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Deutsch/German: Die Serie lief 2012 schonmal auf sixx und wurde dort 2014 wiederholt.
Hier gibt's Infos (auch zu anderen Vampirserien):

Although vampires usually scare me and give me nightmares, the fact that Alex plays Mick St. John makes the series not only "bearable" for me but actually extremely enjoyable! I would have never thought that I could like a vampire THAT much!
Alex is absolutely fantastic as Mick St. John - a vampire and private investigator who has chosen this profession to help others in order to "make up for being a vampire" - something he is not happy with, at all.

In the picture above, you see Mick with his ex-wife Coraline (Shannyn Sossamon) who is the one who turned him into a vampire against his will. When Coraline later kidnaps a little girl, Beth, to have a family with Mick, he saves Beth and kills Coraline - He watches Beth (Sophia Myles) grow up and ultimately falls in love with her when she's an adult. Needless to say that a relationship between a vampire and a human bears some conflict. The series deals with that conflict but also with the cases that Mick is investigating as a P.I., while Beth is working as a reporter with a special interest in crime and vampire stories - So Mick and her frequently find themselves bumping into each other at the same crime scenes or the morgue... Although all of this might seem rather serious and depressing, the series is actually quite funny, too.


Enjoy some of my favorite clips from "Moonlight" (Fan-videos etc.)

Let's start with a rough cut of the "Interview with a vampire" which is part of the series' introductory sequence
Interview with a vampire (Rough cut) 

The story of "Moonlight" summed up - by the AOL German Fan Club
The story of Moonlight

Mick and Beth scenes on "Moonlight" (with the most suitable song “My Immortal” by Evanescence playing in the background):
Mick and Beth scenes 

Funny and cool scenes from "Moonlight" giving a really good impression of what the series is like
Funny & Cool scenes
(I particularly love those scenes where Mick and Beth ride in the car together talking about all kinds of things...)

Sexy scenes of Mick - compiled by my favorite YouTube user 'moonlightaddicted' - Sexy Mick

Interview with Alex about "Moonlight" and his character Mick St. John

Interview with Alex about "Moonlight" (TV Guide - Part 1)

Interview with Alex about "Moonlight" (TV Guide - Part 2)

Interview with Alex about "Moonlight" (The Morning Show)

And I found some rather humourful interviews about "Moonlight", too

Alex interview at the Moonlight premiere
I find it quite amusing when Alex tells the interviewer to check out "Nosferatu" (definitely one of the ugliest creatures ever having appeared in a movie but obviously one the interviewer has never heard of) after she asks him why all vampires are good-looking - something I don't agree with, by the way.

Alex interview focusing on the truly sexy film-noir style of Moonlight
By the way, that special scene in "The Shield" that is mentionned in the interview is indeed very hot but also very short. Don't make the mistake of buying the DVDs (Season 6, ep. 9) just to enjoy that one scene... I have the season on DVD but don't really like the rest of the cast and the show too much.

Alex and Jason Dohring interview - Part 1 / Part 2

Alex and Jason (He plays Mick's best friend and 'co-vampire' on "Moonlight") are interviewed on the set by CBS Mobile.
I think they are really funny, and Alex is amazingly witty considering that he's slept for just two hours the night before...

PS: The picture on the left is not from this interview

Alex interview on the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson

About "Angel of Vengeance" - the book that inspired "Moonlight"

A fellow fan of Alex told me about the book "Angel of Vengeance" written by Trevor O. Munson who is not only the producer of "Moonlight" but also the patron of the great "AOL Fans for Donate Life".

The book is now also available in GERMAN and ITALIAN language!

Find out more about the book on these pages:
Information about the English edition "Angel of Vengeance" on
Informationen zur deutschen Ausgabe "Blutige Nacht" auf (German / DEUTSCH)
Informazione sul edizione italiano "L'Angelo Vendicatore" su (Italian / ITALIANO)

And don't miss the sequel "Guardian Angel".


Last but not least, here are a few good Facebook fan pages about "Moonlight":
Deutsch/German: (no longer updated)


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