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Below you find news about Alex and his current show "Hawaii Five-0" (Abbrev.: H50), as well as comments by me to these news and promo posts for the show with collages that I love to make. I also share fun stuff, video clips, pics and gifs from H50 cast members or from fans - usually by just setting links to the original posts.

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PS: Due to several fansite shutdowns etc., several links in the archive no longer work - Sorry!

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NOVEMBER 1, 2017:

Help Alex support and promote organ donation!
If you do not yet know why Alex and the "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" promote organ donation and support charities, please read this information first (English+German). Thank you!

As mentionned before, our main objective is to help save and improve lives through organ donation by encouraging fans to become organ donors. And we hope that you share your decision with family, friends and colleagues to  encourage them to become organ donors, too.
The equation is easy: The more organ donors, the more lives can be saved!

For information about organ donation and to find out what you need to do in your country to become an organ donor, please view this link collection in various languages:

Congratulations to Dennis (H50's Duke Lukela) on his upcoming short film "Same T'ing"! View his update & trailer!
He mentionned this film to me when I met him in Hawaii in September, and I'm happy to hear that it's in the final editing, so fans will hopefully get to see new facets of this wonderful actor soon. As far as I remember, the film is rather serious and we'll even see Dennis' character Mr. Wu shed some tears - but I admit that I don't remember everything we talked about that afternoon. Sorry - maybe I should start taping conversations but I'm not a journalist, just a fan. I hope there'll be a chance to watch this short film in Germany, too, sooner or later.
Here's the link to the Facebook page about the film:

Photos of the rather impressive lineup of vehicles for H50 filming this week! Thanks to Bjarne for the pics!

H50's Beulah Koale with the cast of "Thank you for your service" at the Harry Connick Jr. show

Great clip of Meaghan Rath "doing her best" on the set of H50 :-) I love her smile and sense of humor!

Happy H50 Late Night to the TNT viewers with ep. 1.10 and 1.11, starting at 3:02 a.m. on Thursday morning!
This may be only for fans suffering from serious problems with sleeplessness but it's still a good way to catch up on Season 1 for new fans. You can always DVR. Personally, I prefer to just watch several episodes at a time on the purchased DVDs.
For info about Season 1 of the show, please view:

I'll be back later (Today's a holiday in Germany, so no work for me - just tons of things to do at home...)

Show that you are an organ donor like Alex - Get this great shirt from Taylor's Gift!
I love the message and the colour. You only have 2 weeks to place your order, so you better be quick. When you place your order, you can also pay with PayPal (which fans have asked for) and add an additional amount as a donation to Taylor's Gift.
The picture of the shirt is, of course, slightly edited since I wanted to make it look as if Alex is wearing the shirt. Definitely not my best collage but it should catch your attention - which is really all that counts :-)


NOVEMBER 2, 2017:

Happy Throwback Thursday with Alex & Scotty on the set of H50 a long time ago...

Please show some aloha for H50's Dennis Chun and his short film "Same t'ing" and follow this Facebook page!
This link was probably hidden a bit too well in my previous post about the short film, so I'm sharing it again.

Great pics of happy Alex with Aussie friends (October) - Thanks to his mate Patrick for posting these as "public" :-)

Throwback photo of the H50 fans' favorite dog Eddie on his last day in California before moving to Hawaii

Since some fans missed the news a couple of weeks ago: The SOTB8 event of H50 is on Friday, Nov. 10
The SOTB8 will again take place on Queen's Beach in Waikiki and starts at 5 p.m. (red-carpet arrivals), followed by the screening of the 175th episode of the show at 6 p.m. It is yet unknown if there will be any livestream available for fans abroad of whom many visited Hawaii too early since the SOTB used to take place in September in the last seven seasons. It was too late to cancel or postpone our trips when H50 announced that the SOTB would not be in September this year.
Lucky fans who live in Hawaii or still have time and money to travel, now have the chance to attend the event next week on Friday.

Off to work...

The promo trailer for tomorrow night's H50 Halloween episode is now on the official H50 page, too - Take a look!

Who's ready for some goofy Alex?! This is for a friend who's ill - to cheer her up and make her feel better!
And since there are probably many fans who can use a bit of humor in their lives, this is for all of you, too.


