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"Hawaii Five-0" is a crime show about a special task force in Hawaii. It was set up by the governor to fight major crime.
The absolutely fantastic and very likeable team is led by Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, a former Navy SEAL, who is played by my favorite actor Alex O'Loughlin.
The fact that this is my favorite show is just perfect because I get to enjoy both - my favorite actor and favorite show - at the same time :-) The show airs in the U.S. on CBS and (just repeats) TNT - and in Germany on Sat.1 and/or Kabel Eins.

Official websites for "Hawaii Five-0" (= H50)

Sat.1 Infoseite zur Serie (Deutsch / German)
Bis Dez. 2018 lief die 8. Staffel immer am Montag um 22:15 Uhr
mit je einer neuen Folge (inkl. Folge 8.23). Nach einer Pause geht's weiter am Dienstag (!), den 29. Januar 2019.

Seit dem 22. Dez. 2018 läuft H50 ab 20:15 Uhr mit zwei Folgen hintereinander.


CBS info site about Hawaii Five-0
Season 9 premiered on CBS on Friday, Sept. 28, 2018.
For current information, please view the News page and the page about the current season.

CBS Facebook page for "Hawaii Five-0"
CBS Twitter page for "Hawaii Five-0"

Hawaii Five-0 on TNT
TNT used to show repeats of H50 from former seasons but no more, for now (Oct. 2018). Check below to see if it returns.

Episode guide for all seasons on tv.com: http://www.tv.com/shows/hawaii-five-0/episodes/

P.S.: I also try to post information about season premieres of H50 in other countries but it's hard to keep track from Germany. If I come across any reliable information, I usually share it on the News page.

Videos introducing the cast and show - and re-introducing the famous theme

Meet the team - Introduction to the Five-0 team (CBS, 2010)

Exclusive preview to the first season (CBS, 2010)

Introduction to the show, the main characters and more (2012)

Promo trailer - Why 'Hawaii Five-0" is O so good :-) (CBS, 2012)

World Premiere of H50 (SOTB1) - Summary & Interviews (CBS, 2010)

Rebooting the theme (CBS, 2010)

Main actors on the show, their characters and other important people involved with H50
Since I tend to use only the first names of the main actors (and their characters on the show) and the Executive Producer on my News page, here's a short overview for you to look at if you don't know who I'm talking or writing about...
The following have been on the show regularly since its start and happen to be personal favorites of mine.
There's one new addition to the Five-0 team in Season 5 - Chi McBride as Lou Grover.
There are more recurring actors who have been on the show only occasionally or just in one specific season but the list would get too long, I think. If I write about those other actors on the news page, I will write further details about them with the post.

Actor/Actress Character on the show Further info  
Alex O'Loughlin Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett Head of the special Five-0 Task force  
Scott Caan Detective Danny (Danno) Williams Partner of Steve McGarrett on the Five-0 team  
Daniel Dae Kim Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly Member of the special Five-0 Task force  
Grace Park Police Officer Kono Kalakaua Member of the special Five-0 Task force  
Chi McBride Lou Grover Member of the Five-0 Task force, from Season 5  
Masi Oka Dr. Max Bergman Medical Examiner (Gerichtsmediziner)  
Teilor Grubbs Grace Williams Danno's cute and lovable daughter  
Taylor Wily Kamekona Hawaiian native; friend/informant for the team  
Mark Dacascos Wo Fat THE No. 1 villain on H50 up until Season 5  
Michelle Borth Catherine Rollins Steve's girlfriend for several seasons; Navy colleague
Dennis Chun    Sgt. Duke Lukela A fan-favorite among the HPD police officers
Name Significance for the show    
Peter Lenkov Executive producer of the show
Great guy with a great team of writers; he frequently tweets editing pics and more for the fans to enjoy while we're waiting for new episodes - I just refer to him as "Peter"

Major changes in Season 7:
Masi Oka (Dr. Max Bergman) left the show. The new medical examiner Dr. Noelani Cunha is played by Kimee Balmilero.
Stunt coordinator Jeff Cadiente left the show. The new stunt coordinator is Eric Norris.
Jorge Garcia's character Jerry Ortega who has been on the show since Season 4 and had served as a "special consultant" for the Five-0 team for quite a while, received his long-awaited Five-0 badge in ep. 7.21.

