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Other shows by H50 Boss Peter - Info about "MacGyver", "Magnum P.I. and "Salvation"!

FEBRUARY 1, 2019:

A message to the fans:
If you've read my long post from January 27, you know that our "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group has made some very disappointing, negative experiences which have made me consider closing down my fansite and Facebook pages.
However, I'm still a fan of Alex and love his work, "Hawaii Five-0" and the cast and crew of the show, so I've decided to keep updating the pages for now - but I'm still torn inside and cannot guarantee that I will continue to update in the future, so enjoy the posts while you can. I will also definitely not update as often as in the past.

Info for new fans: Find out why Alex is an ambassador for organ donation and why our "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group helps him raise awareness of organ donation - and has done so for about a decade!

Happy H50 Friday to the CBS viewers with the new episode 9.14 at 9/8c! Here's a quick collage to get you prepared!


FEBRUARY 2, 2019: Happy Weekend!

German fans can enjoy repeats of H50 ep. 4.15 and 4.16 tonight on Kabel Eins at 8:15 p.m.
Information about the episodes, as well as collages can be found on my page about Season 4:

Photos of Alex with kids - Thanks to 'kb.fitnfab'!

The promo pics and press release for the next new H50 ep. 9.15 are out - It will air on Feb. 15 on CBS!

Don't miss the new Five-0 Redux blog by my friend Wendie coming up later on Saturday - It will be about H50 ep. 9.14.
Here's where you'll find it:

FEBRUARY 3, 2019:

Take a look back at this week's great H50 ep. 9.14 which, once again, made me proud to be a fan of this show!
In the latest episode, the writers were courageous enough to incorporate some very delicate, serious subjects, such as racism and homosexuality. Racism, hatred and discrimination of homosexuals are still quite common in the U.S. and elsewhere, so H50 was kind of brave to shed light on these problems because, as could be expected, there was a certain amount of negative reactions from viewers who may have recognized their own wrong behavioural patterns reflected in the episode's more negative characters (like the racist in the collage). I'm happy that most fans responded very positively though and appreciated that the show dealt with these issues. But not only can the writers be proud of this episode - the cast did a fantastic job, too.
Now read what Wendie thought about the episode. Here's her Five-0 Redux blog about it:


FEBRUARY 4, 2019:

Only a short update today since I'm fighting a flu and wasn't even at work today...

A fun video clip from Magnum P.I. for the Super Bowl weekend - Did I ever mention that I love Pizza Hut pizza?!
Since Magnum P.I. and H50 "share" a bunch of actors or characters, I thought I'd share the clip, too:
And if this makes you want to see more of Magnum P.I., make sure to tune in on Monday nights on CBS. The show is taking a break tonight though!

Another look back at the latest H50 ep. 9.14 with one of several collages I created a couple of days ago - More of them are coming up this week...


FEBRUARY 5, 2019:

Happy H50 Tuesday to the German fans who finally get to watch the Season 8 finale on Sat.1 tonight at 10:15 p.m.!
For more collages and info, please view my page about Season 8:
For info in German, please go to Sat.1:

Congratulations to Beulah and his wife Georgiia who got married during H50's Christmas hiatus!
Fans in New Zealand can get a special issue of the "Woman's Day" magazine that includes photos of the wedding.
Here's a promo for it:

A lucky guy who got to visit the H50 set at the Film Studio has kindly shared his photos incl. one with Alex:

The press releases for H50 ep. 9.16 and 9.17 are out - Both episodes will air on February 22!
Ep. 9.17 was directed by Alex who did a fantastic job with his directorial debut in ep. 8.18, so I'm sure all of us Alex fans can look forward to another awesome episode - even more so, as this episode brings out the emotional side of Junior. Here's an info page combining the press releases for both episodes airing on the same night:

A cool promo clip with McGarrett and MacGyver promoting H50 & MacGyver - CBS's great Friday night combo!