NOVEMBER 3, 2017:

Happy H50 & MacGyver Friday with brandnew episodes of both shows on CBS
Since H50 took a little break last week, fans in the US will be happy to see our favorite show return with its Halloween ep. 8.05 "Kama'oma'o, ka 'aina huli hana" (At Kama'oma'o, the land of activities) which seems to be quite creepy and scary. It follows right after MacGyver ep. 2.06 "Jet engine + pickup truck".
For information about MacGyver and the new ep. 2.06, please view:
For information about Season 8 of H50 and the new ep. 8.05 (and some more collages), please view:

Enjoy the great sneak peeks for this week's H50 Halloween ep. 8.05 that were added on this info page:

Enjoy the full set of promo pics for H50 ep. 8.07 which airs Nov. 17 on CBS

Off to work...

Steve McCargo in action for the fans of Alex who's in hardly any of the promo pics and trailers for today's new H50 episode
Since I'm helping out as an admin on the Facebook page of the German AOL Fan Club this weekend, I needed a collage with Alex, so here it is!


NOVEMBER 4, 2017: Happy Weekend :-)

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with two episodes from Season 4 on Kabel Eins from 8:15 p.m.!
Viewers in Germany can rewatch H50 ep. 4.19 and 4.20 tonight.
For info and more collages from the episodes, please view my page about Season 4:
www.alex-the-best.de/aolhaw4.htm (English) or
https://www.kabeleins.de/tv/hawaii-five-0 (German)

The new star of H50 hanging out on set: Eddie, the dog :-)

BTS-photo from the H50 Halloween episode - There are also human cast members in the background :-)

The promo trailer for H50 ep. 8.06 which airs next Friday on CBS - Looks good to me!

Don't miss today's new Five-0 Redux blog about last night's H50 Halloween episode on CBS!
Here's the blog:

Today's the Walk to Defeat ALS in Hawaii - The "H50 ALS Warriors" team appreciates your support!
You can either join the team in the walk this morning at Kapi'olani Park if you are in Honolulu (On-site registration is still possible for a while) - or you can make an online donation in the team's fundraiser benefitting the ALS Association. This cause, indeed, matters to Alex's family because his mother-in-law died from ALS and the family still actively supports the fight against ALS with their own fundraising team. However, I've chosen to ask fans to support the "H50 ALS Warriors" since this team is led by someone working for "Hawaii Five-0" - and the team includes fans of Alex and the show, incl. my friends Cheryl and Leslie. The money raised in this event all goes to the ALS Association and helps to support families affected by ALS and it helps to finance ALS research.
Here's the fundraising page of the H50 ALS Warriors:


NOVEMBER 5, 2017:

Have a Sunny Sunday with Alex!
Just a first little treat of the day - I slept late (which was needed)... I'll be back later with more...

Great photo of H50's Beulah Koale diving: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbG1cyPluSR/

Video clip of Jorge Garcia getting his hairdo for the H50 Halloween episode:

Video clip of Jorge Garcia in "alternative" scenes for the H50 Halloween episode :-)

Laura Mellows (Duke's wife Nalani on H50) with two of her beautiful paintings at a recent exhibition

BTS-photo from the H50 Halloween episode: Meaghan, Beulah and young guest actress Rylee Brooke

This is from a great scene with Danno and Tani in the H50 Halloween episode - Don't miss the Five-0 Redux blog about the episode!
P.S.: This might not have been my favorite episode this season but I did like Danno's little conversations with Tani and Junior, as well as the storyline with Alicia and Steve. Personally, I'm happy that Alicia did not have to testify because no jury could ever have imagined and understood what Alicia went through in the years and months leading up to the moment when she shot Dr. Grey - seemingly in "cold blood". But we, the viewers, know how evil, cold-blooded and dangerous Dr. Grey was, so most of us can probably understand why Alicia shot her - well, I do, anyway. I also look forward to seeing more of Claire Forlani as Alicia on the show - and not in a prison cell.

Star Advertiser article about next Friday's H50 SOTB event in Waikiki
Those fans who are lucky enough to be there, will get a special treat, indeed, because they'll get to see the 175th episode (8.07) one week before everyone else. Ep. 8.07 airs on CBS on Nov. 17 while TV viewers will get to watch ep. 8.06 on CBS next Friday - Fans attending the SOTB may have to DVR this episode which starts at 8 p.m. on Hawaiian television - but, maybe, it will be screened on the beach, too. You never know...