Major changes in Season 8:
Grace Park (Kono) and Daniel Dae Kim (Chin) left the show.
The remaining Five-0 team members Alex, Scotty, Chi and Jorge were joined by actress Meaghan Rath (as Tani Rey) and actor Beulah Koale (as Junior Reigns), as well as Ian Anthony Dale whose character Adam Noshimuri is known as Kono's husband.
Of the existing recurring cast members, the following three were promoted to series regulars: Dennis Chun, Kimee Balmilero and Taylor Wily.

ictures of the terrific main cast (Daniel Dae Kim, Scott Caan, Grace Park, Alex O'Loughlin)
These are the "Core Four" who have been or were on the show since Season 1.
Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim left at the end of Season 7.

And since Season 5, the Five-0 team has a great new team member: Chi McBride as Lou Grover

In Season 8, Meaghan Rath, Beulah Koale and dog Eddie joined the Five-0 team:

I have removed the previous collection of pics of Alex as Steve because I've made collages for the individual H50 episodes. The collages are constantly added on the season-related pages and give you a good impression of the show and of the great performances of the main actors - especially Alex.

I've always found it amazing that Steve McGarrett looks "good" - even if he wears orange prison overalls (Yes, he's accused of murder in one of the H50 episodes and ends up in prison...). He always keeps his grace and dignity - no matter if he's handcuffed, locked up in prison innocent, being dragged through the Korean jungle by a rope round his neck, or tortured and used as a punching ball by his adversary Wo Fat. What an amazing guy! But despite his toughness and coolness as a trained Navy SEAL, he remains absolutely likeable, humourful and sensitive - although some people might question that last attribute, in view of his often unorthodox and seemingly out-of-control approach to investigations and interrogations :-)

I think the collages I've compiled and posted on the season-specific pages perfectly show the different sides of Steve McGarrett. You can see a variety of emotions reflected in his eyes and facial expressions. It's this particular mix of character traits that I like in Steve - not so much the tough military attitude (which is perfectly fine though for fighting criminals!) but his sensitive, vulnerable side, as well, when he's trying to cope with the death of his parents (or later on - the return of his mother whom he had believed to be dead for 20 years) or with being framed for a murder he did not commit - and I like his humorful side when he teases his partner Danno. I do love the interaction between the two - especially in their carguments. Therefore...

...here's my favorite "couple" of the show: The best buddies Steve and Danno
By the way - Scott Caan, who plays Danno, is also a terrific actor - without him, those carguments wouldn't be half as much fun as they are. This BTS-photo of Alex and Scotty has been my all-time favorite of the two of them together.

If you are new to the show and have no idea what those carguments are, please have a look at the season-related pages because there are a few video clips with fantastic carguments.
Basically, they are funny arguments and dialogues between Steve and Danno. Usually these (c)arguments are taking place in their car and in most of them Danno is complaining about something, or Steve is teasing Danno about something. I absolutely love these carguments! The following video gives you a short insight into them:
On the road with Hawaii Five-0 - Cast/Crew talking about the carguments, Hawaii etc.

Here's a collage I made at the end of Season 4 which shows some of my favorites working on H50:

Top row (left to right):
Chi McBride (Lou Grover), Masi Oka (Dr. Max Bergman), executive producer Peter Lenkov, Mark Dacascos (Wo Fat), Dennis Chun (Sgt. Duke Lukela).
Middle row (left to right):
Taylor Wily (Kamekona), director Jeffrey Hunt, Alex with his (former) stunt-double Justin Sundquist, stunt-coordinator and director Jeff Cadiente, Teilor Grubbs (Grace Williams).
Bottom row (left to right):
Michelle Borth (Catherine Rollins), Daniel Dae Kim (Chin Ho Kelly), Grace Park (Kono Kalakaua), Alex (Steve McGarrett), Scott Caan (Danny Williams).


Some fan-videos for your enjoyment and to give you a first impression of the show...
Steve McGarrett making a bang - A little feast for the eye :-))) 

Fun video of Alex/Steve moving like Jagger (by 'moonlightaddicted') 

Fun video of the show - Great job!

Fun video of the cast & crew (You always make me smile - by fan "Sandy")

Fun video of the cast & crew (Moves like Jagger - by fan "Sandy") 

You'll find more video clips on the other pages about "Hawaii Five-0" (abbrev. H50)!

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