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Alex talking about and interacting with his fans...

This picture was taken when Alex chatted with fans at a CBS office (back when "Three Rivers" was filmed) - I love this picture.

The following clip shows Alex talking about his "fantastic fans". Let's make sure that we never get on his nerves, stalk him or do anything else stupid enough to make him change his opinion about us fans ;-)
Alex talking about his fans (2010)

Here's a clip showing Alex before the Jimmy Kimmel show taking time for his fans outside. I think he's absolutely nice, very patient and adorable in this clip. See for yourself.
Alex with some of his fans (2010)

I added these two clips because they show so well why we love this guy so much. Of course, we also like him for doing a great job at acting and, thus, entertaining us so well - but the clips above reflect his good, friendly character and his humble ways. And I think his commitment in promoting organ donation and other good causes is just great. It shows that he's not some self-centric, arrogant Hollywood star but a rather grounded and very caring person. I hope that fame and success will never change him but, actually, don't think they ever will.


Where to send your fan mail... - Please read my comment first :-)
Although I am putting the address here, you should know that Alex is a very busy man - especially when he's shooting "Hawaii Five-0" (The team works 12 to 14 hours a day!). He is most likely drowning in piles of fan mail which - as you should also know - is usually opened by his assistant. I'm pointing this out to you because there have been crazy fans who've sent used underwear which is not quite the kind of fan mail an assistant likes to unpack... and it's also somewhat embarassing for those fans. So you may want to think first before you send him any strange gifts. Please note also that perishable goods (verderbliche Waren) are not permitted!
You should not expect to get an answer from busy Alex. Even if you send self-addressed envelopes with international reply coupons (as postage) and/or pictures to sign, there is no guarantee that you will get a reply with an autograph! Those fans who did get autographs back had to wait between 6 weeks and 3 months, while other fans never got an autograph at all - although they sent those a.m. "prepared" envelopes. He does write autographs, as you can see in this photo - It just seems that sometimes things get lost in the mail or in the production offices and you should not be disappointed if that happens.
And maybe you just want to let Alex know that you love his work or send him a greetings card - without expecting any reply.

Update on March 8, 2020: I deleted the fan-mail address at the Hawaii Film Studio because everyone's moving out, and the set of "Hawaii Five-0" was dismantled within just a couple of days after the end of filming for the series. I don't think your fan-mail would be forwarded to Alex's home address.

I was super-lucky to get this great autograph below from Alex after I'd sent him a cuddly toy lion in 2012 as a gift for his baby son Lion. But special occasions like these don't come up very often. It was also not my first fan mail to him (as you can imagine with a diehard fan like me...).
What I'm trying to say is that he simply cannot reply to all the fans and actually doesn't most of the time, but he did thank some fans for baby gifts and I happened to be one of those super-lucky ones.
Alex definitely made my day with this little treasure below - I appreciate it even more because I know he was super-busy with work and having a newborn at home at the time he sent this.


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