A message from our Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation group
November is National Marrow Awareness Month! This month, the focus is on generating awareness and on encouraging people to donate bone marrow and stem cells. In addition, donors are honored this month for giving others a second chance at life. Please get informed and once you realize how easy it can be to save a life as a marrow donor, you might readily become one, too. If you have family or friends suffering from blood cancer or similar diseases, a bone marrow donation might be the only chance for them to survive - while their donor can continue to live happy and healthily afterwards because bone marrow is donated by living and breathing people!

Here are some good info pages about bone marrow donation - Thanks for taking the time to take a look at them:
German/Deutsch: https://www.dkms.de/de

The COTA (Children's Organ Transplant Association) has shared this encouraging story of a little girl whose life was saved by a bone marrow transplant:


NOVEMBER 6, 2017:

Happy H50 Monday to the German fans with a "new" episode from Season 7 on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany get to watch H50 ep. 7.17 tonight - It's the episode in which Dr. Grey returns after she had tried to get Steve and Alicia killed back in ep. 7.04. You should not miss this episode!
More info and collages, as well as the Five-0 Redux blog about the episode can be found on my page about Season 7:
For info in German, please view:

Eddie and his "I'm innocent" look after a little accident at Steve's house in H50 ep. 8.05 :-)

Video clip of H50's Kimee Balmilero rehearsing for the "Dream Big" benefit concert on Saturday, Nov. 11
This concert could be something that fans attending the SOTB event on Friday might want to go to. Just saying...

Off to work...

Fan photo with Ian Anthony Dale - Thanks to Richard!

Happy Birthday to Taryn Manning who, of course, plays Steve's sister Mary on H50!


NOVEMBER 7, 2017:

As fans are counting down to the special H50 SOTB8 event in Waikiki, we look back at previous SOTBs with Alex
Just in case that you still don't know: The SOTB8 (Sunset on the Beach premiere for the 175th episode of H50) will take place this Friday, Nov. 10 on Queen's Beach in Waikiki. The red-carpet arrivals start at 5 p.m. and the episode will be screened at 6 p.m.

Short BTS-clip of Chi filming for H50 in Kaka'ako on Monday - Thanks to 'Ninjaloha50'!

Cool H50 BTS-photo of Meaghan with Alex and Beulah - slightly edited by me :-)
The unedited version is posted on Beulah's Instagram page if you want to take a look.

Off to work...

Scotty as a Snapchat koala - Thanks to Meaghan and fan Lisa for fun clips from the set of H50!

Alex looks like a cute Snapchat version of McEddie in this clip by Meaghan - Thanks to Lisa for saving and posting this!

An update by Dennis Chun about shooting H50 ep. 8.13 and about the upcoming SOTB8 event this Friday

NOVEMBER 8, 2017:

Happy H50 Late-Night with four Season 1 episodes on TNT from 1:01 a.m. on Thursday morning
TNT will show repeats of H50 ep. 1.12 to 1.15. For info about Season 1 of the show, please view:

The H50 fans' favorite dog Eddie is saving his energy for this Friday's big red-carpet event on the beach
He really has nothing to worry about. His mere presence at the SOTB will make fans happy :-)

Short video clip from the 175th episode (8.07) of H50 which is screened this Friday at the SOTB event in Waikiki
Hmmm, I wonder who was sitting in this car? Steve seems shocked, so it might have been someone he knew. This episode airs on CBS next week on Friday, Nov. 17.

BTS-Video from H50 with two of my favorites: Alex and Dennis - Thanks to 'Ninjaloha50'!

Photos from the H50 set with Alex, Scotty and Dennis - Thanks again to 'Ninjaloha50'!

Off to work...

Info for German fans by the Serienjunkies website: H50 Season 1 to 6 are now available on Amazon Prime (VoD)

H50 fan-photos with Scotty, Dennis and Meaghan - Thanks to Adam Sikora

It looks like Eddie feels flattered by Alex's Snapchat imitation :-)

Beulah Koale at the screening of a movie at the HIFF (Hawaiian International Film Festival)

NOVEMBER 9, 2017:

Happy Hunk Day with Alex as Steve in the new H50 ep. 8.06 which airs this Friday on CBS
A big Thanks to CBS for all the promo pic goodies which make my fansite admin and collage-maker life much easier since I had enough material for six collages with pics from the new episode. Since I know that the fans of Alex can never get enough of him, here's "Triple Steve" to make your day :-)

Take a tour of the Bayer Estate on Dec. 8 - It's the home of Steve McGarrett on H50 (Short article by HNN)

It's still Nov. 8 in Hawaii as I'm posting this, so it's actually still 2 days until Friday's big H50 SOTB in Waikiki :-)

H50 Boss Peter has arrived in Hawaii for the SOTB event on Friday - and is sharing his beautiful ocean view!

