Fan-art of Alex

Even though I've only drawn two portraits of Alex so far, I thought I might as well post them, anyway. They were on one of the news pages before but I've decided to create a separate page for my drawings - just in case that I feel like drawing Alex again some day and want to add the portraits here...
The pictures are far from looking "perfect" but I think that, at least, Alex is recognizable in them - I hope so, anyway... ;-)

No. 1: I drew this one for a fan-art contest

This portrait (scan) doesn't have my initials and month/year on it because it had to be 100% anonymous for the fan-art contest. I added the name later.

No. 2: Alex back in the "Moonlight" era


A personal note: About 10 years ago, I drew portraits of all kinds of well-known and a few unknown people. Those portraits are posted on my old "hobby artist" website. Of course, you won't find any portraits of Alex on this obsolete site but you might want to have a look at it, anyway:

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