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Important Events and Dates related to Season 7

July 6, 2016: Start of filming for Season 7 & Traditional blessing ceremony
The blessing ceremony took place in the morning and Hawaii News Now (HNN) Sunrise's absolutely awesome Billy V was there to cover the event for the viewers. There was livestreaming by HNN, Billy V on Facebook and by the Star Advertiser on FB.

Photo credit: Laura Kistner-Mellows

Billy V (HNN): 1-hour video from livestream on Facebook - Mahalo nui loa to Billy V!
Billy V (HNN): Short interview with Alex from the "Facebook live" coverage above (Thanks to fan Silvia)
HNN: Article, photo album and video interview with Alex, Peter and Grace
HNN videos of the interviews and the blessing:
The blessing - Part 1 // The blessing - Part 2
Interview with Alex // Interview with Grace // Interview with Boss Peter // Interview with Dennis
Interview with Rosalind Chao (plays the Governor in Season 7) 
Summary of blessing and interviews

Album with screencaps from the videos (Credit: Five-0 Redux on Facebook)

Star Advertiser: Full livestream video on Facebook
Star Advertiser (Jason Genegabus): Article incl. photos and video of blessing and interviews
Star Advertiser: Photo gallery with large pics

Photos posted by CBS:
Alex with Billy V  // Jorge Garcia, Teilor Grubbs, Shawn Mokuahi-Garnett // The Ohana

Photos and videos posted by the cast and crew:
Video clip posted by Shawn Mokuahi-Garnett
Video clip & collage from Daniel saying "Welcome to Season 7"
Photo of Boss Peter with Teilor Grubbs and Daniel (Credit: Teilor)
Screenshot of Peter during Billy V's "Facebook live" coverage
Photo of the cast (Posted by Jorge Garcia)
Message & Photos from Dennis Chun on Facebook
Photo of the set in Waikiki with a rainbow (Credit: Dennis Chun)
Photo of Dennis with Rosalind Chao (New governor on H50) (Credit: Dennis Chun)

Gif of huggable Alex blowing a kiss to his fans (Credit: AOL - An Intense Study fansite)
Did I mention yet that I loved Alex at the blessing? And I'm not alone!

Last but not least, here's a Five-0 Redux blog about the Season 7 blessing & more!


Sept. 23 2016: Sunset-on-the-Beach Premiere of Season 7 (SOTB7) on Queen's Beach in Waikiki
H50 Boss Peter mentionned at the blessing that they are talking about an SOTB7 but that it was very hard to find a date for it because there are other big special events on O'ahu in September. That's why the SOTB7 is on the same day as the TV premiere!


Sept. 23, 2016: TV premiere of Season 7 on CBS

H50 Boss Peter has a second show - a "MacGyver" reboot that premiered in Sept. 2016 and always airs right before H50 on Friday nights.
Here's a page about MacGyver since the shows are the perfect combo and will probably get a crossover episode, too:
Viewers in the U.S. should definitely not miss Friday nights on CBS!

April 7, 2017: It's a Wrap - End of shooting for Season 7

Enjoy the Season 7 wrap video of the cast & crew:

May 12, 2017: Season 7 finale on CBS

Sept. 5, 2017: Release of the Season 7 DVDs in the U.S.


Episodes & Collages & Wendie's Five-0 Redux blogs

7.01: Mākaukau 'oe e pā'ani? (E: Ready to play? / D: Bereit für ein Spiel?)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.01:


7.02: No ke ali'i wahine a me ka 'āina (E: For Queen and country / D: Geschüttelt, nicht gerührt)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.02:


7.03: He moho hou (E: New player / D: Der nächste Zug)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.03:


7.04: Hῡ 'a'e ke ahi lanakila a Kāmaile (E: The fire of Kamile rises in triumph / D: Das Spiel ist aus)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.04:

ALBUM with collages from ep. 7.04:


7.05: Ke kῡ ana (E: The Stand / D: Schwer getroffen)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.05:


