to "Hawaii Isla 808"!

The most huggable dog on the islands: H50's one-and-only Eddie enjoying his hiatus :-)

Happy Tuesday with Steve and these families that he made happy in H50 ep. 8.19 - Such a moving scene!
I'm certainly not alone at calling this my two top-favorite moments on the show: Steve meeting the families of the victims and smiling in his car as he talks to his dad.

Back from work...

Take another look back at H50 ep. 8.19 with these two scenes with Steve and his dad

Just another collage that happens to fit in with the video clip from H50 ep. 8.19 above:

APRIL 11, 2018:

Happy H50 Late-Night to fans in the U.S. with two episodes from Season 4 on TNT, starting at 3 a.m. on Thursday!
Both episodes (4.08 and 4.09) are among my favorites of that season and are definitely worth rewatching.
For further info and collages for Season 4, please view:

Information en franšais sur campagne actuelle de notre groupe "Alex O'Loughlin Fans pour le Don d'Organes"
(Information in French about the current campaign by our "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group):
Enfin il y a des informations sur la campagne et des instructions pour faire un don Ó la Fondation "Taylor's Gift". Merci beaucoup pour lire et participer!

Off to work...

A little look forward at this Friday's new H50 ep. 8.20:

Billy V has posted clips from H50 ep. 8.19 in which he had a guest role as a fire inspector:
And in the hashtags, he makes quite clear that wants a Season 9 for the show. He's in good company!

The very first "hiatus pic" of Alex with his buddy Enson Inoue - Thanks to Enson!

APRIL 12, 2018:

Congratulations to lucky H50 fan Anita who won in the Omaze sweepstakes and gets to visit our favorite cast in Hawaii and make a fan dream come true!
All the participants in the sweepstakes just received emails notifying us of the winner (cif. screenshot of part of the email).
PLEASE NOTE: If you are sad and disappointed about not having won in the sweepstakes, you still have a very good reason to celebrate because this winner announcement clearly means that there will be a Season 9 for us to enjoy! And you can be proud to have supported the Children's Hospital Los Angeles with your contribution in the sweepstakes!

Let's take one last look back at H50 ep. 8.19 with this collage and the Five-0 Redux blog about the episode:

Off to work...

Great photo with Alex and actor Shawn McBride - Thanks to Shawn for the post!
The photo looks like it's from the SOTB4 premiere but I'm not sure.

Promo trailer for tomorrow night's new H50 ep. 8.19 with Steve & Cath in action

APRIL 13, 2018:

Happy Birthday to William Sadler - known to the fans of H50 as Steve's dad, John McGarrett!
The screencaps are from a BTS-video clip from ep. 3.15 (Hookman). I love these two cute, funny guys in the video :-)

Happy H50 & MacGyver Friday to the CBS viewers with new episodes of both shows!
The fun starts with MacGyver ep. 2.20 "Skyscraper + Power".
Here's the promo trailer with awesome guest-star Ed Asner:
Further info and a collage can be found on my Season 2 page:

The Friday night fun on CBS continues with H50 ep. 8.20 in which Cath returns to Hawaii - well, at least for one episode.
For more info and collages for Season 8 and the episode, please view:
Enjoy the sneak peeks:

There won't be any updates here until Monday night (German time) since I'm visiting a fan-friend in Vienna this weekend. Please follow the Five-0 Redux Facebook page for updates. I made a few collages for Wendie to post while I'm gone. She even got collages to congratulate H50 and MacGyver if their season renewals are confirmed by CBS this Friday, by chance - You always have to be prepared as a fansite admin :-)
While I'm gone, German fans should not miss the repeats of H50 ep. 1.12 and 1.13 on Kabel Eins this Saturday at 8:15 p.m. And, of course, H50 ep. 8.10 will air on Sat.1 in Germany on Monday at 10:15 p.m. - but I'll be back before it airs and should be able to post a little reminder, in time.
And here's the link to the Five-0 Redux page:
Also look for the Five-0 Redux blog on Saturday:

I'll be back... :-)

APRIL 16, 2018:

Back from Vienna after a enjoying a great, extended weekend with two fan-friends...

Happy H50 Monday to the German fans with ep. 8.10 - An absolute must-watch episode which airs at 10:15 p.m. on Sat.1:
For more info and collages, please view my page about Season 8:
Or this German page:

Take a look back at last Friday's H50 ep. 8.20 with this collage and the Five-0 Redux blog about the episode:

Photo of Alex & Co. in their jiu-jitsu outfits - Thanks to 'coloradospringsbjj' and to fan Lisa who found several photo gems of Alex!

Photo of "jiu-jitsu brother" Alex - Thanks to Rigan Machado and to fan Lisa for the find!

A big Thanks to fan Lisa for capturing this great view of Alex from Rigan's IG Story video

APRIL 17, 2018:

The French fans can now buy the DVD of H50 season 7!
Les fans en Franše peuvent acheter les DVD de la saison 7 de H50:

An occasional reminder of why Scotty is not on all 25 episodes of H50...:
Obviously, this needs to be reposted regularly to remind fans of Scotty that family is important to him - and his family happens to be living in L.A.! He has a partner and a little daughter there. If you still did not know this - even as a fan of Scotty - please read the article and then you'll, hopefully, stop complaining about the lack of Scotty/Danno in several episodes. Personally, I love Scotty/Danno but I fully understand his reasons for wanting to spend time back home. I'd rather see him in only 20 episodes per season of my favorite show than not at all. And those who complain about his absence should not only respect his decisions and wishes but should also be careful as to not be disrespectful of the other main cast members who do such a fantastic job on the show. Anyone who doesn't agree that Chi is a brilliant actor, too, has not watched him. You don't have to love everyone on the main cast but you should acknowledge the fact that all of them are super-nice and extremely talented people. They deserve to be respected for that and for always giving their best to fill the gap left by Scotty's repeated absence. They do so quite successfully even though they cannot "replace" him, of course:

I'll be back...