Awesome photo of H50 Boss Peter, Beulah and his cute twins

Off to work...

Another collage with Steve looking good in tomorrow night's new H50 ep. 8.06 :-)

H50 executive producers Peter and Bryan talked to HNN Sunrise's Billy V about Season 8 and tomorrow's SOTB

A look back at last year's H50 SOTB7 premiere: The cast on stage (Credit: Kimee Balmilero)

The first official Season 8 promo pic of the main cast of H50 looks great:

Press release for H50 ep. 8.08 with a promo pic of Steve as a pilot - This airs on Dec. 1
You may have noticed that H50 ep. 8.06 that airs tomorrow is the one that was originally filmed as ep. 8.08 when I was in Hawaii. They changed the order of the episodes. And H50 seems to take a break on Nov. 24.

Photo of the H50 producers Peter and Bryan with HNN Sunrise's Billy V and studio dog Sunny :-)

NOVEMBER 10, 2017:

Happy H50 & MacGyver Friday to the CBS viewers with brandnew episodes of both shows on TV!
While fans in Hawaii will get to enjoy the SOTB8 celebration in Waikiki with an early screening of the 175th H50 episode (8.07 which airs on CBS next week) and red-carpet appearances of the cast and producers, those fans who can't be there on the beach can, at least, enjoy ep. 8.06 on CBS. It's the episode that was filmed while I was there watching some filming. I was just surprised to see pics of Claire Forlani in the promo pics from Magic Island because I didn't see her filming there with the main cast - but since the view to the set at Kamekona's shrimp truck was mostly blocked by equipment, little tents, crew etc. while filming was in progress, she may have "hidden" somewhere behind all that stuff. I would have loved to see her but that's my kind of luck - Spending 11 hours next to the set and still missing major parts of the filming and actors I love.

As usual, the best TV night of the week starts with MacGyver. To find out more about MacGyver ep. 2.07 "Duct Tape + Jack" and to see my collages for it, please go to my page about Season 2 of MacGyver:

MacGyver ep. 2.07 is followed by H50 ep. 8.06. "Mōhala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua" (Unfolded by the water are the faces of the flowers).
For info about Season 8 of H50 and tonight's episode 8.06 go to:

P.S.: I'll add info and a separate page for the SOTB8 some time after work (German time).

Off to work...

Some lucky fans got to visit the H50 set at the film studio and got photos with the cast
This one woman ('Chiranuj') seems to know someone working on the show or might have family working there because she's been to the studio repeatedly - which is not easily accessible. There are no studio tours like in L.A.! I'm mentionning this because fans have asked me about studio tours. Hey, if such tours were available, I would be the first to book one - but the only way to get into the studio is usually by spending thousands of dollars in rare Charity Buzz auctions - or to have family on the show.

Reminder of Happy H50 Friday on CBS with ep. 8.06 that was filmed during my Hawaii vacation in September

Great photo of Meaghan Rath missing Scotty at H50's celebration of the 175th episode

Queen's Beach in Waikiki is ready for the SOTB8 celebration of H50 tonight - Thanks to 'Hawaii Isla 808' for the pics

Star Advertiser article about tonight's H50 SOTB8 celebration honoring veterans - Thanks to Nina Wu!

A special message by Dennis Chun about tonight's SOTB8 celebration of H50 in Waikiki

Here's a special page about the SOTB8 - I'll add photos and video clips after the event...

NOV. 11, 2017: Have a Happy Weekend!

Happy H50 Saturday to fans in Germany with ep. 4.21 and the Season 4 finale 4.22 on Kabel Eins from 8:15 p.m.!
Both episodes are very much worth watching - the first episode primarily because of Alex's great performance. There are some hard-to-endure scenes in it though!
For info and more collages from the episodes, please view my page about Season 4:
www.alex-the-best.de/aolhaw4.htm (English) or
https://www.kabeleins.de/tv/hawaii-five-0 (German)

Updated info page about H50 ep. 8.07 (175th episode) which airs on CBS next Friday, Nov. 17 - incl. promo trailer:

Don't miss the new Five-0 Redux blog about this week's new H50 ep. 8.06 on CBS:
Here's where you find it:

After struggling with my computer, I did manage to update the SOTB8 page (Link below) and it now includes basically all the articles, videos and photos that were posted before everyone went to bed in Hawaii on Friday night. So take a look...

