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Below you find news about Alex and his current show "Hawaii Five-0" (Abbrev.: H50), as well as comments by me about these news and promo posts for the show with collages that I love to make. I also share fun stuff, video clips, pics and gifs from H50 cast members or from fans - usually by just setting links to the original posts.

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PS: Due to several fansite shutdowns etc., several links in the archive no longer work - Sorry!

Online shops for fans of Alex and H50:
- Order official H50 merchandise in the CBS online shop!

- Online shop of Alex's friend Egan Inoue. The shop also sells shirts co-designed by Alex:
To show that you support organ donation like Alex:

- Online shop of Donate Life: http://www.donationmerchandise.com/
- Online shop of Taylor's Gift: http://taylorsgift.org/store/

Links to my pages about H50 Boss Peter's other shows "MacGyver" and "Magnum P.I.":
MacGyver: Introduction & General info
MacGyver: Season 1
MacGyver: Season 2
Magnum P.I.: Introduction & General info

JUNE 1, 2018:

Support and promote organ donation - like Alex:
If you do not yet know why Alex and the "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" support and promote organ donation, please read this information first. Thank you!

This is Alex's own official Facebook page where nearly all of his rare posts are about organ donation:

Register now as an organ donor (for the U.S.): www.registerme.org
To find out how you can become a donor in your country, please view this link collection:

Happy H50 Friday to the CBS viewers with a repeat of ep. 8.03 at 9 p.m. ET - Enjoy McDanno with Harry!
For more collages and info for the episode, please view my page about Season 8:

Meaghan Rath has an important video message for you (2 clips in 1 post) about plastic pollution!

Off to work...

Have fun with Five-0 & Co. in tonight's repeat of H50 ep. 8.03 on CBS - I captured some funny faces for you...


JUNE 2, 2018: Happy Weekend :-)

Happy H50 Night to the CBS viewers (again!) with a repeat of ep. 8.05 at 9 p.m. ET!
For more info about Season 8 and this Halloween episode, please view:

Happy H50 Night also to the German fans with 2 episodes from Season 2 on Kabel Eins at 8:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany can rewatch ep. 2.02 and 2.03 tonight. For further info and collages, go to:
Info in German can be found here:

Repost: Help needed urgently for the family of H50 sound-mixer Sean Rush who says "Thank You" for donating and sharing!
Sean and his family (incl. 5 children) lost everything due to the volcano on Big Island! Sean and his family moved to Hawaii several years ago and put all their savings into one big dream - an animal farm on Big Island. The family just lost not only this dream but their home and all their belongings in the lava from Kilauea. While they managed to save themselves and their animals, they now have no home and the crew is currently unemployed until filming for H50 starts again, so there's no new money coming in, at the moment. There's also no insurance coverage for the damage. On top of that, Sean's other daughter in L.A. was severely injured in an accident last year and just got major spinal surgery, so Sean's been staying with her and couldn't help his wife and kids in Hawaii. This family has really been hit very hard and appreciates any help they can get.
Anyway, if you can afford to make a donation for Sean and his family, it would be awesome.
Here's a link to the fundraising page with the family's full story - focusing primarily on Sean's wife Samantha and the kids:

Don't miss the new Five-0 Redux blog about H50 Season 8 storylines that "fell through the grid" in previous blogs
Here's where you find it:
P.S.: As you may notice, the content of the blog does not entirely fit in with the collage or vice versa - I guess Wendie changed plans while she was writing. Well, at least the Adam storyline and McDanno's were mentionned.


JUNE 3, 2018: Have a Sunny Sunday!

Cute photo of Meaghan with her doggie Bug

Photos of Scotty after enjoying a good BBQ dish at Kreuz Market in Texas

Collage no. 2 with a look back at open storylines from S8 - and the Five-0 Redux blog about them:
Season 9 will show if Duke will be punished for crossing the line to save his kidnapped granddaughter. We'll also see if McDanno's restaurant will finally open - and if it will be named after their not-so-silent "silent partner" Kamekona. It also remains to be seen if Adam will be accused of killing his sister Noriko who got Jessie killed. The new season should bring  answers and closure to these storylines - and, personally, I'm most interested in finding out what will happen to poor Duke. I also want to see the restaurant get opened but even though Kamekona has a point about his name being well-known on the island, I don't think a restaurant should be named after a silent partner. The name should reflect that the restaurant was  McDanno's idea and that they are the original and main partners in this business. If the restaurant is named after Kamekona, it's not really this buddies' restaurant, any more - but just another addition to Kamekona's big franchise business. As much as I love Kamekona and appreciate his financial help and entrepreneurial advise for desperate McDanno, it just doesn't seem right to name this particular restaurant after him.