All you fellow Hawai'i lovers among the fans will probably love this documentary about O'ahu - Enjoy!
What I like about this documentary is a certain focus on the natural side of the island and not so much the city of Honolulu. I don't know if the documentary can be viewed outside Germany but it's certainly worth a try. Even though it's in German, I think anyone will enjoy the beautiful views of O'ahu with its lush, green mountains, the gorgeous beaches and ocean.

Hau'oli Lā Hānau or Happy Birthday to Dennis Chun whom Wendie and I are happy to call a friend!
When I read in the press info sheet for the SOTB9 premiere last fall that Dennis' birthday is actually today and not on March 18 (as I had falsely believed for several years since it's the birthday indicated on the IMDB website), I asked Dennis about it when we met. To my surprise, he had never told me the correct date although I had repeatedly congratulated him on the wrong day in March. Well, when I asked him about it, he just smiled and seemed slightly amused by the fact that people had been congratulating him on the wrong day for quite a few years. He said his birthday didn't really matter - and he basically repeated the same thing today when he replied to my birthday email and said that it's much more important to him to bring some entertainment and joy to people through his work than to focus on birthdays. I think this statement reflects his humbleness and makes him even more endearing to us - his fans and friends. Well, I am indeed grateful to CBS for the press info sheet since I can finally congratulate this wonderful, humble man on his actual birthday. Even though his birthday doesn't matter much to Dennis himself, it does matter to me!
I hope he has a terrific birthday today. He's actually at work at the studio right now and most certainly doing a great job to bring us all some entertainment and joy :-).


FEBRUARY 6, 2019:

Lucky fans in L.A. can buy tickets for the Paley Fest on March 23 to see Alex live!
Actually, all three of Boss Peter's shows will be represented there: H50, Magnum and MacGyver, so you get to see Alex, Peter and the main casts of Magnum P.I. and MacGyver. Sounds like an event you should not miss if you happen to be in L.A. in March. And all of us who can't be there, can probably look forward to interviews and photos that will be shared online.
Here's an info post with a link to the online ticket shop:

Another look back at last week's H50 ep. 9.14 with just another collage...


FEBRUARY 7, 2019:

Happy Thursday with Steve McBlue in a collage I made before my old computer went on strike...
Today's collage is not with pics from H50 ep. 9.14 because the two collages I have left from the episode fit in well with the upcoming Five-0 Redux blog, so I'll post them later this week.

A cool shot of Kimee Balmilero graving for some Filipino food :-)

The promo pics for H50 ep. 9.16 and 9.17 are out - Both episodes air on Feb. 22:

Great photo of Meaghan with Scotty, Beulah and Jorge:

FEBRUARY 8, 2019:

Today's collage takes a look back at H50 ep. 9.14 which aired last Friday - Sadly, there's no H50 on TV tonight :-(

A glimpse of beautiful Hawaii - posted by CBS as a reminder to watch H50 on CBS All Access:

Cute photo of Meaghan and Ian jumping around happily on the set of H50

Thanks to Ernest Sanada for saving Meaghan's IG Story video of Meaghan and Ian:

FEBRUARY 9, 2019:

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with two repeats from Season 4 on Kabel Eins from 8:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany can watch ep. 4.17 and 4.18 again tonight.
For info and more collages, please view my page about Season 4:
For info in German, please view:

A great shot of H50 dog Eddie enjoying the North Shore - Thanks to his mom Sue for the post!

Promo post for the Paley Fest in L.A. (March 23) posted by the Dolby Theatre - The promo includes Alex!

The gorgeous view from the H50 set on Friday - shared in the latest update by Dennis Chun. Mahalo to him!

Don't miss the new Five-0 Redux blog this weekend - Wendie talked to H50's Shawn Mokuahi Garnett (Cousin Flippa) for the blog!
Shawn did a great job on last Friday's H50 ep. 9.14. In the new blog we'll find out a bit about what it was like to film the episode.
Here's where you'll find the new blog later on Saturday:

A special treat from H50 ep. 4.17 - today's repeat on German television :-)


FEBRUARY 10, 2019: Have a Sunny Sunday!