NOVEMBER 12, 2017: Have a Sunny Sunday!

Congratulations to H50 - the No. 1 in viewer ratings with a season high for this Friday's H50 ep. 8.06
Personally, I believe that the numerous fans who travelled to Hawaii in September in hope of attending the SOTB8 and got to watch some filming of ep. 8.06 (previously planned to air as ep. 8.08 but changed into ep. 8.06), watched it this Friday on CBS to distract themselves from the disappointment of missing the SOTB8 - and to enjoy an episode that is special to us because we watched some of the filming of it. So Thank You to H50/CBS for showing this particular episode on the same day as the SOTB8 took place (much later than in previous years). I have no idea if this change was made intentionally but it was appreciated - by me, anyway :-) Since I love 'ohana moments and scenes at Kamekona's shrimp truck - and funny moments (like the ones with the stress management consultant) - I did enjoy the episode very much :-)

Fans should listen closely to interviews with Alex at the H50 SOTB8 with regard to doing a Season 9 :-)
When the Star Advertiser asked Alex about doing a season 9, he said that he would do a season 9 if he and "the company" work out something because he wants to stay in his Hawaiian home. He said that he is feeling much better but has to be careful and can no longer do stunts. I interpreted his answer as a clear "Yes". After all, there could be worse things in life than being the No. 1 on a very successful, long-running show that is loved by fans around the globe - and getting to live and work in beautiful Hawaii with a fantastic team. The cast and crew of this show are awesome - including the new cast members who brought a breath of fresh air onto the set. Although working on the show involves long, stressful working days, a lot of us have very stressful lives, too - while living in cold places like Germany. He seems to be very happy with his life. That's a good thing and should make us, his fans, happy, too!
If you haven't looked at my SOTB8 page yet, here's the link again:
P.S.: I'm mentionning this because a fan wrote to Peter saying that she was so sad about Season 8 being the last one. I just want to let fans know that it is highly likely that we'll get to enjoy more than 8 seasons!

Collage no. 6 with pictures from H50 ep. 8.06 which aired this Friday on CBS
Here's a repost of the Five-0 Redux blog about it, in case you missed it earlier:

Repost of my BTS-photo album from September when the episode was filmed in Hawaii during my vacation there:


I'll be back in a little while - also check the SOTB8 page for updates. I still keep adding things.

This photo of Alex with ET Canada's Dallas Dixon gives hope for some interviews from the set and the SOTB :-)

A post for our Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation page:
A simple message - yet one that might save lives!
Become an organ donor on www.registerme.org and spread the message.
If you need information about organ donation to make the decision easier for you, please view this link collection:

For coverage about the SOTB8, please view the separate page which I'll keep updating for several days:

NOVEMBER 13, 2017:

Happy H50 Monday to the German fans with a "new" episode on Sat.1 from 10:15 p.m.!
Tonight's H50 episode is 7.18. This McDanno episode is one of my top-favorites from Season 7 and one I highly recommend to watch.
For info and collages for this episode, please view my page about Season 7:
For info in German, please view:


Our friends of the Official French H50 Fan Club are planning an international fan event in Biarritz, France!
The most prominent member of the club is "The Boss" Peter himself, so we hope that he and some cast members can be talked into joining the many European fans of the show on the beautiful beach of Biarritz for the event which is scheduled for April 2019 (No promises but we'll try out best!). Of course, fans from outside Europe are welcome, too, but the basic idea was that European fans who often cannot afford to travel all the way to Hawaii could afford a short trip within Europe more easily.
The event is scheduled so late because Virginie, the head of the fan club, wants sufficient time to plan the event properly. Scheduling the event for April 2019 also gives CBS another good reason to renew their best show for another season or more ;-)
Silke of the German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club, myself and our Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation group are cooperating with Virginie to help her promote the event through our fansites. We'd also like to use the event to do a little organ donation promotion. No worries - the main focus will be on the show, of course!

For information about the event in French, English and German, please view this event info.
If you are on Facebook, please click on "I'm interested" on the event page to show that you are interested in attending the event.

You may also want to follow the French H50 Fan Club here:

For those of you who are not on Facebook, we'll share any relevant information on our regular fansites. You may also contact the French H50 Fan Club by e-mail (The address is indicated on the event info page) to let Virginie know if you will attend the event. Virginie speaks very good English.