7.06: Ka hale ho'okauweli (E: House of Horrors / D: Zu Tode erschreckt)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.06:


7.07: Ka makuahine a me ke keiki kāne (E: Mother and son / D: Die Rettungsmission) - The 150th episode

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.07:


7.08: Hana komo pae (E: Right of passage / D: Ausgetanzt)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.08:


7.09: 'Elua lā ma nowemapa" (E: Two days in November / D: Zwei Tage im November)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.09:


7.10: "Ka luhi" (E: The burden / D: Die Leiche im Wald)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.10:


7.11: "Kā'ili aku" (E: Snatchback / D: Entführt)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.11:


7.12: "Ka 'aelike" (E: The deal / D: Der Überraschungseffekt)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.12:


7.13: "Ua ho'i ka 'ōpua i Awalua" (E: The clouds always return to Awalua / D: Mahalo, Max)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.13:


7.14: "Ka laina ma ke one" (E: Line in the sand / D: Schuldig oder nicht?)

Info / Promo pics / Video clips:

Five-0 Redux blog about the episode:

BTS-video of filming at The Nation of Hawai'i - Mahalo nui loa to Head of State Bumpy Kanahele!

Beautiful song and compilation of scenes from the episode:


7.15: "Ka pā'ani nui" (E: Big game / D: Der weisse Hai)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.15:


7.16:"Pōniu i ke aloha" (E: Crazy in love / D: Geflügelsalat)

Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.16:


7.17: "Hahai i nā pilikua nui" (E: Hunting monsters / D: Neues Spiel, neue Regeln)

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.17:


7.18: "E mālama pono" (E: Handle with care / D: Hochexposiv)

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.18:


7.19: "Puka'ana" (E: Exodus / D: Dunkle Stunden)

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.19:


Ep. 7.20 "Huikau nā makau a nā lawai'a" (E: The fishhooks of the fishers become entangled / D: Alte Schule)

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.20:


Ep 7.21 "Ua malo'o ka wai" (E: The water is dried up / D: Chicago)

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.21:


Ep. 7.22 "Waimaka 'ele'ele" (E: Black tears / D: Knochenarbeit)

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.22:


Ep. 7.23 "Wehe 'ana" (E: Prelude / D: Sieben Jahre)

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.23:


Ep. 7.24 "He ke'u na ka 'alae a Hina" (E: A croaking by Hina's mudhen / D: Von Wohl- und Übeltätern)

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.24:


Ep. 7.25: "Ua mau ke ea o ka 'āina i ka pono" (E: The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness / D: Heiße Spur)

The Five-0 Redux blog about ep. 7.25 - The season finale:


The renewal for Season 8 was confirmed officially by CBS in March and Season 8 premieres on CBS on Sept. 29.


Video clips - either from CBS or made by fans

Fan-video: McDanno and their bromance (by 'xladyxmacbethx') 

Fan-video: Steve in the season premiere ep. 7.01 (by 'H50Freak') 

James Corden getting distracted by H50 ep. 7.04 - This is fun!

Fan-video with scenes from ep. 7.04 - Steve & Alicia (by 'Tintorera')

Fan-video: Steve in ep. 7.01 to 7.04 (by Rina Deniz) 

Fan-video: Steve thinking about his dad - I drive your truck (by 'KaroMcGarrett') 

Fan-video: Steve in action in S1 to S7 - Iron Man 3 theme (by 'Karo McGarrett') 

Fan-video: Dramatic H50 scenes - several seasons (by 'Kate87') 

Fan-video: Steve in S1 - S7 - I'm dangerous (by 'KaroMcGarrett') 

Fan-video: The H50 ohana - S1 to S7 (by 'Kate87') 

Fan-video: Coolest action in the Season 7 finale (by 'Tintorera')

Fan-video: Great scenes from the Season 7 finale (by 'Kate87')

Fan-video: Great Steve moments S1-S7 - Unstoppable (by 'Karo McGarrett')

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