The Five-0 Redux blog about H50 actor and musician Shawn Mokuahi Garnett is online and a great read!
It is true - Shawn is loved by many fans not only for bringing some comedy and fun to our favorite show but also for being a great musician. I had the pleasure of repeatedly seeing him perform live on stage - at the Cuckoo Coconut Club in Waikiki, as well as at the SOTB9 premiere where he shared the stage with Cyndi Lauper. I love his beautiful voice. But fans also love him for just being a super-nice, modest, humorful person. When I was at the a.m. club with friends last year, he took time for photos with numerous fans during a short break. Although it's true that we were there at the club because of Shawn, he could've just performed and used his short break for relaxing instead of greeting the fans and taking photos with them. Since my own little group consisted of fans from Europe and Australia who had travelled far to see the beloved cast of our favorite show, we really appreciated though that Shawn took time for us. In the collage, you see some of my personal photos with Shawn. Mahalo to him also on behalf of my fan-friends!
By the way, I must admit that I am actually a bit "jelly" of Shawn for getting two hugs from Alex already :-)
Now read the blog about Shawn to find out what I'm referring to in my last sentence:

So cute! H50 dog Eddie - bored on a Saturday. Thanks to his mommy Sue! I always love the text and hashtags, too :-)

The promo trailer for next Friday's new H50 ep. 9.15 is out - Take a look!

This post is for H50 fans who still don't want to believe that Dennis Chun's birthday is in February!
As you all know, I was at the SOTB9 premiere of H50 as a press representative for the German Serienjunkies.de website.
When I got the press info about the cast before the event, I noticed that February 5 was indicated as the birth date for Dennis. Since I had falsely believed for several years that his birthday was in March and had also congratulated him on the wrong date repeatedly (He thanked me politely every single time), I was a bit surprised to read the different birth date in the press info. Contrary to Dennis who doesn't care much about birthdays, I find it important to congratulate people on the correct birth dates. So when I met Dennis in Hawai'i, I simply asked him which date was the correct one and he confirmed that his birthday is February 5, as indicated in the press info from CBS. I'm sharing the part of the press info which includes his birthday at the end.
I would never have congratulated Dennis on my fansite and on Facebook on February 5 (instead of March) if I wasn't sure that this is actually the correct date. It's sad that at least one fan has voiced doubts about this.

A new post from our Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation group:
Please remember that organ donors give hope and a future to patients receiving a life-saving transplant.

Become an organ donor now and help save lives! Register here:
If you live outside the U.S., please view this link collection to find out what you need to do in your country to become an organ donor:


FEBRUARY 12, 2019:

Just a quick reminder for German fans to watch the Season 9 premiere of H50 tonight on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m.!
Sorry, not feeling well, so I'm logging out again but since I made the collage a few days ago, I just wanted to post it quickly.


FEBRUARY 13, 2019:

A collage to remind you of the latest Five-0 Redux blog dedicated to Shawn Mokuahi Garnett who plays Cousin Flippa on H50:
And here's the blog once again for those who missed it earlier:

An update by Dennis Chun with funny photos of him, Laura and Kimee making pancakes :-)

Take a look back at the start of H50's Season 9 on the beach in Waikiki...
This week's premiere of Season 9 on German television brought back nice memories from the SOTB9 premiere I attended in Hawaii in September. Even though it's not Throwback Thursday yet, I thought you might enjoy a look back at all the videos and photos which I compiled on this page:

The German Serienjunkies website which I represented at the SOTB9 premiere, just posted this article with a look forward to what's coming up on Season 9:

FEBRUARY 14, 2019:

Happy Valentine's Day with the H50 fans' favorite duo McDanno! Thanks to CBS for the great picture!

Valentine's Day is also National Organ Donor Day: Offer someone your heart by becoming an organ donor!

Happy Valentine's Day from Chi McBride and his wife Julissa! I hope these two love-birds have a wonderful day!

