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Since Daniel (Chin) and Grace (Kono) left the show, there are major changes in the main cast, which are reflected in this collage. Ian, Meaghan and Beulah are new Five-0 team members in Season 8. Dennis, Kimee and Taylor were promoted to series regulars.
Here are two Five-0 Redux blogs (by my friend Wendie) about the changes:


Important Events and Dates related to Season 8

July 7, 2017: Start of filming for Season 8 & Traditional blessing ceremony
The blessing ceremony took place inside the Hawaii Film Studio. This year, for the first time, no press and media were present because H50 and CBS had experienced some unjustified criticism from various sides regarding the failed contract negotations with Daniel and Grace who left the show. H50 probably wanted to avoid unpleasant questions and also needed some time to sort things out within the team first.
I got a short but good message from a crew member and want to share it since it's positive and about Alex and the blessing:

Sept. 29, 2017: TV premiere of Season 8 on CBS
H50 will keep its time slot on Friday nights at 9/8 ET/PT after "MacGyver" - Both shows are produced by Peter Lenkov and will have another (bigger) crossover episode in Season 2 (MacGyver) resp. Season 8 (H50).

Nov. 10, 2017: Sunset-on-the-Beach Event on Queen's Beach in Waikiki
Sadly, the annual SOTB8 premiere of the first episode did not take place in September this year when many fans from abroad (incl. myself) were in Hawaii since they had booked their trip before the news came out that there wouldn't be an SOTB premiere in September. Well, lucky fans in Hawaii or those who were able to postpone their trips to the islands will get to attend an SOTB8 event (not the premiere, of course) on Nov. 10.
Here's a special page about the SOTB8:

March 26, 2018: End of shooting for Season 8

Season 8 wrap videos with the cast & crew:
No. 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r39H_68KDKM
No. 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F41WA44EGgo

May 18, 2018: Season 8 finale on CBS

Sept. 4, 2018: Release of the Season 8 DVDs in the U.S.


Episodes & Collages & Wendie's Five-0 Redux blogs

8.01: A'ole e 'ōlelo mai ana ke ahi ua ana ia (E: Fire will never say that is has had enough / D: Inferno)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.01:


8.02: Nā lā 'ǐlio (E: Dog days / D: Schnüffler)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.02:


8.03: Kāu pahi, ko'u kua. Kāu pῡ, ko'u po'o (E: Your knife, my back. My gun, your head. / D: Neuer Ärger mit Harry)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.03:


8.04: E uhi wale no 'a'ole e nalo, he imu puhi (E: No matter how much one covers a steaming imu, the smoke will rise / D: Aufgeflogen)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.04:


8.05: Kama'oma'o, ka 'aina huli hana  (E: At Kama'oma'o, the land of activities / D: Legenden)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.05:


8.06: Mōhala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua (E: Unfolded by the water are the faces of the flowers / D: Wie ausgewechselt)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.05:


8.07: Kau ka 'ōnohi ali'i i luna (E: The royal eyes rest above / D: Das faule Ei) - The 175th episode!

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.07:



8.08: He kaha lu'u ke ala, mai ho'okolo aku (E: The trail leads to a diving place, do not follow after / D: Tollkühn)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.08:


8.09: Make me kai (E: Death at sea / D: Am Ende)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.09:


8.10: I ka wā mamua, i ka wā mahope (E: The future is in the past / D: Zurück in die Zukunft)
Info included on the page for ep. 8.11 because these episodes premiered on the same day - see link below!

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.10:


8.11: Oni kalalea ke kῡ a ka lā'au loa (E: A tall tree stands above the others / D: Unerwartet)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.11:

8.12: Ka Hopu Nui 'Ana (E: The Round-up / D: Bewährungsprobe)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.12:


8.13: O ka mea ua hala, ua hala ia (E: What is gone is gone / D: Vorbei ist vorbei)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.13:


8.14: "Nā keiki a Kalaihaohia" (E: The children of Kalaihaohia / D: Ausgegraben)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.14:


8.15: "He pῡko'a kani 'āina" (E: A coral reef strengthens out into land / D: Hawaiianische Holzrose)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.15:

Ep. 8.16: O nā hōkῡ o ka lani wale no kai 'ike i kahi o Pae (E: Only the stars of heaven know where Pae is / D: Die Spur des Geldes)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.16:


Ep. 8.17: Hōlapu ke ahi, koe iho ka lehu (E: The fire blazed up, then only ashes were left / D: David und Goliath)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.17:


Ep. 8.18: E ho'okõ kuleana (E: To do one's duty / D: Mordverdacht)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.18:

Album with all my (many) collages with pics from H50 ep. 8.18:

Great interview with Alex about his directorial debut:

Ep. 8.19: Aohe mea make i ka hewa, make no i ka mihi ole (E: No one has ever died for the mistakes he has made, only because he didn't repent / D: Alter Wacholder)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.19:


Ep. 8.20: He lokomaika'i ka manu o Kaiona (E: Kind is the bird of Kaiona / D: ...)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.20:


Ep. 8.21: Ahuwale ka nane hûnã (E: The answer to the riddle is seen / D: ...)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.21:


Ep. 8.22: Kōpῑ wale nō i ka i'a a'eu nō ka ilo (E: Though the fish is well-salted, the maggots crawl / D: ...)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.22:

Here's an album with 16 collages from H50 ep. 8.22 - Don't miss this!

Ep. 8.23: Ka hana a ka mākua, o ka hana no ia a keiki (E: What parents do, children will do / D: ...)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.23:


Ep: 8.24: Ka lālā kaukonakona haki 'ole i ka pā a ka makani kona (E: The tough branch that does not break in the Kona gale / D: ...)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.24:

Don't miss my album with all the collages from H50 ep. 8.24:


Ep. 8.25: Waiho wale kahiko (E: Ancients exposed / D: ...) - The grand finale aired May 18

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 8.25:


Fans can look forward to a Season 9 which was officially confirmed on April 18 - a very special birthday gift to me :-)


Video clips - either from CBS or made by fans

These will be added after the start of the season, of course, since there is no material for videos yet - and fans need to be careful of how they use the material, anyway. Simply downloading and reposting the copyrighted, unedited video material is not permitted - a fact that some YouTube users simply ignore. I do enjoy edited fan-videos though with good music added to them because they are fun to watch when I don't have time to view full episodes on DVD.

Fan-video: Steve & dog Eddie - You are not alone (Gaby Evermore) 

Fan-video: McDanno in Season 1 to 8 - I'm only human (by 'Kasaneko') 

Fan-video: Hero Steve being "Confident" in Season 1 to 8 (by 'Karo McGarrett')

Fan-video: Five-0 in ep. 8.09 & 8.10 - On the brink of death (by Gaby Evermore) 

Fan-video: Five-0 in ep. 8.09 to 8.11 - "Breathing" (by 'H50 Freak')

Fan-video: McDanno always being there for each other like brothers (by 'Captain Dean') 

Fan-video: Navy SEAL McGarrett in ep. 8.24 (by 'Kate87')

Fan-video: McDanno helping each us in S1 to 8 ('apanparapenguin')

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