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This is an unofficial fansite by a German fan of Alex and his current show "Hawaii Five-0" (H50).
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The page of the "Alex O'Loughlin Fans for Organ Donation" group
Since Feb. 2017, I'm head of the fan-group and owner/admin of this page:
- Sadly Facebook blocked the page in summer 2022. I absolutely don't understand Facebook's decisions.

Please view the section below titled "Alex & his fans supporting charities and organ donation"

My Hawaiian friend Wendie Burbridge - author of the fan-loved Five-0 Redux blogs (Honolulu Star Advertiser) made me a co-admin of her Five-0 Redux Facebook page years ago - which is an honor for me as a German fan of the show "Hawaii Five-0".
Please like/follow this page which is still updated after the end of the show to share news about the former H50 cast:

Please view and follow my "Aloha Magnum P.I." fansite on Facebook (set up in Oct. 2021)
I decided that it was time to create my own Magnum P.I. page. After my friend Wendie's Magnum Reloaded page was blocked by Facebook in Dec. 2020 for unknown reasons, I had shared my collages on a group page instead but always needed to get my collages approved by the page admins - which I wasn't too happy about. It's better to have one's own page where I can decide what to post. On the other hand, I don't want to overload my fansite for Alex/H50 with too much Magnum P.I. stuff - There are only 5 pages and that's enough.
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I've also helped out occasionally on the page of the German Alex O'Loughlin Fan Club (which was blocked by Facebook for inexplicable reasons) and the German page of our fan-group supporting organ donation. These pages are owned and updated by Silke who co-founded the fan club and the organ donation promo group. She's now also posting the fan club stuff on the page of our organ-donation support group:

About Alex
- Photos & Slideshows
- Biography & Filmography
- Interviews with Alex

- Alex & His fans (incl. fan-mail info)

Alex & his fans supporting charities & organ donation
- Alex and his support of various charities and good causes
- Alex, his family and H50 supporting the fight against ALS
Why Alex and the "AOL Fans for Organ Donation" promote organ donation (English + Deutsch)
- The team of the AOL Fans for Organ Donation and our own experience with organ donation
- About "Three Rivers" - incl. interviews about the show and organ donation (Same link as further down)
Alex supporting organ donation and related charities 
- Facts you should know about organ donation
- Link collection about organ donation and transplantation (various languages)
Please view this blog, too:
- About organ donation on "Hawaii Five-0" - incl. links

Almost all of the series and feature films listed below are available on DVD (at least in English) - in case that you want to see more of Alex after enjoying him on my website :-)

Series with Alex in a leading role...

Hawaii Five-0:

General information 

Season 1 / Season 2 / Season 3 / Season 4 /
Season 5 / Season 6 / Season 7
/ Season 8 /
Season 9 / Season 10

Hawaii link collection  /  Dictionary (German - Hawaiian - English)

Crime series / 2010 to 2020

Role: Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett (Head of the special Five-0 taskforce)

(Pictures / Video clips / Interviews)

Three Rivers (dt.: Three Rivers Medical Center)

Medical series / 2009-2010

Role: Dr. Andy Yablonski (Cardiothoracic surgeon specializing in transplantations)

Please scroll up to the section about
Alex & his fans supporting charities & organ donation!


Vampire series / 2007-2008

Role: Mick St. John (Vampire and Private Investigator)

(Pictures / Video clips / Interviews)


The incredible journey of Mary Bryant (dt.: Mary Bryant - Flucht aus der Hölle)

Mini series / 2004

Role: Will Bryant (Husband of Mary)

(Pictures / Video clips)



The Backup Plan (dt.: Plan B für die Liebe) - Romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez (2010)
Alex plays cheese farmer Stan who bumps into Zoe (played by Jennifer) on the very same day she got artificially inseminated to have a long-desired baby, and he falls in love with her. Of course, the fact that Zoe is pregnant but not from Stan causes a bit of conflict first but... well, just see for yourself.

- Fun interview with Aussie Brad Blanks
Criminal Minds - Episode 4/22 of the crime series (2009)
Alex excellently and impressively plays the serial killer Vincent Rowlings who builds up an interesting relationship with a blind boy who is actually the son of one of Alex's victims - It's the one episode of the series that left the most lasting impression on me, even before I "consciously" perceived Alex as the excellent actor he is and became a real fan of his.

- Behind the scenes, short interviews and clips of the episode
- Scenes from "The Big Wheel" with just music - Fan-made video by 'khunnongaoi'


Whiteout - Feature film with Kate Beckinsale (2009)
I didn't really like this movie cause about 90% of it seemed to have been shot outside in driving snow where you could barely see the actors. There were also some disgusting looking dead bodies. To enjoy this movie, you probably have to love snow and cold weather - which I definitely don't ! Maybe I should just watch it on hot summer days to cool off... By the way, I do like Alex as Russell though.
- Info clip with promo trailer
- Fun interview with Alex about "Whiteout"

- Interview with Alex about "Whiteout"
The Oyster Farmer - A beautiful, very Australian feature film (2004)
Alex plays Jack Flange, a young man who tries to make money to pay his sister's hospital bills. He robs a fish market and mails the cash to a secluded community of oyster farmers where he also takes on a job at an oyster farm. When the parcel gets lost, he suspects the package was found by one of his neighbors, a local beauty named Pearl, to whom he becomes irresistibly attracted.