FEBRUARY 15, 2019:

Happy H50 & MacGyver Friday to the CBS viewers with new episodes of both shows!
The best TV night of the week starts with MacGyver ep. 3.15, followed by H50 ep. 9.15.
More info about Season 9 of H50 can be found here:
More info about Season 3 of MacGyver can be found here:

3 sneak peeks were added on this info page about about H50 ep. 9.15:

Repost of the exciting promo trailer for tonight's H50 ep. 9.15 - now straight from CBS!

Wedding photo of H50's Beulah Koale with his wife - both looking gorgeous! They got married back in January!

H50 dog Eddie enjoying Valentine's Day on the beach - Thanks to his mom Sue for the photo!

Info for German fans: The new issue of the "TV Serien Highlights" magazine includes 5 pages about H50:
There are several pictures of the cast incl. Season 9 guest-star Joan Collins (with Alex and Scotty), as well as an episode guide (Part 2 of Season 8 / Part 1 of Season 9). If you've collected past episode guides for the show, you can now complete your collection.

FEBRUARY 16, 2019: Happy Weekend :-)

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with 2 old episodes from Season 4 on Kabel Eins at 8:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany can rewatch H50 ep. 4.19 and 4.20 tonight.
For info and more collages from Season 4, please view:
For info in German about tonight's episodes, go to:

A reminder of the Paley Fest in L.A. on March 23 where H50, Magnum P.I. and MacGyver will be represented:
If I was in L.A., I would be there to see Alex, Jay, Peter & Co. live!

Enjoy the promo trailer for next week's TWO new H50 episodes of H50 (9.16 and 9.17)!

H50 fans could not only watch McGarrett kick butt all night long but also all day long - every day of the year!
Here's the CBS post, I'm referring to:

Don't miss the new Five-0 Redux blog about this week's H50 ep. 9.15 - The blog will be online later on Saturday!
Here's the blog:


FEBRUARY 17, 2019: Have a Sunny Sunday!

Collage No. 3 with pics from H50 ep. 9.15 as a little reminder of the Five-0 Redux blog about the episode:

So sweet! H50 dog Eddie with a small, furry friend - Thanks to Sue for the photo!

BTS-photos from H50 ep. 9.15 posted by Hannah Schwartz, the girl who was in a few scenes with Meaghan:

Just in case that you missed the great news: CBS viewers can look forward to TWO new H50 episodes next Friday!
Ep. 9.16 and 9.17 air back to back - and ep. 9.17 is the one directed by Alex. Sounds like a TV night that fans should not miss.
Here's a repost of the info page about both episodes, with promo pics and the first promo trailer:

I'll be back...

Let's take a look back at "Three Rivers" in which Alex played a transplant surgeon - the role that inspired him to become an ambassador for organ donation!
My page about "Three Rivers" includes interviews with Alex about the show and about organ donation. Let his interviews inspire you to join him as an organ donor and in raising organ donor awareness:
P.S: Yes, that's William Sadler in the collage with Alex. Fans of "Hawaii Five-0" know him as Steve's father John McGarrett.


FEBRUARY 18, 2019:

Take a look back at the great fight sequence in last Friday's H50 ep. 9.15!
Thanks to Alex's stunt-double Paul for doing such a fantastic job - and also for sharing the video clip!

FEBRUARY 19, 2019:

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with the "new" episode 9.02 on Sat.1 at 10:15 p.m.!
For more collages and info, please view my page about Season 9:
For info in German, please go to:


FEBRUARY 20, 2019:

Happy Birthday to Willie Garson - one of my top-favorite H50 guest-stars!
Sorry, no new collage for lack of time but this one might do :-)

The press release and promo pics for H50 ep. 9.18 with guest-star Joan Collins are online - The episode airs March 8!

Promo for this Friday's two H50 episodes 9.16 and 9.17 on CBS:

While we are counting down to Friday's H50 episodes on CBS, let's take a look back at H50 ep. 9.15!


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