Back after work...

Photo of Alex with Keith Chow at the Whole Foods Market at Kahala Mall - They have yummy food!

The official promo pics of the H50 cast for Season 8 - Enjoy!

Great H50 clip with Eddie, Lou and Steve in the car - Thanks to Boss Peter for sharing this :-)

DO NOT MISS Alex at the end of this CBS video summary of the SOTB8 event of H50 last Friday!!! Sounds great :-)

NOVEMBER 14, 2017:

Have a Terrific Tuesday with one of my 2 favorite moments from the H50 SOTB8 and this great quote from Alex!
Of course, my top-favorite moment was when I got the personal video message from Alex (recorded/sent by Mariano of the serienjunkies.de website), but to hear Alex mention a season 9 (at least twice that night) was definitely a highlight, too :-)

A cool H50 BTS photo of Meaghan Rath on a scooter with director Peter Weller in the background

Fun photo of Shawn Mokuahi-Garnett (Cousin Flippa) :-)

Enjoy the clip with McAlicia in H50 ep. 8.06 that aired on CBS last Friday
If you can, catch up on the full episode on CBS All Access!

I've again added a few things on the SOTB8 page:
There are still a few things missing - like the interviews done by Mariano of the serienjunkies.de page

A post for our Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation page:
It's World Diabetes Day - Since diabetes patients may need kidney and pancreas transplants, get informed and raise awareness of diabetes!
Useful information about diabetes and ways to prevent or treat diabetes:
Information about chronic kidney disease caused by diabetes and high blood pressure:
Information about pancreas transplantations:
Page of the International Diabetes Federation:

German pages about Diabetes / Deutsche Seiten über Diabetes:
https://www.diabetesde.org/ (Deut. Diabetes-Hilfe)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_a4-14Dxu4 ( Gutes Info-Video)


NOVEMBER 15, 2017:

Happy H50 Late-Night to fans in the US with 3 episodes from Season 1 on TNT from 2:02 a.m. on Thursday morning!
TNT will show repeats of ep. 1.16 to 1.18 for sleepless fans or those catching up with old seasons of the show.
For info about Season 1 and the a.m. episodes, please view my page about Season 1:

Awesome clip with Scotty, Meaghan, Alex - and cool music - in the car! Thanks to Meaghan (IG Story) and to Ernest for saving it!
I chose this clip because all three are in it - incl. Meaghan who initially posted it as an IG Story - which sadly disappears after 24 hours, which is why I'm thankful to Ernest for saving and sharing it.

Off to work...

Meaghan and Scotty taking a little break on the set of H50:

NOVEMBER 16, 2017:

My favorite moment with Alex from the SOTB8 - A collage with caps from the video message for me :-)
If you missed the video and all the other coverage from the SOTB8 celebration last Friday, take a look at my SOTB8 page:

Please keep in mind that H50 fans in the US who did not get to attend the SOTB8 can enjoy the 175th episode 8.07 (which was screened on the beach) this Friday night on CBS.

Off to work...

Exciting preview for this Friday's new H50 ep. 8.07 - The 175th episode!

Info page with promo pics and sneak peeks for the 175th episode which airs this Friday on CBS:

Interview with Alex from the H50 SOTB8 - by ET Canada

Interview with Scotty from the H50 SOTB8 - by ET Canada


NOVEMBER 17, 2017:

Happy H50 & MacGyver Friday to the CBS viewers with the 175th episode of H50!
As usual, very best TV night of the week starts with MacGyver ep. 2.08 "Packing Peanuts + Fire", followed by the 175th episode (8.07) of H50 titled "Kau ka 'ōnohi ali'i i luna" (The Royal eyes rest above). Congratulations to my favorite show on another milestone! I already look forward to a (very likely) 200th episode :-)
For information about MacGyver ep. 2.08 and a collage, please view my page about Season 2 of MacGyver:
For information about H50 ep. 8.07, please view my page about Season 8 of H50:
You can see in the collage that Ian Anthony Dale returns as Adam. Of course, I'll post more collages later on with the other cast members, too. I just felt like making one with Steve first - After all, he's been the No. 1 since episode 1 of the show :-) And I haven't had time for more collages for this episode yet. It's been a busy week.