Screenshots with music from the film
- Official trailer
Interview with Alex about the film


The Invisible (dt.: Unsichtbar - Zwischen den Welten) - Feature film (2007)
Pretty good movie - a mixture of mystery and crime - but Alex's role in it as Marcus Bohem, a criminal on parole, is not very big - unfortunately
- Scenes with Alex - Part 1
- Scenes with Alex - Part 2


August Rush (dt.: Der Klang des Herzens) - Feature film about the power of music (2007)
The movie and its message about the power of music is quite beautiful (at least I really like it) but Alex only plays a very small role in it. I just wanted to tell you to avoid disappointment when you buy or watch the movie because of Alex...
Since we get to see so little of Alex in the movie, I'm also adding a deleted scene with him - as a little comfort for the fans

- Trailer
 without Alex :-(
- Scenes with Alex
- Deleted scene with Alex 
- Scenes with Alex and Jonathan - Fan-made video by Sonja ('Tintorera')


The Shield
(dt. The Shield - Gesetz der Gewalt)
- 7 episodes of Season 6 of the crime show (2007)
Alex plays Det. Kevin Hiatt and, as usual, does a pretty good job at acting but I personally don't like the show and the rest of the cast much - Most of the show seems to be about violent, corrupt cops but I admit that I've only watched the 7 episodes with Alex and skipped all the rest on the DVDs. However, Alex himself speaks very positively about working on this show as you will see below, so maybe it's just me and my personal taste that make me dislike this series :-)
On the other hand, I have the impression that Alex never talks bad about anyone or anything...

- Alex and Michael Chiklis during rehearsals for the show
- Parting words by Alex with praise for the show


Feed - Feature film (2006)
Although Alex is not only playing the leading role of Michael Carter (a man who force-feeds obese women) but also co-produced this film, I was hesitant for a long time and didn't watch it until recently (July 2012) because I had seen some rather disturbing video clips of it which I'm not putting here (not the longer ones, anyway) because the film was rated 18 for good reasons. After watching it, I must say that it's never going to be a favorite movie of mine because especially the last third of the movie had some pretty gross scenes in it that reminded me of the hardest-to-bear scenes in "Seven" (a movie which I nevertheless thought was very good - not least because of actors Kevin Spacey and Brad Pitt in the final scenes). I'll let you decide for yourself if and how much you like 'Feed'. Alex is doing a great job at acting in it, you also get to see his good-looking naked behind, and there are a few scenes that are even a bit funny, so there are good reasons for Alex's fans to watch it despite certain disgusting scenes.
- Interview with Alex

Man-Thing - Horror film (2005)
The movie is probably not a must-see as far as I can say from just seeing short video clips. It's about some ugly, creepy swamp monster killing people - definitely not my type of movie. For a little impression, I'm posting some clips and will let you decide if you want to buy the DVD. Alex plays Deputy Eric Fraser, by the way.
- Official trailer
- Scenes with Alex in a boat on the swamp
- 'Monster-free' video clip by fan Sonja ('Tintorera')
BlackJack: Sweet Science - TV movie (2004)
Alex plays a criminal named Luke Anderson. As a child, Luke saw his father being shot to death next to a football game. The shocking experience made him and his brother turn to crime themselves.
- Fan-made video clip with Alex by 'moonlitmuse04'
- Fan-made video-clip with Alex by 'Tintorera'
Love Bytes - TV series - ep. 4 "Net Nanny" (2004)
Alex plays Dave. The episode is about a man who's trying to find love online.
- Part 1 of 3
- Part 2 of 3
- Part 3 of 3

PS: This one's not available on DVD as far as I know...

White Collar Blue - TV series - ep. 2.1 (2003)
Alex plays a small role in this crime show as a shop assistant named Ian Mack. The case investigated in this episode is about dog food and milk being poisoned in a supermarket to extort money from the owners.
Scene with Alex as shop-assistant Ian Mack (Spanish subtitles)

Short film with Alex and Nathin Butler (2008): Short film shot in the Hollywood Hills

If you want to find out more about Alex's work, have a look at the
International Movie Database pages about Alex:


Alex and his beautiful wife Malia at the Australian GQ Men of the Year Awards 2011

My fan-art of Alex

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Please note that while all the collages on this fansite are my own work (unless stated otherwise), none of the many video clips that I've linked on my pages were actually created or edited by me but I think I've chosen some very good ones that are fun to watch and give a good impression of Alex's work and talent. It took quite a long time to select those clips because there are thousands of them on the internet and a lot of them are not very good or can't be viewed in Germany.
In this context, I would like to say a big 'Thank you' to CBS, to all those talented YouTube users and to the various web administrators and online magazines whose sites I'm getting my information from. Sadly, some of the best sources and fansites have closed down over the last few years. All current recommended fansites and official pages of H50 and its actors can be found in the link collection at the end of this page.

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