Why I'm a fan of Alex and "Hawaii Five-0"
- An introduction to the fansite owner and admin

Alex became my favorite actor when the first season of "Hawaii Five-0" aired in Germany - but, of course, I have watched all of his previous work in the meantime (if available on DVD).
Alex plays the leading role in the a.m. crime show that I simply love for several reasons: The cast is extremely nice and super-talented. The chemistry between the actors is just great, which is reflected in the interaction between the characters they play on the show. It's a whole lot of fun and a pleasure to watch this group of people who have become 'ohana (family) over the years - even for fans like me. The show has much more to offer than fun and comedy though: Character, crime, excellent stunts and action, as well as the most beautiful location, Hawaii!

The show made me curious to find out more about this fantastic Australian actor Alex O'Loughlin, who's got the perfect blend of masculinity, sensitivity and humour. He is hugely talented, although he's too modest to admit it - and actually hates watching himself on screen. He can express feelings in one single look without having to say a word. Apart from his huge talent, he's got the best smile that brightens up the day for his fans.

But his fans not only love Alex for his work as an actor, his bright smiles, his great Aussie humour and his humbleness. We also love him for having a big heart and supporting a number of great charities. He's also an ambassador for organ donation and related organisations.

You'll find a lot about his work and his support of charities and organ donation on my fansite - not least because I happen to be the head of the "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" since Feb. 2017 and was active in that fan group before as a page admin and have been promoting organ donation for years.

This photo was taken for "Wear Blue and Green Day" in 2013 to show my support of organ donation

This website is run by an individual German fan. However, I'm cooperating with German fan Silke (Head and co-founder of the German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club) in our "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group and help out on her Facebook pages occasionally.

I also help a Hawaiian friend as co-admin for her Facebook page about "Hawaii Five-0". Basically, I share all of the current news and collages from my own fansite on her page, so if you prefer to follow a Facebook page, instead of a regular fansite, I recommend that you follow the "Five-0 Redux" FB page.

My fansite is not highly sophisticated but, after all, I'm not a professional web designer. I'm a translator working full-time (and often overtime) at a museum and do this just for fun in my time off work. I also like to keep things simple without any useless gimmicks.
This fansite is all about sharing my love for Alex and "Hawaii Five-0" with other fans who enjoy Alex's work and the show as much as I do. And, of course, this fansite also serves as a platform to promote organ donation.

If you like my fansite, please tell your friends about it - I appreciate any support, especially since it also helps spread the message about the importance and benefits of organ donation.
If you do not like this fansite, please refrain from sending any inappropriate comments, insults or any other negative feedback by e-mail - I would only ignore it, anyway! You don't have to like this website or even Alex - however, if you don't, please just leave these pages and let the real fans of Alex and "Hawaii Five-0" enjoy them. Thanks!

Please note that I do not have any ties or connection to Alex himself or to CBS, so do not send any messages for him to me. Alex knows that this fansite exists and he also knows about our "AOL Fans for Organ Donation" group and has occasionally shared posts from our Facebook page to help promote fundraising campaigns - but that's all.

Languages you may use to give feedback to this site

Some fans wanted to know which languages I speak as a translator...
Well, my mother tongue is German, of course, and I'm a graduate translator for English only. Actually, I'm not really working as a translator in my current job, although I am communicating with people from all over the world at work (mainly by e-mail).
One of the reasons for writing most of the texts on this fansite in English (apart from wanting to reach more fans) is the fact that it allows me to practice English - However, my focus on this website is to provide content and not perfect English, so you may easily find linguistic mistakes on this site.
Apart from English, I also learned French in school for quite a few years but didn't need it at all in my previous job so I've forgotten a lot of it. I also understand some Italian and a bit of Spanish but I tend to get those last two languages mixed up when I try to speak them.
Anyway - if you want to give feedback to this site or discuss anything about Alex and his films/shows, you may contact me by writing in any of the a.m. languages. I'll try to answer in your mother tongue although it is difficult for me - especially in Italian and Spanish.

Contact information:

If you have something positive or meaningful to say, please send your e-mail to Angela.Gerstner@t-online.de

For any questions and feedback regarding the "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation", please send your e-mail to:

Please copy and paste the respective e-mail address and also make sure to indicate a proper reference so that I'll know that you're not sending spam or virus mail which I delete without opening it first.

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