Angela Gerstner

Graduate translator

German - English

Munich (D)

Dear customers,

due to the bad economic situation, I decided to close down my translation office and am now employed full-time.
Therefore, I can no longer accept urgent or large-scale translation orders (small-scale or non-urgent translations are o.k.). Thank you for your understanding!

Thank you for your interest in my translation services. I've been working in Munich since 1990 and was employed in an international electronics company for many years where I gained 'on-the-job', practical experience in translating.

I offer translations in various areas, with a special emphasis on economics, logistics, supply chain management and IT.
Being a versatile person with a multitude of interests, I also offer translations in the fields of arts, literature, tourism, advertising, medicine and others.
(No certifications and no translation of credentials/diplomas)

My customers include companies like Infineon and Siemens, as well as renowned consulting companies, advertising agencies etc.


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