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Needless to say that I'd be happy if you come back to my fansite regularly but just in case that I'm ever ill or too busy for updates, you may want to view the sites below and, of course, you can view them anytime even when I'm not ill :-)
Some of these pages post more or slightly different things than I do. Many of these fansites also have related Facebook and Twitter accounts to follow. If you are on Facebook or Twitter yourself, I think you should follow these pages directly.

FANSITES - In English (Please scroll down for sites in other languages!)

Great fansite with blogs about Alex:
Facebook page:

Good fansite for Alex on Facebook (incl. great photo albums):

Video clips with Alex interviews etc. (This YT account was part of the former "AOL Journal" site run by Spanish fan Silvia):

Fansite for Alex by the "Long Legs O'Loughlin" fan community:
Facebook: or
Main website (chat forum):


!!! Facebook page about H50:
(I'm a co-admin of this Facebook page)
Direct link to my friend Wendie Burbridge's fan-loved Five-0 Redux blogs about the show:
Please note that the Advertiser had to let go his freelance writers (incl. Wendie) in spring 2020. She is planning to set up a blog page of her own though.

Facebook page: (no longer updated)

Fansite for H50 on Facebook:
Twitter account:  

Fansite for H50 on Facebook - run by local fan Lisa:
Twitter account:

Fansite for H50 on Facebook:

Spoiler TV site with info on new H50 episodes, schedules, guest stars, polls etc.

Fan Forum (English) for H50:

FANSITES - In Deutsch (German):

Deutscher Alex O'Loughlin Fanclub:
Facebook-Seite des AOL German Fan Club (Hier bin ich auch Co-Admin - aber fast nur als "Urlaubsvertretung")
Der Fan-Club auf Twitter:

Deutsche Seite mit Serieninfos, u.a. zu H50:

Fansite - En Espa˝ol (Spanish):
Sitio por/sobre Alex and H50: (Closed)
Sitio por/sobre H50:

Fansite - En Franšais (French):
Page about H50: (No longer updated)
French H50 Fan Club: - run by my friend Virginie
Related Facebook page by the French H50 Fan Club:

Fansite in Italy: You can comment in Italian
Page about H50:

Fansite - In Portuguese:
Page about H50:


OFFICIAL PAGES - Please note that Scotty and Grace are NOT on social media at all! - Alex's official Facebook page
There are other FB users who use Alex's name which I don't think is right. Even though I'm using a photo of Alex on my Facebook page as a profile photo, I would never use his name or the name of any other actor on the show..
The FB page above is definitely Alex's one and only own Facebook page. It is only updated very rarely though - usually by his publicist and almost exclusively with posts about charities he supports. Alex is NOT on any other social media, such as Twitter, Instagram etc.!

Official social media pages of H50 cast members, producers etc.
The list is sorted alphabetically (by first name of actor/actress)

Beulah Koale (Junior Reigns):

Brian Yang (Charlie Fong):
Brian Yang on Facebook

Chosen Jacobs (Will Grover):

Christopher Sean (Gabriel Waincroft):

Claire van der Boom (Rachel Williams):

Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly):

Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela):
(The FB page is updated by a friend of Dennis with personal messages/photos from Dennis himself)

Eddie, the dog - He joined Steve in Season 8: ***
***The Instagram account was renamed in July 2021 and now includes posts about Zeus and Apollo (Magnum P.I.) and Brock (NCIS: Hawai'i).
Personally, I would not have put "CBS" in the account name but that's just my opinion.
The new account name is:

Egan Inoue (Guest roles) - jiu-jitsu trainer and friend of Alex:

Enson Inoue (Guest role) - a friend of Alex:

Ian Anthony Dale (Adam Noshimuri):

Jorge Garcia (Jerry Ortega):

Julie Benz (Abby Dunn):

Kala Alexander (Kawika):
Kala Alexander on FB

Katrina Law (Quinn Liu):

Kimee Balmilero (Dr. Noelani Cunha):

Laura Mellow (Nalani Dukela):

Mark Dacascos (Wo Fat):

Masi Oka (Dr. Max Bergman):

Meaghan Rath (Tani Rey):

Michelle Borth (Catherine Rollins):

Michelle Hurd (Renee Grover):

Shawn Mokuahi-Garnett (Cousin Flippa):

Taryn Manning (Mary-Ann McGarrett):

Taylor Wily (Kamekona):

Teilor Grubbs (Grace Williams):

Will Yun Lee (Sang Min):

William Sadler (John McGarrett):

Willie Garson (Gerard Hirsch): Executive producer Peter Lenkov - also referred to as The Boss :-)
For info about Peter's other shows Magnum P.I. and MacGyver, go to: Alex's stunt-double and stunt-expert Paul Lacovara (H50 Writers Room)

Official pages for H50 by CBS, TNT and Sat.1
CBS website for "Hawaii Five-0"
CBS Facebook page for "Hawaii Five-0"
CBS Twitter page for "Hawaii Five-0" 
CBS Instagram page for "Hawaii Five-0"

Sat.1 Infoseite zur Serie
(Deutsch / German)

General CBS info pages including info, photos etc. from H50 (among other things) - e.g. from SOTB premieres! - The last one's not viewable from Germany though

Hawaii News Now (HNN) - The TV channel that usually covers important H50 events via livestream (Main site with livestream page) (Official FB page of HNN's Stephanie Lum) (Official FB page of HNN's Keahi Tucker) (Official FB page of HNN's Billy V)

More good media pages to get current information about H50 - and especially the SOTB premieres!
Facebook page of the Star Advertiser:
Twitter account of the Star Advertiser:
Facebook page of the Honolulu Pulse:
YouTube account of the Star Advertiser:
Mike Gordon (Honolulu Pulse) on Twitter:
Nina Wu (Star Advertiser) on Twitter:
Christie Wilson (Star Advertiser) on Twitter:
Elisabeth Kiesczkowski (Honolulu Pulse) on Twitter:
Malika Dudley (TV host, ex-HNN) on Facebook:
Erin Cebula (ET Canada) on Twitter:

Fansites for Scott Caan - since he doesn't have a site of his own:
My personal favorite because it's from a very nice fan-friend who is the BIGGEST Scotty fan :-) 

And another good one:

About Hawaii: If you plan to travel to Hawaii and/or have fallen in love with the islands while watching H50, don't miss my
Hawaii info page (with link collection)

The links to pages about Alex's support of charities and organ donation are on the starting page of this website!


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