Let's take a look back at storylines about organ donation on H50  - and at similar real-life stories!
Over the years, H50 has repeatedly incorporated the topic of organ donation - including, of course, the big storyline of Danno donating part of his liver to Steve. Find out how realistically (or not) the show has dealt with this topic and read some encouraging real-life stories about liver donations and living donor transplantation.


JUNE 4, 2018:

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with repeats of three Season 6 episodes on Sat.1 from 10:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany can rewatch the episodes 6.14 (Valentine's Day), 6.15 (A young autistic man helps Five-0) and 6.17 .
For more info and collages from Season 6, please view:
Info in German can be found here:
Today's McDanno collage is from the last episode of the a.m. three episodes.

If you haven't read the latest Five-0 Redux blog about open storylines from Season 8 of H50, here's another chance:

Off to work - I'll be back with a birthday collage...

What a pleasure to see Alex in the latest CBS WATCH! magazine which was in my mail today - Enjoy the view!
Of course these photos are not new but we (his fans) never get tired of seeing them. If you want to order a subscription for the magazine, please go to:

Thanks to CBS for this Monday Motivation post with Alex as Steve on H50 :-)

Happy Birthday to Egan Inoue - friend and jiu-jitsu trainer of Alex, as well as H50 guest-actor (ep. 2.01 and 4.21)!
The pictures are screencaps of a really sweet interview the boys did with the Honolulu Star Advertiser to promote a women's self-defense class they gave together - with all the proceeds going to the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children. These two have big hearts! Long-time fans of Alex certainly remember the classes. Several fans (even from as far away as Europe) participated in the self-defense classes:
Here's a look back at the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jLAK7KVC1Q
Here's a look back at one of the classes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7uqHbENzR8
If you are living in or travelling to Hawai'i and want to attend a self-defense class, learn some jiu-jitsu (Alex's favorite sport) or just work out in one of Egan's bootcamps, take a look at the website of Egan's training center:


JUNE 5, 2018:

A new fan-video for the fans of Alex: Enjoy him as Steve in H50 Seasons 1 to 8 - Thanks to "Karo McGarrett"!

Yeah! The Season 8 DVDs of H50 will be released in the U.S. on Sept. 4
I can't wait to see which goodies (Bonus material) David Naylor will put on them for us to enjoy. Personally, I very much hope for a DVD special about Alex's directorial debut (ep. 8.18). David always does such a fantastic job with the DVD bonus material. As you all know, he recently received a Telly Award for his DVD special about the Chun Family Legacy. If you missed Wendie's blog about it, take a look now - she interviewed David for this blog:

Have a Terrific Tuesday with McDanno & Co.! The collage makes you wonder if the boys will ever open their restaurant - and if it will be named McDanno's, after all...
We'll have to wait for Season 9 to find out. Wendie's weekly Five-0 Redux blogs will help you through the long hiatus while you're waiting for the boys to return to our TV screens. Here's the latest blog from Saturday - just in case that you haven't read it yet...:

Off to work...

Níce photo with Scotty posted by the "bearded backpacker"

Collage no. 2 for today is also dedicated to McDanno and their restaurant project


JUNE 6, 2018:

Happy H50 Late-Night to the U.S. fans with two season 5 episodes on TNT from 2 a.m. on Thursday morning!
This week, sleepless fans can rewatch ep. 5.06 and 5.07 - Please note that the second one is the 100th episode which, to this day, is a top-favorite of mine - Yes, although poor Steve suffered quite badly. But Alex's performance was excellent, and I loved the "what-if" scenarios with Danno acting a bit like Steve. It was just a totally cool episode.
For more info and collages from the two episodes, please view:

Trailer for the summer series "Salvation" with H50's Ian Anthony Dale - Season 2 premieres June 25 at 9 p.m.!
The show is also produced by H50 boss Peter, as many of you probably know already.

Promo clip by Global TV to let fans know that H50 returns with Season 9 this fall

The H50 fans' favorite dog Eddie at the Season 8 premiere on the beach (SOTB8) last November

Off to work...

Photo of Scotty with his buddy Doug Ellin who ensures that Scotty fans don't suffer major withdrawal symptoms :)

A little reminder of Happy H50 Late-Night on TNT...

Shop H50 merchandise now - CBS has a Father's Day sale!

JUNE 7, 2018:

Have a G'Day with Awesome Aussie Alex - May this smile brighten up your day!
As mentionned when I posted the birthday collage for Egan with screencaps from the same Star Advertiser interview, I loved Alex in this video interview. So here's more of him to enjoy for Throwback Thursday :-)

A Duke collage that fits in with the latest Five-0 Redux blog about open storylines from H50 Season 8:
We'll have to wait for Season 9 to find out which consequences Duke will face for knocking down one of his HPD colleagues. Let's hope that his punishment will be moderate since he only tried to save his kidnapped granddaughter, after all.
If you haven't read the latest Five-0 Redux blog about this and other open storyline from Season 8, take a look now:

Off to work...