The sneak peeks for the 150th episode of H50 (better viewable than on the general info page about the episode)
Sneak peek 1 with Tani and her brother:
Sneak peek 2 with Tani and Lou at the Five-0 headquarters:
Sneak peek 3 with Steve, Adam and Junior:

An update by Dennis Chun about the 175th episode of H50:
Don't miss what Dennis has to say about the milestone episode & more

Off to work...

Great BTS-photos of the cast from tonight's 175th H50 episode - Thanks to guest-actor Kila Packett

Congratulations to the very best team on 175 episodes of H50 - My top-favorite show since Season 1
Of course, quite a few people (and a dog...) who've contributed to the show's success over the years are missing in this collage but I couldn't fit everyone into it. After all, it takes a village to make this show, according to Alex! But everyone working for H50 can definitely be very proud of achieving this milestone!


NOVEMBER 18, 2017: Happy Weekend :-)

Happy H50 Saturday to the German fans with two Season 5 episodes on Kabel Eins from 8:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany can enjoy the spectacular first episode from season 5 (with the drone attacks) and ep. 5.02 tonight.
For further information about the episodes, please view my page about Season 5:
www.alex-the-best.de/aolhaw5.htm (English) or
https://www.kabeleins.de/tv/hawaii-five-0 (German)

Speaking about German fans - My fan-friend Stephanie who's visiting Hawaii got this great photo with Alex. Congrats!

Speaking about dogs: Here's a cute H50 clip with McEddie - edited by Eddie :-)

Ian Anthony Dale with fans - and a wonderful message about working on H50:

H50 fans who miss Julie Benz as Abby can see her tonight in a Christmas movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Julie plays the wife of a soldier who's deployed abroad. The movie "Christmas Homecoming" airs at 9/8c. Here's a trailer:

Don't miss this video: ET Canada paid a visit to the set of H50 and talked to the cast about Season 8!
Alex and Chi are perfectly right - The new cast members have brought a breath of fresh air to the set and yet fit in perfectly, as if they'd been there for a long time. I can't speak for all the fans, of course, but I've enjoyed the current season very much, so far, and hope to see much more of this wonderful cast and their on-screen characters.

While H50 fans have to wait for the next episode 8.08 until Dec. 1, the wait seems to be well worth it :-)
It sounds like the episode centers around Steve - which is always a good thing for fans of Alex, so we'll wait patiently and look forward to seeing him investigate as a pilot.

Some current quotes by H50 Boss Peter (from his Twitter account) about Alex, the No. 1 on the show:
- AOL exceeded my expectations from day 1. And yes, first time we met I was certain he could be an action star.
- (AOL) Not underrated to us.
- He is a great actor. 175+ episodes and he still delivers 110%.
Needless to say that I agree 110%.

Don't miss today's new Five-0 Redux blog about the 175th episode of H50 (Ep. 8.07):
Here's where you find it:


NOVEMBER 19, 2017: Have a Sunny Sunday - although it's more like a snowy, rainy Sunday here in Munich :-)

Some great scenes from the 175th episode of H50 - and a repost of the Five-0 Redux blog about it...
Steve was so adorable at the airport buying the leis and cheerfully looking forward to welcoming back Kono and her hubby. And I enjoyed his conversation with Adam in the car, talking about those babies that would be calling him "Uncle Steve". I also love how Daddy Lou takes care of Tani - and I liked the scene with Junior and his former girlfriend. Amongst all the great action and an exciting case of the week, we got a lot of very personal moments with the main characters - and I love these kind of episodes that perfectly blend crime and action with emotional and personal moments for our Five-0 'ohana.

Congratulations to H50 - and CBS, in general - on being the No. 1 again this Friday night. I love headlines like these!

I'll be back later...

Congrats to Kiwi fan Jamie who got a BTS-look at the H50 set - and photos with the cast!
Thanks to Jamie and to fansite admin Caroline for sharing these great photos.

NOVEMBER 20, 2017:

Happy H50 Monday to the German fans with the "new" episode 7.19 on Sat.1 from 10:15 p.m.!
This is the episode in which Five-0 came across the sex-traffickers for the first time and, thus, it's the one that ultimately led to Kono's departure to the mainland in the season finale. It's a must-see episode - not only for fans of Grace as Kono. On today's World Children Day**, this is the perfect episode to raise awareness of commercialized child abuse, as I would call the topic of this episode. For ep. 7.19, H50 closely cooperated with the Ho'ōla Nā Pua charity (https://hoolanapua.org/) which helps the young victims.
For more info and collages, please view my page about Season 7:
For info in German, please view:

**In Europe, Canada, Israel and a couple of other countries.

H50 quotes referring to McDanno - and making it into TV Line's "Quotes of the week" make us fans smile, too :-)

Off to work...