Just another collage with pics from H50 ep. 8.20: Tani, Junior & Eddie - a cute trio :-)

Video clip from H50 ep. 8.20: Jerry inviting himself to join Steve & Cath...

BTS-photos from the upcoming H50 ep. 8.21 with Alex, Scotty and Chris Vance - Thanks to 'Hawaii Isla 808'

Almost forgot to post the promo trailer for H50 ep. 8.21 - I look forward to Chris Vance's return

APRIL 18, 2018:

Thank you to Silke (German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club) for this lovely birthday card she has made for me :-)
By the way, I wouldn't mind if CBS gave me the perfect birthday gift for a fansite admin - The "official" renewal announcement for a Season 9 of H50. Although I'm quite sure that the renewal will happen, it's not easy to convince and calm down other fans as long as there's no official confirmation from the network.
B-day card with Alex 

Collage from a very funny scene in H50 ep. 8.20 - You just gotta love Lou's facial expressions!
By the way - I do agree with Cath regarding her reason for coming to Five-0. Steve always wants and needs to be informed when someone from outside "his" island is trying to track down terrorists on Hawaii. After all, the Five-0 taskforce was established to chase this kind of high-profile criminals. Usually, Steve would insist on being informed about it. However, that does not mean that Cath couldn't have brought her own colleagues to help her. But, then again, we all know that Steve's usually not too thrilled when people from outside Hawaii investigate on "his territory" without him and his team being involved.

I'll be back later. Although I'm still off work today, it'll be another busy day...

Eddie with Junior in H50 ep. 8.20:

Chris Vance is back for H50 ep. 8.21 - Sounds great to me!

Happy Alex smiling with his dentist friend Jon Marashi!

Congratulations to MacGyver on its Season 3 renewal - confirmed today by CBS

A BIG THANKS to CBS for the perfect birthday gift for me: The season 9 renewal of H50 - confirmed today!

A little reminder of our Donate Life Month campaign by the "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation":
2 birthdays this week are 2 good reasons to celebrate the gift of life in our fundraiser benefitting Taylor's Gift - the charity that was named after Taylor who was born April 19 and gave the gift of life as an organ donor. Since today is also my birthday, it would be great if you would make a donation in our fundraiser as a meaningful gift for Taylor's birthday tomorrow or my birthday today.
Here's all the information you need to participate in the Donate Life Month campaign:

English: http://www.alex-the-best.de/archiv18/donamonth18.htm
Franšais/French: Frenchhttp://www.alex-the-best.de/spendenfranz.htm
Direct link to the fundraising page:
Thank you - Danke - Merci

And again for all those who were in doubt: The official H50 Season 9 renewal announcement by CBS:

An update by Dennis Chun about the Season 9 renewal of H50:

H50's Meaghan Rath with her cute dog Bug - I look forward to seeing her again in Season 9 of my favorite show

APRIL 19, 2018:

Sorry, no new collages before work. I was a little overwhelmed on Wednesday with the renewal news for my favorite show and, of course, mainly by getting birthday calls and e-mails (incl. one by Dennis Chun) and meeting a friend etc. - Good thing that the birthday dinner isn't until Sunday night, so I was home when the renewal was announced.

Mahalo to my friend Wendie for her birthday wishes - She chose the perfect photo for her post :-)
Photo of Alex & Birthday wishes from Wendie

Will Yun Lee (Sang Min on H50) congratulates the show on its Season 9 renewal with a cool BTS-photo

Off to work...

A last look back at last Friday's H50 ep. 8.20 - with Steve & entrepreneur Kamekona...

Congrats to Londyn Silzer (who played Chin's niece Sara on H50) - She just wrapped her first feature film!

H50 dog Eddie and an equally cute buddy - Thanks to their mommy Sue for the post!

Video clip of Chi talking about Season 9 of H50 - Thanks to Chi's wife Julissa and to fan Lisa!

Scotty looking cool in this black shirt from (You can...) "Defy adversity"

Just in case that you missed it earlier - The promo trailer for H50 ep. 8.21 which airs tomorrow on CBS

APRIL 20, 2018:

Happy H50 & MacGyver Friday with new episodes of both shows on CBS!
This week, fans will probably enjoy their favorite shows even more since both were renewed for another season just two days ago, so we have more of our favorites to look forward to.
The best TV night of the week starts with MacGyver ep. 2.21 "Wind + Water", followed by H50 ep. 8.21.
Here's the promo trailer for MacGyver ep. 2.21:
For info and collages from Season 2 of MacGyver, please view:

H50 fans can welcome back guest-star Chris Vance. For info and collages from Season 8 of H50, please view:

The press release and promo pics for H50 ep. 8.23 are out - The episode airs May 4!

Meaghan with her cute dog Bug - and a message I can totally relate to. Happens to me all the time :-)

Thanks to H50 Boss Peter for sharing this article to confirm that Alex and Scotty will (of course!) be back in Season 9!
For those of you fans who were still in doubt that these two boys will return.

Off to work...

Back to Alex intro

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