If you love the H50 crew as much as I do, please help one of them who lost everything due to the volcano eruption!
H50 member Sean Rush and his family had set up an animal farm on Big Island which was entirely destroyed by the lava. The family (incl. 5 children) lost their home and all their belongings on the farm. A fundraiser was set up to help them get back on their feet. If you want to help a member of the H50 'ohana, please donate if you can.
Here's the link to the fundraiser for Sean's family - Please know that Sean is very grateful for the help and has already said Thank You via Facebook:
P.S.: As far as I know, most crew members of H50 live on Oahu which is not affected by the volcano. The fundraiser for Sean's family is the only one I know of - but the Rush family has been hit really hard and needs all the help they can get. Food, clothing, furniture, accommodation etc. for a family of 7 does cost quite a lot - especially in Hawaii.


JUNE 8, 2018:

Happy H50 Friday with a repeat of ep. 8.04 on CBS at 9 p.m. ET - Tune in and make the best of the long hiatus!
While we don't get new episodes until September, we can still enjoy H50 since it's always worth rewatching - and this was a great episode in which the writers perfectly blended humorful and very serious moments.
For more info and collages from the episode, please view my Season 8 page:

Off to work...

H50 says Aloha or Welcome to the new "Magnum P.I." in Hawaii!

CBS wishes Happy Best Friends Day with H50's McDanno! A great pic of the two buddies:

Happy Best Friends Day with Alex & Scotty as buddies behind the cameras of H50!


JUNE 9, 2018: Happy Weekend :-)

Happy H50 Night to the German fans with two Season 2 episodes on Kabel Eins from 8:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany can rewatch ep. 2.04 and 2.05 tonight. Episode 2.05 had some very emotional moments in it regarding Kono. I almost cried when Steve and his team had to arrest her - and I cheered in the final moments. For more info view my Season 2 page:
For info in German, go to:

Don't miss today's new Five-0 Redux blog about H50 Season 8 guest stars!
Please note that there will be a separate blog soon about best recurring (!) guest-stars incl. fan-favorites like Chris Vance, Willie Garson and, of course, Eddie. Today's blog is about guest stars who've appeared on the show just once.
Here's the blog:


JUNE 10, 2018: Have a Sunny Sunday!

Today's collage is dedicated to some real-life heroes who guest-starred in Season 8 of H50:
Read what Wendie wrote about these veterans and other guest-stars in her latest Five-0 Redux blog:


Take a look at the new BBC documentary "Heart transplant: A chance to live" and follow the journey of patients on the waiting list for a transplant - A video recommendation by our "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group:
The video includes images of surgeries from the OR which you may want to skip or fast forward (I did, to be honest). However, the documentary is definitely worth watching, as it gives a real-life impression of what it's like to be on the waiting list for a transplant. The documentary also shows that things don't always work out successfully - not all the recipients survive but those who do survive do appreciate their second chance at life. I particularly love 9-year-old Max, a heart transplant recipient who, at the end of the video, points out how grateful he is for his donated heart - which he greets every morning to make it feel welcome. If you don't want to watch the full, long documentary, please take the time to watch the little clip which is only about Max - You'll love this boy!
Short clip about Max: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RrH0NQaBbE
Long BBC documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVC5k2YE-5g


JUNE 11, 2018:

Happy H50 Monday to the German fans with three Season 6 episodes on Sat.1 from 10:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany can rewatch ep. 6.18 to 6.20 tonight.
For info and more collages, please view:
For info in German, go to:

If you haven't read the latest Five-0 Redux blog about one-time guest stars on Season 8 of H50, take a look now:
The collage is dedicated to guest-actor Devon Sawa who played a desperate man intending to commit suicide after losing his wife and being accused of her murder. Luckily, Lou manages to talk him out of it.

CBS has posted this "Man Crush Monday" picture of Steve in H50 Season 8 and asks if he is your man crush?!
I bet any of the visitors of my fansite will reply with a clear YES :-)

JUNE 12, 2018:

Today's H50 Season 8 guest-star collage (related to the latest Five-0 Redux blog) is dedicated to Frankie Faison

Just because... blue-eyed Steve in blue is one of the fans' favorite views :-)
Besides, there are no actual news - so all we can do is enjoy some nice pictures.