Clip with Steve & Tani in H50 ep. 8.13 posted by fan-spoiling boss Peter :-)

HHN Sunrise's Billy V with Ian Anthony Dale at the H50 SOTB8 - and a photo of an H50 filming location from ep,. 8.07

Cute clip of dog daddy Chi with his doggie Momo - Thanks to his wife Julissa for the post!

Looks like Duke has come across a very, very bad guy that makes him pull his gun on H50

I love this view - The final adjusted TV ratings for last Friday with H50 at the top!

A new post by our "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group:
Support the Children's Organ Transplant Association on World Children's Day

The COTA helps children and young adults who need a life-saving transplant by providing fundraising assistance and family support. Find out how you can help on www.cota.org and/or share the link with family and friends who may be willing to make a donation to provide help to young patients and their families.


NOVEMBER 21, 2017:

November 21 is World Television Day - THE perfect day to celebrate our favorite TV show H50!
Just imagine the past 7 to 8 years without our beloved Five-0 'ohana - and missing all the emotions, fun and action! While most of the fans I know have tuned in to enjoy Alex as Steve, the undisputed no. 1, I'm certainly not the only fan who has come to love his extended Five-0 'ohana, too.
There've been quite a few great, talented and fan-loved cast members on this show - some of them even playing villains so well that fans are even eager to see those villains, such as Mark Dacascos as Wo Fat. The entire cast and crew of this show has been doing a fantastic job throughout those years to bring us 175 great episodes so far.
Dennis Chun often says 'Thank You' to fans for inviting H50 into our homes when we watch the show. Well, I'd like to reply "Welcome to our homes"! We love the H50 'ohana!

Hmmm - All three shirts (H50 & MacGyver) that I ordered from the CBS Store recently are now ON SALE for YOU.
I wished they'd had that sale a few weeks earlier. I also have to pay customs fees when I pick up the shirts at the post-office tomorrow. The notification was in the mailbox just today. Oh, well... At least, other fans can happily save some money now. There's also a new cool McDanno hoodie that you'll probably love.

NOVEMBER 22, 2017:

Happy H50 Late-Night to fans in the US with four Season 1 episodes on TNT from 1:01 a.m. on Thursday morning
Sleepless fans can enjoy H50 ep. 1.19 to 1.22 again or catch up if they missed Season 1 earlier.
For information and more collages, please view my page about Season 1:
P.S.: I happily repost this collage whenever the episode airs as a repeat because Lisa of the H50hana fansite is in it. She's the lady in the cool costume going down the escalator :-)

I love this kind of stories from the set of H50 when guest-actors confirm how super-nice Alex and the team are
Thank you to Conan Altatis for sharing his experiences:

I also LOVE this new H50 cast photo for Season 8 - A big Thanks to Peter, the Boss!

Off to work...

An "updated" version of the H50 cast photo for Season 8 - now including Eddie

Photo of Meaghan Rath relaxing: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbzhbquheCi/

Here's what the perfect H50 shirt collection looks like - and I'm happy to call it my own :-)
It now consists of 22 shirts (not counting the one from MacGyver, of course) and there are more coming from Hawaii (hopefully) soon...


NOVEMBER 23, 2017:

Happy Thanksgiving message from Dennis Chun and Laura Mellow with a great photo:

Happy Thanksgiving to the fans and everyone on H50 with a "Throwback Thursday" collage from Season 4!

Off to work...

H50 fans are definitely very grateful for Alex, too - View this Thanksgiving Day post by the CBS WATCH! magazine

Happy Thanksgiving wishes from H50 with a picture of Steve and Kamekona

NOVEMBER 24, 2017:

A simple McDanno collage to "alleviate" the H50 fans' withdrawal symptoms since there's no H50 on CBS this Friday
While Thanksgiving definitely has its good sides, such as enjoying good food and family time, it also means that the fans' favorite shows take a break and return next week when fans are not busy eating turkey :-)

Cute clip from the H50 SOTB8 with Eddie and his loving dog daddy Alex :-)

H50 & MacGyver Boss Peter says Thank You to the crews and fans

Off to work at my end of the planet (No Thanksgiving...)

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