Alex, his family and his colleagues from "Hawaii Five-0" are united in the fight against the fatal disease ALS.
You can support them!

In 2014, Alex officially joined the ALS Association in its fight against the disease ALS and held a speech at the Walk to Defeat ALS in 2014. In these walks, ALS patients and their families, friends and supporters raise awareness of this terrible disease. But they also raise funds for the work of the ALS Association which provides assistance to families affected by ALS and helps to finance ALS research.

New fans might not know that Alex's mother-in-law died from ALS - and his son Lion never got to know his grandma. To the present day, the Jones family of Alex's wife Malia still raises funds in the annual Walk to Defeat ALS in Hawaii.

Here's a radio interview with Alex and with Fred Fisher (ALS Association) about ALS, Alex's involvement and how the disease has affected Alex's family. Alex also speaks about his mother who is a nurse.

"Hawaii Five-0" (H50) also has its own team in the Walk to Defeat ALS, every year: The "H50 ALS Warriors" led by Eric (H50 crafts services). Eric's team is joined in the walk by local and visiting fans (incl. friends of mine). If you live abroad and can't participate in the walk, you can help the team raise funds for the ALS Association by making an online donation - which is what I do every year.
Here's the last fundraising page of the "H50 ALS Warriors" for the Walk to Defeat ALS in Hawaii on Nov. 4, 2017:

Here's the general info page about the Walk to Defeat ALS in Honolulu on Nov. 4:
If you join the "H50 ALS Warriors" team in this year's walk, please do not expect Alex to be there.

Here's a nice look back to 2014 - Some photos of Alex with great fans at the Walk to Defeat ALS: (Credit: 'juliehawaii') (Credit: Wendy Hansen)

In Summer 2014, people worldwide participated in the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise funds and awareness of ALS. Quite a few cast and crew members of "Hawaii Five-0" participated, including Executive Producer Peter Lenkov, as well as Alex and his colleagues Daniel Dae Kim and Jorge Garcia whom you see in the collage and in the video clip posted by Daniel:
Video clip of the H50 boys doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge :-)

Here are video clips showing "Hawaii Five-0" Boss Peter doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge:
Video clip 1: Peter asks the H50 cast to participate, too
Video clip 2: Peter dumps the ice over his head
Video clip 3: Peter asks you to donate to the ALS Assocation

Last but not least, here are some old collages for your inspiration...

Thank you for supporting the "H50 ALS Warriors" team by making a donation through their fundraising page. Here's the link to the 2017 fundraising page again:

When the walk is over, you can always donate directly to the ALS Association through its page, where you also find plenty of useful information.

Thank you - Mahalo - Danke - Merci - Gracias - Grazie

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