JUNE 13, 2018:

For your info: My fansite won't be updated until (at least) Sunday night.
I'm spending a few days with my family since my sister is visiting from Seattle - actually to pick up my mom for a vacation in the U.S. Please take a regular look at the Five-0 Redux Facebook page. I sent some collages to Wendie to post on Facebook. And, of course, you should not miss Wendie's new Five-0 Redux blog which will be published on Saturday, as usual.
Here's the link to the Five-0 Redux Facebook page again:

Please note that fans in the U.S. can enjoy a repeat of H50 ep. 8.06 on CBS at 9/8c this Friday.
Fans in Germany can rewatch H50 ep. 2.06 and 2.07 on Kabel Eins this Saturday night at 8:15 p.m.

While you are waiting for my return, enjoy one of my favorite pictures of Alex!


JUNE 17, 2018:

Back again late in the evening after a very delayed train ride :-(

No new collage yet but, at least, I'll share the Five-0 Redux blog for Father's Day - the blog is about fathers and father figures on H50:

Two real-life daddies from H50: Alex and Scotty - Photos posted by CBS

JUNE 18, 2018:

Happy H50 Monday to the German fans with 3 episodes from Season 6 on Sat.1, starting at 10:15 p.m.!
Fans in Germany can rewatch ep. 6.21 to 6.23 tonight.
For info and more collages from Season 6, please view:
For info in German about the a.m. episodes, go to:

Off to work...

H50's Top Dog Eddie enjoying his hiatus on the beach :-)

Happy Birthday to H50's one and only "Wonderwoman" Meaghan Rath!


JUNE 19, 2018:

Happy Birthday to my friend Cheryl who is obviously a huge fan of Alex :-)
Since I only had time to make one new collage for today, she has to share her birthday collage with all of you.

Update by Dennis Chun about a very special event he attended with his partner Laura
Update incl. a photo of Dennis with George Takei

Promo trailer for the CBS summer series "Salvation" with H50's Ian Anthony Dale - Season 2 premieres June 25!

Great photo with H50's Meaghan Rath and Kimee Balmilero

Off to work...

Congrats to H50 composer Keith Power who just received a SOCAN Award as best screen composer 2018!

H50 fans in Hawaii (!) who want to be an extra on H50 or on the new "Magnum P.I." should read this casting info:

JUNE 20, 2018:

Sleepless TNT viewers in the U.S. can enjoy two Happy H50 Late-Nights this week!
The nocturnal fun starts with ep. 5.08 to 5.10 from 2 a.m. on Thursday morning.
For info and more collages for these 3 episodes, please view:

Off to work - followed by dinner with a friend. It's a very busy week...

A look back at the Five-0 Redux blog for Father's Day with an H50 collage dedicated to Steve

Season 8 of H50 will finally be available on Netflix in July!

JUNE 21, 2018:

Happy H50 Late-Night again for the TNT viewers with 2 repeats on Friday morning from 3 a.m.!
Sleepless fans in the U.S. can enjoy ep. 5.11 an 5.12 on TNT. I always wonder if there are actually fans watching this late at night since I would assume that anyone who loves this show has all the seasons on DVD to enjoy at a better time of the day. But just in case that any of you poor fans are wide awake in the middle of the night, you should know that H50 is there for your entertainment - Just tune in to TNT at 3 a.m. :-)
For more info and collages, please view my page about Season 5:

Almost missed this but it's never too late to celebrate with H50's awesome Meaghan Rath even after Wednesday :-)

Off to work - followed by a little "summer party" which, hopefully, won't be ruined by thunderstorms...

For Throwback Thursday, take a look back at an interview with Alex about "Three Rivers" and organ donation
In this old interview from October 2009, Alex talks about the medical show "Three Rivers" in which he played a transplant surgeon. He also explains what made this show so special and why he became an ambassador for organ donation.
P.S.: Please note that the show is available on DVD and Blu-ray in U.S. format (NTSC). For iinformation about the show, as well as more interviews with Alex about "Three Rivers" and organ donation, please view this page:


JUNE 22, 2018:

Happy H50 Friday to the CBS viewers with a repeat of the Christmas episode 8.11 at 9/8c!
For further info about the episode, as well as more collages, please view my page about Season 8:

For Selfie Day, H50's Julie Benz (Abby Dunn) winked at the camera :-)
This woman really has no reason, at all, to worry about her looks. It might not be the perfect wink but she always looks great.

A photo by H50 boss Peter to spread the great news that H50 starts filming Season 9 very soon!
Of course, there will be a traditional blessing, like every year on the first day of filming. Usually, the team starts shooting  early in July - my guess is that the blessing will be towards the end of the first week of July or so. I really have no idea though :)

Off to work...

Back to Alex intro

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